Episode 83 Life of An Uber Eats Driver During Covid-19 With Bob Rodkin

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Episode 83



Hey guys, I’m Rob Cairns. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. today’s podcast I’m talking with my friend Bob Rrodkin. Bob is a done many things his life but recently drove Uber an Uber Eats. And I thought, we talked about that during the pandemic, and made for a really great conversation. Just a quick show note about the five minute point does a little bit of rough editing I had to do to get a conversation out of there that happened in the middle of our recording of the podcast, I’m really sorry about the rough editing, but if just bear with him for a few seconds, and then we go back to recording. So sit down, relax, and enjoy the conversation I have with Bob.



I’m here with my friend, Bob rockin this morning. And I thought we’d talk about Bob’s life as an Uber and an Uber Eats driver during this pandemic. How are you doing today? I’m doing good. Thanks. Thanks for coming on. So let’s share a little background you’ve been driving Uber, I don’t know probably for four or five years off and on. You also do some private limo driving. And you had all kinds of concerns with UberEATS. And for those who don’t know, that’s the food service delivery. During the pandemic, do you want to share some of those?



Well, I didn’t, when, when it first came out, I didn’t drive Uber Eats at all, and I refuse to drive it. Because I prefer driving people for one. But the other thing was that I was driving for my primarily in downtown Toronto, so and I still don’t do Uber Eats downtown Toronto, because simply there’s nowhere to park, either when you’re picking up the food or when you’re dropping it off. But when you’re dropping it off, it’s worse because they you know, if people want you to bring their food up to the 20th floor of a condo, and you’ve got to park in a fire route, it’s, you know, you could end up getting in one ticket would take care of half a day’s Uber deliveries. So that was an issue. And when I relocated out to the oshawott area, I found Uber Eats worked actually better than the Uber x that I was driving because they I made around the same amount of money but it kept me within this, you know, a few square kilometer geographic area. So I use a lot less gas and much many fewer monitors on my car. So but that was pretty much it. So now I’m sort of probably about 80% UberEATS and about 20% people. And that’s just a preference that I you know, every once in a while I like to chat with people, so I drive them.



Yeah, and the reality is where you are in, outside of Toronto and our show a lot of your traffic is actually the college dorm college and you know, over the years I’ve watched on Facebook in your posts things like somebody ordered a coffee to be delivered, which I just find absolutely absurd, because the delivery charge has to be more than the price of the coffee.



Oh yeah, it is absurd. And it’s it doesn’t matter to the to the driver whether your Uber Eats or skip the dishes or whoever whether the person orders a coffee or whether the order of you know, five full course meals, your delivery earnings are the same. So I mean in that sense, it was great you know, you you want to order coffee that I just literally that I’ve walked across the street with before I haven’t even gotten my car and that happens fairly regularly, pretty much pretty much on average about once a day where I pick up at a restaurant near the college and they can just walk it over to a residence because it’s right there now adays of course that’s that’s acceptable because the with the the Coronavirus going on, people aren’t aren’t supposed to leave their house. So you know, but that’s it’s good and bad for drivers because, you know, probably about 30 to between 30 35% of my income from Uber Eats was through tips. So when you get places like Tim Hortons, say offering free delivery. Well now the guy across the street is going to order his coffee from Tim Hortons and he’s not going to walk over to get it because he shouldn’t he should stay home and it will be delivered for free. So it’s not costing any more money. So the Uber Eats driver will probably if he’s lucky, he’ll make maybe $3 on delivery. But the the guy that ordered it, he just wants free delivery. So he’s not going to tip because he wants it free. So you’ve got a you know, in one case, one of my last ones was I had to drive for 11 minutes to get to a Tim Hortons to and I had to wait about the same amount of time in the drive thru. And then I had a 32nd drive to deliver it to the guy. And I made $2.58.



Yeah, that’s awesome. I know, like, I know, Joe and I, as you know, we don’t have a car in our household and neither one of us struggle. So our Uber deliveries and they’re still regular Uber drivers out there are typically, you know, it’s the once a week run from the grocery store, because we’re also stay home, right? Or the head store, because pet stores are still doing in Ontario are still doing curbside pickup. And what I’ll tell you is I go out of my way to kick my drivers even more now, because I think they’re, they’re part of this group of people, what I call frontline workers that are keeping the



rise over and from the grocery store. And I’ve gone out of my way to tip drivers and even more like I normally do. And, you know, I think a lot of drivers, I was talking to one earlier this week when I was at the grocery store, and he said his business was actually down dramatically. And I said Why are you still out here? And he said, Well, there’s not as many drivers out here right now, either. So, you know, there’s that’s the business too, right? So yeah, but you don’t the Prop, the risk is you don’t know who’s getting in your car, where they’ve been, how they’ve been, and what they’re what they’re doing. So yeah. So as you were done anything to help their drivers, Bob, beyond the standard emails I’ve seen above, if you can cover your face, getting into a car, do so and wash your hands.



That’s pretty much it, they did, they do send out an email saying they have sanitary wipes, and they have hand sanitizer, but it’s in limited supply. And it’ll only be given out to the you know, the drivers as you know, as they see the most in the most need. So I don’t know, any Uber drivers that have have received any of that I don’t even know, you know, to me, the most need would be the guys that are delivering Uber Eats on bicycles. And, and I they don’t even get it. So I think that’s just words that they send out. Yeah, I don’t I don’t know of anybody that’s ever received anything from Uber other than other than words, which is what they’re best at?



Yeah, I don’t think they’re doing a really good job I do where I got into on Monday, the driver actually said to me, could you handed me his bottle sanitizer. But, you know, frankly, I don’t want to touch that either. So sorry. And I always carry a portable bottle with me, I carry one in my pocket I have since my days and health care for years. So. So I just kind of I kind of carry that. And you know that that’s a piece of good news. So I use that and said, don’t worry about it. I’ve already washed my hands. I know, when I was in the grocery store as a metro, no word of I wash my hands six times with that bottle while I was in the store. In the 30 minutes I was in there. So I’m a little paranoid, but I can appreciate where I’m coming from cancer. Sure. So Uber hasn’t done much in that department. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more Uber drivers upset at them publicly. Like I really hope right now. Actually. Well,



I think the reason for that is that Uber drivers don’t expect a lot from Uber. they’ve they’ve learned if they’ve been if they’ve been driving with them for any amount of time they they know that the customer support is pretty much zero. The only way you can get a decent customer support is if you go to the greenhouse and the people at the greenhouse jobs when you’re face to face. they’ve actually been very good. But of course they closed within days of the Coronavirus thing happening they were they closed before anybody was even told to close. So as soon as that happened, I think all the drivers knew you’re you’re kind of on your own. Like Yeah,



well when you are dropping off Still doing over eatery basically doing what I call a knock can run where you’d put the food at the door and just knock the door and then disappear kind of thing. or



pretty much I’d say about 80% of people wanted that, you get a few people that they wanted to hand it to you. And a few people would say, you know, you know, we’ll buzz you in, and we’re on the 11th floor at the end. And and I’ll just politely say, you know, sorry, but these days, I can only bring it as far as the lobby. So please meet me there. Yeah. And, and they’ve done that without question that the customers have been really good. So. And the odd ones, you know, they they want to meet you. And there’s always a reason why it’s probably best that they did, whether it’s you know, there’s multiple tenants living within the same facility and you know, their food is going to go astray or, or it’s just not safe to leave at the end. It’s been a very quick handoff. So,



yeah, but me being in a small building what we’ve done with any deliveries, I don’t care if it’s food, if it’s overeats. If it’s skipped the dishes, if it’s Amazon, I’ve actually advise people and instead just leave it right inside the door, because I can be down to force in about 10 seconds. So I know disrespecting drivers, but I’d rather not be in contact with anybody. I don’t have to be right now. Sure. And I think that’s just about being careful. Let’s talk about government funding. We know in Canada, we have the CRB benefit, which is for those who don’t know, outside candidates that kaner emergency response benefit, they’ll give you up to $2,000 a month to help you but it’s taxable, when you stop doing over teaching qualify for that funding, or did you not?



Yeah, I did. I did. I just stopped. I think, I guess it was about a week and a half ago. So and I and I wasn’t going to stop unless I could get funding. So I went online to see how hard it was going to be and whatnot. And I think I was online for maybe two minutes. It was it was so easy to apply. You know, I mean, if you don’t qualify, they’re going to come there, they’re going to want to back. You but you know, but if, if if people are legitimately trying to stay home and and for me, it wasn’t, it wasn’t so much to me as the people I was living with at the time or in or that I’m living with now that they were concerned. And you know, so you have to you have to balance that. You know, if I live



no question, as you know, I’ve got a wife, my wife, Joe has no immune system. So, you know, she went out to the store yesterday. And it was the first time she’d been out except with the dogs in like a week and a half. And, and it got to the point where we needed stuff. And she was just sort of crazy. So she’s like, I’ll go but she went to she didn’t wait till later in the day, she made the decision to go. So right when senior’s hours were over, she was in the store, she said it was quiet. It was and she she in essence took it over at home. So that wasn’t bad. The bottom line though, is I think you gotta think of the people around that. I know when I’m out and about I think of her and I just, I’d rather do most of the running around knowing what her immune system is look like. So she’s one of those where she gets sick. It’s really late. So you don’t need with the virus going around. You got to think of those people you did. Now I’m going to switch gears from Did you see that Airbnb has applied? And I know you also you and your partner run an Airbnb. Did the parent companies applied for a billion dollar interest in all this? No, I didn’t see that now. Now it was reported on TechCrunch says Airbnb received a billion dollar interest free loan to help them with their operations. Because, of course you and I both being in different spots as a travel agent. the travel industry, we understand it’s taken a big hit. And I think it’s going to be a yes.



My well that’s interesting, because the that’s interesting because I read an article maybe a week ago where he Airbnb had attracted. I forget how many billions of dollars of investment to do some virtual vacationing system that they were trying to. Yeah, so it’s interesting that they would raise a few billion dollars in one hand and then apply for government assistance on the other. But



but but they qualify because the revenue was dropped by whatever Oh, yeah, for sure state. And what I would tell any business owner is, and I’ve done the same thing, to be honest is if you qualify for government grants, take them, it’s free money, you’ll have to pay it back. But it’s free money in your pocket now that you won’t have to deal with her for two years. So just make sure you have a plan to pay that back. But why would you turn down free money in your pocket now? Because the way I look at it is, you’ve paid into all the CIT D Systems all your years, so why should we get something out of it? Kind of? So? I would be Yeah, I will. Yeah.



And if there’s, if there’s no problem paying it back, I think the problem is that the small, like the really small businesses, where they’re just getting by before this all happened, and now they’re looking at if they want to continue to get by, they got to take this loan interest free, though it is. But they’re gonna have to pay that back. Yeah, not all of that some of this, they were just, yeah, they were just getting by before. So, you know, they don’t want more debt load. But, you know, it’s hard.



But I wouldn’t be telling small businesses to is, if you’re applying for somebody zones, if it were me, and I was at home, and I’ve kind of you and I’ve talked offline about this, I’ve talked to clients about this, I’ve talked about it to the people, but this is you need to figure out how you’re going to pivot your business at this point. Because the reality of it all is nothing is going to go back to the way it was I think, okay, sir, we’re gonna see small shopping malls bankrupt, we’re going to see more and more people ordering from Amazon, unless you live in France, by the way, because he’s seen that tries to Amazon, whilst the court case and just said, Oh, we’ll just close up in France. For that time, but but I think you’re going to see more and more people working from home, you’re going to see more and more people using online services. We’ve even jumped in and tried a service called Hello Fresh, I don’t know if you’re familiar with them or not. They’re a food delivery service that delivers pre made meals, and all you have to do is cook them. So we’ve been lucky. We’ve had we had a friend give us a coupon for an area account. So we saved $50 after first order. And we’ve had bolted to it, people buy off my wife’s referral link. So every time somebody buys, we save 50 bucks. So you know, I usually don’t do affiliate marketing. But in this case, it’s worked out really well. Because we’ve had a couple of people say, Can you give us a coupon for 50 bucks off, and we will, we’re not pushy about it by any means. But the advantage of that is that they buy we get $50 in your account. So I think the last I looked, we ordered three meals and with our discount, the cost is 25 bucks to try the service. That’s not bad. Yeah, it’s pretty good. And I think those services are here to stay. I think you and I go back to the burrito menu, we’ve got all these what are called ghost restaurants. And basically, that means you go in you pick up your takeout, there’s nobody sitting in a restaurant. I think that’s going to continue even worse after the pandemic.



Yeah, I think so. And I think that’s probably the thinking of these, like this, this fresh, the company that you’re talking about? And that’s probably why they’ve, I mean, they’re used, they’re basically paying 100 bucks to buy a customer. Yeah. And they they’re thinking long term, right? So, yeah. And it’s a it and that’s, that’s what I, you know, I’m hoping that some of these small, like, independent little restaurants that are closed up, and they’re, you know, they’re taking these loans, and, you know, maybe they were struggling to get 20 customers in an evening before. And if they’re thinking, Okay, after this is over, we can, you know, do a big push and try to get 2030 in a night, we can have paid back this loan, I think they’re going to be dreaming, because if they’re not going to, it’s not going to, they’re not going to take the you know, the chains off at the end of this. And businesses are going to go right back to where it was, it’s going to be a long haul. They’re not going to they’re not going to see the numbers they saw when we closed for a long, long time. And, you know, I know a few restaurants around here that have that have just closed, they just closed. And you know, I don’t know it’s, it’s going to be an interesting thing. But you know, I think there’s going to be a lot more online stuff I think the delivery business is going to be it’s going to go through the roof.



Now what else to tell you is I’ve got a couple of clients in the boat who don’t want to pay UberEATS fees, and they are right now. And what they’re doing is they’re pivoting and having their own online ordering system built. And in my agency, I’ve got a couple of my developers building systems on WordPress to do delivery right now. Because as I said, they think long term, it would be cheaper for them to hire a driver, and do loco than to go through the whole overreach margins, because their overhead, because there is that cost to the overhead to the business as well. So that’s sure an interesting and interesting thought to. And I think it’s, I think it’s gonna even change like even in things like pet stores, were talking about their curbside down, I think you might see some of that continue. I think you’re gonna see, I don’t know if anybody knows, but the and I can release it now. Because it’s been in the news. The beer store where we buy beer in Ontario was actually hit by ransomware. And our POS system was down by five days. Now. I knew that because I spoke to the manager, my local beer store, and he told me what was going on. But I mean, they were out of commission in a day where nobody wants to take cash for five days. Can you believe that? Yeah, that was a long haul. And they got hit. And this wasn’t one storage. This was the entire system. So we’re seeing more cyber attacks. I can tell you, being in a WordPress security game, my websites and my clients are seeing an increase of 3000 attacks a day 3,000% any attacks a day that are going on? Because not only are we at home, the script, kiddies are all at home who have nothing better to do so they’re out there causing havoc. I think you know, for me, and you and I’ve talked about this, my wife and I are Amazon all in I think I think some streaming services are going to continue to catch on, I think cables gonna go by the wayside. We’ve got sort of way Amazon primeworks is streaming as you can by streaming, and then they have add on channels. We could to add on channels free for 30 days, and we’ve continued with one. So it’s like four bucks extra a month. It’s an MGM channel, but Joe’s watching everything she can watch right now, when we get done with canceling. I mean, there’s gonna be a lot more that you and I are both four times more crying right now cuz usually we’re into NHL playoffs right about now. And that’s not happening.



Yeah, well, I think the NHL should do the only reasonable thing and and award the Stanley Cup this year who whoever was at some first place when it’s all you know,



I actually don’t agree with that. I think we have to go back to the 1900 pandemic, which was Montreal and Seattle back in the days when it was a Challenge Cup. And it was a full influenza break. And they chose not to work the cup. So I would award all the other words, but I would not award the cup.



No, I think you know, given that, let me see. I think it was Boston that was in first place. So why are you pushing? Maybe, maybe,



by the way, another year, the Maple Leafs fans will be looking at the cup of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Thank you very much. Hi, I’m a Canadian side and we have a one since 93. But I’m realistic. So you know. And right at 93 it was that was the year that Montreal on 15 out of 16 games in overtime. If you can believe that.



Wow. Yeah, no, no, just what what year was it again that you said influencer? Cause there?



It was early 90 dot desizing. I said was that 1970 something like that, right? Yeah, it was Montreal and a team from Seattle. And it broke out in Seattle, Washington. And in those days to Stanley Cup was not to property the NHL. So right right now and then influenster broke out and they and the trustees of the cup. Now the trustees are NHL employees chose not to award a cup because it impacted both teams have was really interesting. You do Oh, in the state of Florida, professional sports is an essential servicing.



Oh, is that right? Yeah. Well, I know they Who is it? The wrestling was in. They got that word that in California,



Florida. They’ve been was it Florida? Yeah, the WWE has been doing all their tapings from there.



Before I saw Thought on the news and I thought it just looked really weird. No fans and the like.



Yeah. And the the rumor is staying away to the UFC is gonna move this UFC production into the WWE Performance Center as well. So I just wonder how much Vince McMahon paid the governor of Florida? Yeah, yeah. So it’s very strange. The word The world is strange is about right now. I mean, sure



  1. Yeah, kind of eerie. But I did hear that guy was being interviewed on this virtual virtual technology. Okay, where you can you can watch a hockey game or any sports game. And you can be at home with your headset on and you will virtually be in the stadium. Yeah. So. And I thought that’s, that’s interesting, because now there’s no maximum number of seats you can sell. You know, so it’s, it’s gonna be an interesting way to, you know, for going forward.



So, what I’ll tell you is we watched a movie we watched angel is fallen last night, which is the sequel to London and fallen out of that Trump ology. And when it’s on amazon prime, and I enjoyed watching the movie, and I’m usually to go out to the movie person more than I did, it would have been in movies. And you know, I’ve got a 43 inch TV in my living room. I’ve got a good soundbar and I’ve got popcorn that cost 50 cents to make instead of five bucks, you know. And I don’t have to listen to stupid kiddies behind me. And I don’t think the industry is ever going to pivot out of this. I mean, gusau sells shoes on Dragon’s Den who runs the biggest chain in Montreux has opened an online store for rentals and correct break on rent movies. I mean, it’s just, I think, people, I think the movie industry is going to be a big casualty coming out of this, to be honest. Yeah,



I don’t, I think you’re right, you know, especially with these days, the TV screens are getting bigger and bigger, and streaming is becoming more of the norm. And I mean, even even now, you know, when I was doing the Uber Eats, I would get calls every once in a while to the famous players. And they, they would send out a movie package. And it was a code to watch some movie digitally on your TV. And it came with a couple of popcorns and drinks. And, you know, is like this, this is interesting, you know, and that was before, but that was before the the virus and stuff happened. So in a way they were, you know, it was kind of like they were setting up for the for the day when people weren’t going to want to venture out to the theater.



Yeah. It’s good it is done is if you go say go watch a movie. So let’s take the last Star Wars, which I did not see him was going to go see when others pandemic broke. They, if you watch a movie in danger, they’ll let you upgrade your ticket to be able to watch it online after again. So they do they’ve been offering that for years. And then the other thing that is done, is



that is that immediately watching or when it finished in the theaters?



no immediate, you get immediate access to it. Yeah. And the other thing they did was they released Star Wars to rent for homes, you could watch I think three times or something. And it was only like 25 bucks. So for two of us, guess what? It’s worth it to rent it and watch it at home and pay my own refreshments. Thank you. Yeah. And you know, anybody going to movies knows the cheapest place to buy movie passes Costco, right? Because, right, that this candidate, and it’s still cheaper to watch, you know. So I think things like that. I you know, you touched on the virtual reality for sports. I think that’s a good way to get fans involved who can’t afford the price of the tickets. I mean, to go see a hockey or basketball game and trawling the lower bowl is 200 bucks a ticket. But good luck. How does families afford for that? You know what I mean? So I think the shift we’re seeing in the economy is good. I have a bit of a theory, I think it’s going to take manufacturing technology and small business to bring us out of this. Do you have any thoughts on that? Or?



No, I think you’re right, I think I don’t think it’s going to be in the hands of big business. I think it’s going to be the little guys helping out the individual homeowners that just don’t want to go out. And you know, I mean, it’s gonna there’s gonna be some big business involved in the way that you know, a little little guy might put his his shop on to Amazon. So you’re gonna need the Amazons of the world. But other than that, they, you know, they, you know, you’re gonna have some company like me, you know, I, you know, make t shirts in my basement and I send it to somebody ordering one in their basement. You know, it’s a I like that. I think that’s good. You know, and



I do I do. I mean, you know, I’ve taken a business that I’ve done and scaled it to seven figures working from the home office. I mean, yeah. And I’m quite happy. So I’m not, you know, it’s funny. I’m not in the bad headspace that everybody else is in right now. Just because I’m used to it. But I am. As you and I are both social creatures, we like to get out. We like to see people. We like to talk to people. What do you think about in Ontario, since you know, the bob Ray days, we’ve had a cut on mental health, in his in the system costs and support? Don’t you think that’s gonna change? And I’m hoping it does.



I mean, I’ve all the things that I find the most annoying, and all of this is like, they look at the long term care homes and the government stepping up and saying we have to address this and healthcare say we have to address this and everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon and saying, this is an awful situation. And I’m thinking, this isn’t new. This is maybe this the virus is highlighting it for sure. But this is this has been going on for probably decades. Yeah. You know, this is in a situation that should have been addressed and and hopefully that’ll be a good thing that comes out of this Coronavirus is that they, they’ll finally put some decent money into the long term care. And like I like I was saying to my partner, Shelly the other day, like, you know that when the government announced that they were, they’re gonna go, I think Justin Trudeau was announcing he’s gonna go to the Premier’s and ask them to increase hourly wages for these workers. And I said, and what was good, and I thought, What’s a good wage? Well, how much? So there you you’re saying you go into this home and you risk your life now because of this Coronavirus? And what is it? Was that worth $2 an hour for you? Is it worth $5? Like, what’s it worth? It’s, it’s it? I mean, it’s they should get paid more? But I think thinking Well, what’s it worth though, like, you know, if you’re a mother, you know, with three kids of your own, that are still young, and you’re risking your life and you can’t go home to them. And they’re saying we’ll give you an extra $2 an hour to to do that. So like I I don’t think that’s worth it. But thank God, there are people like that, that will still go into these jobs, because I don’t know what they are. And in no way no, there’s been homes where the workers walked out. And and you can’t really blame them. Yeah, you know, you don’t know what they’re like, sure, there’s people that risk in their homes, and they need the they need them to show up to work. But at the same time, you know, if you’ve got your own family to consider, and you’re, you know, you’re thinking, I’m getting paid like, you know, 17 or $18 an hour and I’m risking my life and I’m risking the lives of my family and I can’t be with them. And, you know, that’s a lot to ask somebody. And and I think I think the the long term care situation in Ontario, Canada needs to be addressed big time. And I



don’t I don’t I don’t disagree. Part of the problem is they have no spare rooms for somebody gets sale. I know when I when I worked up at Sunnybrook, Sunnybrook has a big long term care wing and a veterans wing. And they’ve had one case in the veterans when it’s done and I do know every Christmas we get a gastro outbreak or a flu outbreak because there’s more people coming in. So I think one of the things long term care homes and hospitals have to and I said this after SARS because I worked in at Sunnybrook, and women’s college in Toronto and during SARS, is we need to screen people every day when they come into a hospital. And hospitals stopped doing this because there’s a cost of money. Well guess what? We can’t stop doing this. We need rooms that have outside airflow and are pressurized even in long term care homes. And we need to stop packing allowing long term care homes not to have spare room staffed spare rooms so somebody said we can move them and isolate them. I mean, that’s what caused the one in the tobacco because I think it’s now at 34 or 35. It’s the worst one in the province. bobcaygeon is up at 29 Joel has a family friend whose dad used to live in bobcaygeon right now so we’re concerned about that. There’s the one in Quebec that has 33 and that one has negligence written on it to the point pq PP Quebec Provincial Police are involved. I mean, it’s it’s a mess, but also the mental health side is it People are hurting right now. And one of the resources I would mention is, if you’re in Canada or outside of Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart has made all their mental health resources on our website available for free, that they normally charge for seeing my good. Check those out and just go look at them. There’s some good stuff called crisis line you like kids who don’t call Kids Help Phone? I mean, kids are hurting. Right now. Our Prime Minister’s address the kids of the nation multiple times and even had online chats with them. So and he has two kids himself. So he’s pretty understanding, but we need to take care of these people.



Yeah, no, I think it’s a good idea. And you know, like the situation where they had to pass a law where if your long term care, home worker, you can’t work in more than one home, you can’t work part time here and then go to another one part time there. And because that they don’t want the virus spreading that way, of course. But I thought, what why is that an issue? Like, why is it that the person can’t make a decent enough income working one home that they have to work into? Because just because there’s viruses is coming along, doesn’t mean that shouldn’t always have been an issue. I mean, there’s, there’s always illness in one home, not in another and you’ve got to work and going from one to another, like that’s always an issue. So why isn’t you can’t pay this person enough to say, you know, what, just work at this home, you know, you’re working this home. You know, I don’t, there’s just one, it’s just because there’s there’s underfunding. So under fire,



it’s underfunded, it’s privatized. So they’re not trying to maximize profit. Any other problem is, what they’re doing with these psdb is, is it keeping them just under the 30 hour threshold? So by union contract, they don’t have to pay them benefits. So they’re basically saying because you work in more than one home, the company doesn’t have to pay benefits, even though your your benefits add up to your hours add up to 50 or 60 hours. And that’s the gaming baby. As we all know, benefits comfort are usually another third of somebody’s sound. So



yeah, it’s Do you have any other suggestion for anybody out there? Who’s kind of going stir crazy or anything else? Right? Yeah,



I don’t know. It’s mean we’re fortunate we, you know, we you know, we’re at my my partner’s place she Shelley’s places up in north of Bosch, just north of Oshawa back onto a bit of a forest and the creek and so it’s nice to we can get out and, you know, I go for four or five kilometer walks every day, around the country roads, so and I never see a soul. So I’m lucky that way. But for somebody that’s, I know, there are people that are stuck in like, you know, in the downtown area where, you know, you just can’t go out without running into a whole bunch of people. I’m still having that downtime. Yeah, yeah. So it’s good. I mean, but you know, you do what you can do, you’ve spent some time on the phone and call your friends that maybe you’ve only done email and texting with for the last, you know, year or two years. And you actually give them a call on the phone and hear their voice. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a it’s a nice change.



So it sure is and do Bob and I have favorite if you have to go out and you decide to take a mask, which of course would you please put them in the garbage? Don’t throw them on the on the road. Now what I’ll tell you Toronto was after Mayor Tory went ballistic last weekend, it is better. So you know, yeah. I found that better. And people are



though. Yeah, I mean, it’s sad that there’s people out there that think that’s an okay thing to do. Like, I mean, they’re at, they’re at the point where they’re concerned about, you know, the germs and then you throw it on the ground. Like, I don’t understand the logic there. But you know, it’s just laziness. I think.



So I I agree. Hey, Bob, thanks for joining me I hope everybody has a good day and



really appreciate the insights into her and just chatting with this virus stay safe and we’ll talk to you soon. Sounds good Rob. Thanks a lot God bless.



especial thanks to my special guest Bob rockin it’s always a pleasure to sit down with Bob as I’ve known him a long time he always have insights to share. I thought his insight of being an Uber and an Uber each driver would share a different perspective with everybody. I sure hope you found this is enjoyable as I did. As always, if I can help you with a digital marketing your business needs Please go on over to stunning digital marketing comm scroll down halfway on the main page. Ah under the COVID-19 message and sign up for your free 30 minute strategy call, I don’t want anything from you. I just want to help you out. So let’s let’s sit and chat. I’ll even give you a recording of that call after so you can review the actionable items that we talked about during the call. So let’s get your business up and running let’s make you succeed. If you need anything else, you can either go to my website contact form or email me at VIP at stunning digital marketing.com. As always, this podcast is dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns, and also dedicated to stick our gels. stepbrothers. Steven McLean as he’s an ICU in Montreal, and all the frontline workers supporting a string of COVID-19 crisis. Please keep your feet on the ground. Keep reaching for the stars and make your business succeed.

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