Episode 393: Security Tips For Your Business

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Rob Cairns talks about security tips for your business.

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1. Backups.

2. Phishing scams.

3. Online banking.

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Hey everybody, Rob here. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator. Amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing. And this has been an absolute amazing security week. We’ve had some great WordPress tips and today I’m going to give you a couple quick tips for your business that aren’t WordPress related. And I think they can help you. Out a long, long way.

So let’s first talk passwords. The most taboo subject I’ve done, if at all, and you can run pass keys on the site you’re using. I would use pass key. If you can install two factor authentication or two FA, I would do that. I would also use a password manager mine of choice right now is bit Warden. One password is very good as well and I would kind of keep my passwords in the password manager I actually. Can’t tell you any of my passwords except the one for Bitwarden and the one for my e-mail. All my other passwords I generate randomly and I make them wrong so a password manager helps maintaining those passwords that helps.

Let’s go on to backups. Many, many people don’t take backups of their personal data and their files. You need to start taking backups now. You need to keep them off site and on site. You need to keep 3 copies of every file you have. So and keeping backups and putting the hard drive next to the computer doesn’t help. You might have a fire, you could have a theft, and the odds are if you have a theft, they’re gonna steal the computer in the backup hard drive. So please don’t do that. I would suggest to most people a good way to do off-site backups is to get a service. I drive works really well, Carbonite works really well. Crash Plan works really well. Jungle disk up at Amazon works really well. Get yourself a service, save the hassle, and honestly, at the end of the day, I strongly, strongly recommend the service because it will doing it in the backroom when you’re sleeping. Now photo backups. Are you even more? I actually store my photos on multiple photo storage places. Typically Amazon photos and Google Photos at full rest, plus a local copy. So that’s how I manage photos. So that helps a lot I also. The backups on the local hard drive. I’m like data paranoid. I’ve had hard drive crashes and the only thing that helps you recover a hard drive crash is their back.

 Let’s talk a little about about. Fishing schemes for a minute. OK, let’s stop going to website. You don’t know if somebody sends you a link, please don’t click on it. If you got a scam and it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t even read it. Just. Get rid of. It save us all the hassle, especially on social media sites, so that talks about that. The other thing banking, we’ve had many, many people in Canada lately become victim of bank fraud by phishing schemes.

 Let’s be truthful, the best way to do banking is install the app on your smartphone. It can only go to one place. Your bank and that takes some of that issue away and that security away. So that kind of helps. If you do these things, your your world will be better, but it won’t be perfect. I’ve been through bank fraud. I’ve been through credit cards compromised, and we need to stop using credit cards on all these sites that we don’t trust. If you don’t know the website, don’t make the purchase because purchases. Are all based on true? Just some quick tips for your Business Today. I hope they help. I hope they help me keep more secure. If you need anything drop me a line at podcast.stunningdigitalmarketing.com. Be glad to help you out. Make yourself safe.


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