Episode 92: Rob Cairns talks Zoom and More Zoom

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Episode 92



Hey al Robert Cairns here. I’m the founder CEO and Chief Creative amazing ideas that stunning Digital Marketing. Today I wanted to talk zoom and more zoom. Three months to know a pandemic, some lessons learned some do’s and don’ts, do’s and even more some things you should turn on from a security perspective at this point in time, sit back, relax, enjoy the podcast.



Rob Cairns here. Today, I’m going to talk about zoom and more zoom in this podcast, I’m actually going to start off by talking about a situation that happened with a colleague, and then I’m going to move on to some suggestions on how to make your zoom meetings more effective. Three months of being in this pandemic world, for those who never video conference before, well, you’ve had enough time to get your feet wet. So let’s get on to the show. This past week, I received a DM from a friend and a colleague who’s having problems with zoom. long and short of the story is she had a gentleman showing herself made, he posted sell sexually explicit material. She booted him from the meeting, and he was able to rejoin. So the question is What happened here? And how could we have prevented? Well, it turns out, she was posting her meeting link in some public and private Facebook groups of folks, the meeting link also includes the password encrypted on the end of it. So you know, if you’re, if you’re posting that, that’s great, but you’re kind of leaving yourself a little exposed. Personally, I never do that, what I actually do is I dm my meeting link to people, or I email it to people or anything to avoid posting it publicly. And I wouldn’t do that I would actually tell people what they want to link it, send them to him privately. That way, some kind of control. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than that. The other problem was, this colleague of mine didn’t have the waiting room feature enabled, go into zone, zoom profile, and enable waiting rooms. So that basically means when somebody joins a meeting, they go into a waiting room. And it’s up to the meeting organizer to allow or disallow them to come into the meeting. So remember the problem where he was booted and came right back in waiting room would have eliminated that problem. And that’s a good way to protect yourself in zoom meetings. Now, zoom is including that functionality as of September. But until then, please go into your profile and make it mandatory yourself and don’t wait for them to do it. That’s the second lesson. And the third lesson is never create a zoom meeting without a password. If you do that, it’s like leaving the keys sure house unlocked, you’re just asking for trouble. Now, how do we make zoom meetings a little bit more effective? A couple things, one, be cognizant of what’s behind you, when you’re on camera, and think about that member utilize on camera. And you got to think about the surroundings in your room. If you have to use the Zoom virtual background. So it lets you change the background behind you. That’s a big help. Make sure if you have to be on camera have a good quality webcam, I know easier said than done during the pandemic, it’s hard to get one, I actually did a camera upgrade and order directly from China. Believe it or not, it took me almost three months to get one. So hang in there and do it. Now. The other thing is if you need a quick zoom device, think about getting the new amazon fire tablet eight. It is zoom compatible. And there’s a zoom app in the cow in the Amazon store. So that might actually help you out a couple other things. When you’re on camera all the time. keep yourself hydrated. I drink lots of water. Don’t be afraid if it’s a two hour meeting and you’re the organizer to schedule a bathroom break or a break for people to stretch in the middle of the meeting. I usually like to do that 45 minutes to an hour. And if you are that person who has to take a break door noise spouse noise



puppy noise, do yourself a favor, meet yourself in a meeting and turn your video off while you take a break and turn it all back on when you come back. Show some respect to the people in the meeting. The other thing is when you’re on a zoom meeting, don’t multitask. People have a tendency to do that. And that’s giving the people you’re meeting with a disservice actually pay attention to the meeting. I’ve gone through that frustration or domain times. And you know people aren’t paying attention so don’t multitask. And lastly, but not Certainly not the least, don’t schedule your meetings too long. I’ve been in some long, long meetings and believe me, my head hurts if you have to break them down and say what’s rescheduled for later in the day, what’s rescheduled for later in evening. That’s a little suggestions on help you how to help you with your zoom calls during the pandemic. But as I said, this can apply to go to my meeting, WebEx, JIRA, Microsoft Teams, whatever platform you choose. Just remember, meeting on zoom takes a lot of getting used to and showed the same respect you would be when meeting in a bar. As I was Rob, Cairns, CEO founder and chief Craig have amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing. How PowerPoint has an amazing days. If you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m at Rob Cairnss or go to our website stunning digital marketing calm or pick up phone call me for 166247647 This podcast is dedicated my late father I miss you, dad, and certainly today is dedicated to his brother Clifford Cliffy passed away five days after my father in the same year. 10 years ago, coffee We miss you very much. You brought a lot of joy into our life. Please keep your feet on the ground. Keep reaching for the stars and make your business succeed. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.

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