Episode 394: Rob Cairns Podcast Origin Story

Show Summary

Rob shares his podcast’s original story.

Show Highlights:

1. Why Rob started podcasting.

2. His background.

3. Where he is at now.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, I’m Rob Cairnss. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas. It’s stunning digital marketing and today’s podcast. I wanted to share with you my podcast origin story and how I got into the world of podcasting.

 It’s really actually pretty simple, so back many, many years ago as a young boy growing up, I was an AM radio fan. To the point where I used to sit in my room and listen to. To AM radio and switch the dial and I fell in love with talk radio. And when you think about it, podcasting is very much talk radio type of genre. So as we grew on, I listen to radio for years and years and. And they fell in love with this medium called podcasting as a consumer. So I listen to many shows. So my favorite shows are business wars. Do the woo by my good friend Bob Dunn. On the Bob Mccowan Podcast, and many, many more, and. I love listening to other podcasts cause it’s great way to learn why I’m doing other things and about 3 1/2 years ago I figured out I started a podcast. Not only would I start one, I’d start two and the two I started. Was kind of the predecessor to what I now call the SDM show, where I merged. Them in the one. And that’s where I’m at and that’s why I started podcasting and I have to tell you anybody who’s thinking about starting podcasting think about it, cause it’s an amazing journey. The people I’ve met the guests. I’ve met the friends that have come out of podcasting. I have to tell you I’m truly lucky and blessed. To be able to build the community around the STM show and my business around it. So if you’re thinking about starting a podcast, start one. That’s how I started. I hope the story helps and we’ll talk to you all soon, rob Karen, CEO, chief creator of amazing ideas and the creator DS damn show podcast. Have a great day. Bye bye for now. This show is brought to you by stunning digitalmarketing.com. You’re trying to leader in digital marketing services. Not only do we protect your WordPress website, we can help you with your site. Provide social media management for your business, or even do one-on-one. Consulting to find out more, go to stunningdigitalmarketing.com.


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