Episode 256 Things to Consider For Your Website When Changing Webcare Security Providers

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Rob Cairns has many years maintaing secuirty for WordPress Websites.

When clients change the service provider that maints the security for their websites, many simple things are missed. Rob talks about the the missed items and what to do about them.

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Hey everybody, Rob here again in today’s podcast, I wanted to talk about some things that if you’re moving your website.

From one care plan person or care plan company to another that you should do.

And many of these get overlooked by accomplished developers or designers or security professionals.

And it’s a bit of an issue.

So one of the things, as far as I’m concerned.

People really mess up on it’s a.

Issues in WordPress.

All security software.

Whether it’s your backup software, your security software.

Your update software, things like that.

Get up, send notifications to a an e-mail address.

And I find many times or not.

People forget to update these.

I’ve got two sites where clients have moved on to other people and that’s great for them.

But you know what the new designer developer hasn’t changed any of the security notifications.

So I’ve actually had to set-up rules that take these notifications and just trash them, so if something goes wrong with their site they don’t know, and that’s not really a good thing, so make sure you change all your notification emails when you move aside around the second thing to look at is licensing.

Uh, many web care professionals.

I certainly do on the web care side.

I provide licenses to all my security software, so that’s typically the backup software which is backup buddy.

I theme security and patch stack on the back end the minute I.

No longer have a client.

Those licenses are included with your.

Care plan membership or care plan that you pay for.

So they don’t continue.

And maybe many.

People make the mistake, although licenses will just continue, he’ll forget about them.

To be frank, I actually terminate them when someone is no longer with me on a care.

So you you want to keep the licenses up to date for a couple reasons.

One, it’s ethical to.

It’s legally that if you’re going to run paid software, you should have a license for it, and three those licenses you need support and updates to them, so you want to keep those up to date.

So that’s the second thing you need to do when you move on.

And the third thing.

And I would suggest doing it this way, but I’ve had clients who think being sneaky is not a good way to do it.

Is I would do it as a clean break and do it nicely and go to your security plan provider and say, hey, we’re decided to move on.

How can you help us move on properly, nicely and smoothly?

And they think if you do that, it goes a long way, they’re.

Is this in the industry?

Small people talk.

People do talk about clients.

Whether you want to think they do or they.

And frankly.

You might need somebody down the road when you’re in a pinch, so do it nicely.

And properly, and that’s the other thing I would suggest.

And then.

The fourth ways.

And I gotta mention this because of how that happened.

I had a client once who terminated a contract.

And no word of a lie.

No sooner did they terminate the contract.

Then they got hacked a number of days later, and that was because, hey, they terminated the contract and B.

And have a new one with a new provider in place and C.

The security updates weren’t done and one of their plugins had a vulnerability.

And then they went blaming the world.

Well, I’m sorry.

That’s just bad business.

You terminate the contract, you didn’t have a backup plan, and things happen.

And frankly, they do happen.

And we need to remember that.

What I would suggest is if you’re going to move to another Web security care plan provider.

Have that provider in place before you terminate the old one so that you don’t lose all that support.

And all the security updates that you’re getting.

Rob Cairns, CEO, Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas and Founder at Stunning Digital Marketing.

Talking about some things to be careful of when you’re changing web care plan security providers.

Have a great day.

Bye bye for now.


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