Episode 188: Google and Privacy Issues

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Rob Cairns talks about Google and Privacy.

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  1. Google Analytics Issues.
  2. Have I moved my E-mail from Google?
  3. Alternatives for Privacy-based Google Analytics.

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Hey everybody, Rob here again.

Today’s podcast.

I want to talk about something that’s been happening and it’s a lot due to privacy.

Google Analytics as of recently has now been banned in Australia, and I’m not surprised because frankly, Australia is the same country that requires Facebook and Google to pay content creators and publishers for sharing their newspaper articles.

So this is gonna little, far and Australia.

For a little privacy crazed.

But I can see where this is going from.

Most people don’t like to be tracked anymore on what they do on the Internet.

There’s a now a movement where a lot of people are switching their emails from Google Workspaces, emails, and going anywhere.

Frankly, I’m not going to because I still think Google has the best spam filters.

In the business, but that’s for another podcast.

So Australia Bandy used to Google Analytics and for us WordPress people it means you got to use another type of analytics.

So one is you could use jetpacks analytics, there’s Coco, Coco analytics or slim stat and both cocoa and things that actually keep your information.

Within a WordPress dashboard so it’s a little more privacy centric.

I’m actually kind of surprised that Australia didn’t take on Facebook at the same time with retargeting cookies and and that kind of thing because Facebook actually uses that for retargeting ads, and that’s just as much a privacy issue, but I suspect it will come.

Now where do I think this will go?

I think truly this will impact eventually the EU, the European Economic Union.

I actually can see it impacting Canada.

We’ve been really tough on Google and Facebook from a standpoint of paying content creators, so I think this issue is not going to end with Australia.

I think they’re just kind of the one to throw the first salvo.

Into the cancel this week and it’s going to impact more and more countries as we go.

So Google and Facebook are going to have to change their business models a little bit.

To make the privacy pundits a little more happy, but also remember folks, if you’re using a free service, you are the product, so this shouldn’t surprise anybody really.

So keep your eye out on where it’s gonna go, but I think truly it will eventually impact the EU and Canada as well. I think the US.

It might be some selective states, but I don’t think we’ll be much more than that for the time being, but depending on where.

People tolerances go what’s gonna happen and what won’t time will tell.

Just some quick facts.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

Rob Cairns, CEO, chief, creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing.

I hope you’re all well and please take care of yourselves.

Talk soon.


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