Episode 170: Bloomex Does Marketing Right

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In this podcast, Rob Cairns talks about an online flower retailer and how they do marketing.

Show Highlights:

  1. How to get new customers at a low cpa.
  2. Paying it forward in Marketing.
  3. A unique marketing experience.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again, today’s podcast, I want to talk about something I came across recently in real life experience, a great way to market your product, and one that shows that you’re paying it forward. So let me explain this scenario. My friend, Leslie just recently had knee replacement surgery. And her niece had sent her some flowers from an online floral retailer. And one of the reasons I personally use an online for a retailer, frankly, as they’re cheaper, they’re cheaper, and you get more for bang for the buck, because they’re not paying for an expensive in mall, retail space or retail space in a shopping center, they’ll typically run out of a warehouse. So back to my story, this particular online for retail was called Bloomex. And they’re a Canadian retailer. And they delivered. And the presentation of the delivery was really nice. The box was nice that the delivery came in. And the presentation in the box was nice. But that’s not what Bluemix did was say included a coupon saying, here’s $20 off your next order. So the really key thing is, not only have they sent the recipient flowers, but they’re trying to make a customer out of the recipient by saying, here’s $20 off your next door. And this case they did because I was ordering flowers that week from my mother for my mother’s birthday. And I thought, gee, since we had a coupon kicking around for $20 I try boom x instead of my normal online for retail. And strangely enough, my mom sent me an email saying these were the nicest flowers she ever received. So did it work? Yeah, it did. They probably got a customer had me off and on and that they made my mom happy. And it was a great way to pay it forward. It’s a great way to acquire new customers by giving the person receiving something a discount. Hats off to Bloomex for a unique marketing light. You deserve a lot of credit. And I hope it helps you build your business. You might want to try this in your business. So food for thought. Rob Cairns, Founder CEO and chief courier have amazing ideas of Stunning Digital Marketing with a great way of marketing how to pay it forward and generate more customers. Bye for now.

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