Episode 52: Some Things That Bother Me On The Internet

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Hey y’all, I’m Rob here CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas, this stunning digital marketing company. I hope you’re all having a good day. This podcast is brought to you by stunning digital marketing Comm. We are industry leaders in digital marketing, and WordPress security issues. Our success is your success. Today, I thought I’d talk about some things that bother me on the online world, ie internet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. Frankly, many of it’s good. But there’s a lot of things we as individuals can do better. And I thought I’d share those with you so we can learn a lot to help people and my agency loves to educate people. We thrive on. Like technical sales, people need to stop being lazy is part of solving an issue or problem, do a Google search first. Take the time to try and help yourself. Google is your friend. On Facebook groups need to remind people that they can do a Google search first and then ask like, this actually shows that the individual has a problem really wants to solve their issue and cares about their own problem. Someone does not want to do at least the basics. Do you think they care about the issue at hand? Probably not think about it are. The second biggest pet peeve I have is that people keep saying my SEO sucks and they need to change my SEO plugin. Frankly, SEO plugins are just the tool. Don’t even go so far as to say Yoast, I have Yoast. I don’t have three green traffic lights and it goes on. The reality is SEO is towards I mentioned. And if you’re having SEO issues, you’re having other problems. For example, did you do keyword research? Did you do competitors research? Did you research how do you get good proper good backlinks? Did you do proper SEO for your pictures and so on? The point I’m making is if you don’t have an understanding of how to do proper SEO, doesn’t matter which tool you use garbage in, garbage out. And principles matter. My pet peeve number three is your standby. Who is my favorite web host question. latency is very partial to siteground. But there are many other good hosts such as canasta cloudways liquidweb WP Engine and what I would personally stay away from the following GoDaddy, anything he owns 101 dot com, or any really cheap hosting. There was a story that broke over the weekend about 22 posts to all shutting down with 48 hours notice. And frankly, it looked like a bit of a scam. While we’re talking about hosting some of the things consider our phone space. So hosting was you know how many websites on a plan type hosting shared VPS or dedicated and I’ll talk about this in a future edition of the SDM show those firewalls security protection. Yes, your hostess party or security solution to type of support phone chat email, they’ll do this for 24.75 days, and so on. The fourth thing that really bothers me is we’ve created an entire generation people do not read news stories, you only read headlines. Before this we create generation of airline magazine person they read condensed our articles and thought they were experts. Now people are all experts on the headlines. Marketers take note. This shows your headlines better more than ever. Let me give an example of this, the Toronto Star post an article about an event. The headline drives a reaction on Facebook, you know if you’ve read the article that half the comments are from people only read that and nothing more. And it starts a big disagreement and a button fight. Frankly, we’re all really developing a bit of a lazy society. So actually read the articles, folks. The fifth big issue I have is people do not respect each other for their opinions online. I’ve seen it time and time again. And frankly, the medium doesn’t matter. Before social media was internet Relay Chat, it was forums It was so on. That’s always happened. Let’s just take the time to respect each other make society a better place. We don’t have to agree with Show some respect. The sixth issue is people complaining about Facebook using their data, folks, the cost of admission to play on Facebook, here’s your data. And there’s no financial cost to you. And if you really don’t like this to get off Facebook, get off Instagram, get off WhatsApp, they own all three. Stop complaining about it as it’s not going to change. And frankly, you know, it’s time to stop it. And maybe think about do we need to go to some paid solutions. It’s a paid forums and people would say, Well, I don’t want to do that here and that’s free. But you pay for streaming services, don’t you? So why not pay for an ad free pay service, just food for thought.



On the web, it actually takes time to promote your business. Nothing happens immediate. Sometimes things go well and sometimes simple. Don’t call most business owners learn from their mistakes and, and the great people around them. Don’t hold back. Try things try and better your business. I use the slogan which I’ve stolen from Nike. It’s so good and cold Just do it. And I really believe that just get it done. And my good friend Kim Doyle, who runs the content creators group and many other things and has been around WordPress, the internet a long time she has spoken it says just show up, show up every day. And I so agree with Kim on that one. That’s why give her a shout out. A shout out in this podcast is do it inshallah, please do not think the web, internet and social media are all bad. It’s not the what I want to convey what I really want out when you see issues going on. So that as users, we can get better, respect each other better and make it a better place. And that’s what I really care about. So let’s take this as a learning opportunity. And please learn with me, and let’s keep helping each other out. In the next episode the SDM show, I’m going to talk about things I like most about the internet and the on Coin World as I was thanks for joining me today. No of y’all. Take care of yourselves and be good to each other. Thank you for listening to the SDM Show. The show was hosted by Robert Cairns, the CEO and Chief creator of mazing ideas to stunning digital marketing.com. This podcast comes out every week. It’s available on all podcast platforms. If you’d like to be a guest on this podcast please email us at podcast at stunning digital marketing comm if you’d like some free marketing information to your inbox, please go to stunning digital marketing comm slash free. If you’d like to find out more about the digital marketing services we provide, please go to our website at stunning digital marketing.com. We specialize in helping your business see this podcast is dedicated Robert father Bruce Cairns. Have an amazing week. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for your stars. Make your business succeed.

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