Episode 278: Podcast Changes

Show Summary

In this episode Rob Cairns talks about changes to The SDM Show podcast publishing schedule.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and chief. Creative amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing.

I hope everybody is doing well today. In today’s podcast, I want to talk about. Where things are going with this podcast? I know lately it’s been a little erratic and kind of all over the place and unfortunately sometimes business and life just get in the way.

And frankly, I love doing this podcast for you. It’s one of those big joys of marketing my business and sharing back to the community. Even more importantly, that I. Love to do. So I’m kind of changing the format a little bit starting next week and actually for the better.

So where the podcast is going is on Mondays and Fridays starting next week. There will be. Solo tip shows these quick ones. And on Wednesdays, there will be the interview. And so you’ll actually get three podcasts, 2 tips, and interview every week instead of 1 and one. I hope this really helps get us back on track and me back on track and you the listener back on track. So just to quickly today have a great day everybody.

And be safe and be well.

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