Episode 279: Time Management Using Your Calendar

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about using your calendar to help you with Time Management.

Show Highlights:

  1. How to use your calendar.
  2. Color coding your calendar.
  3. Why you should not keep separate personal and work calendars.

Show Notes

Hey, All Rob here!

 In this. So will show I wanna talk about. Time management and how to manage your calendar. Because it really matters. So let’s sort of look at how we better manage our days and how we can manage a calendar a little better and how we can make sure we’re not late for meetings.

So first of all, if it were me, I’d be using Google Calendar. It’s kind of the de facto standard for calendars. It works with everything really well. It works with calendar invites. It works with. Uh, most calendar booking software seamlessly, so it for me I would, uh, get on Google Calendar really quickly and make it my standard. It makes life easy, especially if you’re moving between Android and iOS on a smartphone on a tablet. And moving from Mac or PC, it’s just seamless, so get Google.

The second approach I do is I use a bookings link for all my clients. And these days the service I use is tidy Cal. It’s an app sumo service. It was originally about $20 USD. I think it sells for about 30 now. Lifetime deal and you can set up as many booking links as possible. So the advantage using a booking like it stops all this go between oh are you free at three? No, I’m free at 3:30 and so on. You can set up your booking parameters on what hours that you’re available to be booked for any any certain category. And what time you need in between bookings? I normally set mine to about 30 minutes unless it’s an onsite booking and then I’ll set it between an hour and a half. And that way you get proper bumper time in between all your bookings. It’s just really easy and then you give the client the link and it stops all those go between again. Are you free at 2 or are you free at 4 et cetera, et cetera. So get a booking service.

The third thing I do is I color code my Google Calendar. So for example any business stuff is in green. Any webinar I’m gonna join is in yellow. Any podcasts that review? Or record I’m gonna do is in teal. And any, UM, appointment? Will be in red and so on. The point is. Color code your calendar. It’s easier to take a glance and say I have these type of activities these days. And the last step I have. Don’t keep separate personal and business calendars. Events get missed. I used to do that and it’s awful. Put your personal events in your business calendar and just color code them as a personal event. For example, mine is grape. And that’s how I do that. And then the.

 Last tip I’ve got is for meetings. Whenever possible, show up five minutes early. I pride myself on never being like, it’s just not the way I roll. It’s not the way it happens, so don’t ever be late for meeting, be early. Those are some tips on managing your productivity. Scheduling your calendar.

Rob Cairns , CEO at Stunning Digital marketing. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.


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