Episode 328: Stunning Digital Marketing’s Security Stack

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Rob Cairns talks about Stunning Digital Marketing’s Security Stack.

Show Highlights:

  1. Hosting is part of your security stack.
  2. What is our agency’s security stack?
  3. We used a layered security approach.

Show Notes

Hey, everybody, Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing. And today’s live. I wanted to kind of share with you what our Agency does, for our WordPress care plans and our what should be included and what should not be included. For security, because that’s really important these days.

If those of you who know me know I dubbed this year the year of the vulnerability back in January and it’s coming to Pro mission, it’s the way it’s worked out and we’ve got vulnerabilities all over the place this year between SAS companies to WordPress plugins, to you name it. So we could need to protect ourselves. So here’s what we do. First of all, your hosting company has to be a partner in security with your agency or your website. If you don’t use an agency. Very simple. If the hosting company security is not that good then at the end of the day you need to change hosting companies cause they’re your first layer of defense. The second thing we do is we run the patch Stack firewall on all our sites at second level that’s patched. And then we run I team security professional, which is really important for us because that manages all the inside stuff. On top of that, we use backup buddy to run backups so we do backups at the host level and we do backups at the site level. And those backups are done twice a week. And kept offline at the site level and not only that, we update our websites, all our plugins over the over 300 sites. We manage twice a week. It’s more important to do them more than once a week with all the vulnerabilities going around, and most agencies don’t do that and that’s where stunning digital marketing seeds is. We do them twice a week. We also use uptime robot to manage uptime on all our websites and that kind of helps there. Now a couple other things you needed. All administrator accounts should. Be forced to strong passwords and should be forced to be changed on a regular basis. That’s really important. And as well the other thing you need to do. The sun. And this is really important is start to think about using two step authentication on all your websites and Ithemes Security Pro manages that very, very, very well. So that’s in a nutshell.

What we do at Stunning Digital Marketing and our security staff, just some tips to help all the other agencies and site owners out there if you need security help, we’re available for consult, please reach out. Be glad to help you. Rob Cairns Stunning Digital Marketing. Have a great day everybody. Bye for now.

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