Episode 299: WordPress Hosting And The Life The Universe And Everything

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks to Owen Greaves about web hosting. Then the conversation takes an interesting turn when they talk about life and the universe.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why a small web host.
  2. Hosting is based on trust.
  3. What is going on in the world.
  4. How the world has changed.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob Karen’s here today. I’m here with my good friend Owen Greaves. The founder and of Billyhost. How are you today, Owen?

I’m incredible.

Yes, you are always incredible, Sir. And you’re coming to us from rainy BC British Columbia at the time of this recording.

Yeah, well, what we do out here is rain. We do a lot of. Rain so much rain. We still have a drought, but they they can’t rain enough to fill up all the reservoirs and make everything OK.

That’s that’s so true. So normally. When I jump on this podcast, I like to ask people what their podcast origin story is or what their WordPress origin story is. So I’m going to go one more. I’m going to ask you what your web hosting Origin story is. Why did you start a web host?

Well, it’s it’s really just probably a boring story. It’s the same old story I was at. CEO of a tech company in North Vancouver and the company got sold and I got sent home. And while the headhunter was trying to get me recruited for other organizations, I had to do something. So I started. Billy host, mostly out of frustration of the bigger web hosting companies because they were just making it difficult and I won’t get into specifics, but and I thought they were pricey at the time. We’re talking 2007, so this is 15 years ago, 16 years ago. It it just. It was really frustrating to try and get good help and that where the the company would actually tell you when they fix something they would tell you what you did or what they did. And so that you could learn and you could figure out how to solve your own problems. So I ended up being unemployed for lack of a better description. And had to start my own business. So I just started Billy host and I wanted to help people that didn’t understand Web hosting or how to build websites and stuff like that so. That’s how it began back in 2007. It was just out of necessity rather than oh, I got a great idea.

Yeah, sometimes that’s the way business is starting. Hate to say it and how busy are you right now? Do you have a large like ballpark?

No, I Billy host is not a large web hosting company. It was never intended to be because it started out as a a gap filler right? So Billy host has got about 300 clients. It’s a small small web hosting company and. That’s you know. Is mostly so that I can actually help people, because that’s my goal. It wasn’t to make as many get as many web hosting people as possible. It was just like I want to help people more than I want to do anything. So how I ended up how I got my base clientele was I was doing workshops. Back in 2009, 2010, on the future of business, so I would go to these. Do these workshops. Where people were paying to come and hear me speak and and whatnot would promote Billy hosting those workshops. And that’s how I gained my base clientele. So it was it was the best the best way I was able to grow the business.

Yeah, it’s good .1 question. That always comes up. And I think I know what your answer’s gonna be, but I’m gonna ask it anyway. Is why should I go to a niche or a boutique host? You can almost think of it that way like Billy Host instead of one of the major players in the market.

Well, OK, now you’re you’re asking the question. Personally, I like the smaller small to medium sized web hosting companies because they will actually respond faster, but they will also help you. The larger organizations are always about upsell. So no matter what they’re doing to help you, the large organizations tend to say, well, we’ll do this for you, but it’s going to cost you 15 bucks a month or whatever it’s. So I I have found from that perspective that the small to medium web hosting company could they could they could move faster and better. Now there are some limitations, like some huge limitations. One of them is e-mail. e-mail is a huge limitation for the small to medium sized web hoster, because they’re at the mercy of the organizations like Microsoft and Google because they are dictating. You know who gets mail and who doesn’t. I don’t not sure that that’s the answer you thought I was going to give, but mostly the the smaller guy can respond faster I think.

Now that was pretty well in line with what I was thinking. You mentioned e-mail so I always say to clients and I’m pretty particular about this. You can use your web host for e-mail, but and it doesn’t matter if it’s Billy host if it’s GoDaddy, if it’s. Sight round if it’s cloud ways. But there are better solutions out there for e-mail. I hate to go there. People like Google people like Microsoft, people like fast mail out of Australia that make better e-mail providers than the web post. So I think clients need to distinguish between the two. And realize that if e-mail is mission critical. Then you should probably have your e-mail on a mission critical server.

See, I don’t look at it from a perspective. As you know, Google and you know being a better solution. They they are controlling e-mail solution so hosting companies would be fined if Googles and Microsoft didn’t block. Perceived problems, if they just played like with everybody else then the e-mail wouldn’t be an. Issue now, if you’re looking for specific features and requirements, then sure, you can go to these larger organizations to get what you need. But again. You know, we never had this problem with the pen and paper so. I’m just saying.

No, I know you’re in the last couple of years we’ve had this big explosion of what we call TLD’s or domains used to be. It was like a.com a.info a.biza.usandcanada.ca And now you can buy everything from dot online to dot restaurant to dot XYZ to you name it. How do you feel about all these extra TLD’s and do they matter or is it just another way to generate revenue?

Well, it is definitely a a way of generating generating revenue, but you got to remember there was usually like three or four top tier domain levels. That was it. Now there’s over 1500 like. It’s it’s gone to the point where you know, and then domain name selling is a huge business, so they they’ve widened the spectrum by offering like you say over 1500 top level domains so that domain sellers can still keep making money. But I think it you know when you were just down to dot com.net dot orgs and what have you when it was just down to that handful or even if it was 10 or a dozen that was easier to manage. Now it’s really really much more difficult for the registrars I think.

I would agree I would agree with you. I still remember the days when you registered a domain name and it was like 200 bucks a yearfor.com and I remember those days and. That’s not that long.

But in a lot.

Of the big like GoDaddy and some of them, other ones that they’re either selling a domain name for a buck, or they’re just offering. A free domain well? They’re not getting the domain name for free. They still have to pay for it, but they’re subsidizing it so they sell so many other services that they’re able to eat. The domain name, because it’s now only like. I don’t know 10 bucks a year or whatever you want to call. It, but even if they were to, getting had such high volume of domain name registering and they got a dollar a domain, it still cost them a dollar.

That’s right. And I would actually caution people against using a free domain name if there’s ever a chance that you might change web hosting providers, because sometimes if you read the fine print. You can’t move that domain name, so you should be really.

Well, we don’t actually own it.

That’s right.

Actually the problem. So you get the free domain, but the hosting company owns the domain and that’s to their advantage.

Yeah, I would agree.

They sell that they can, you know, arm wrestle you for it, charge you more than it’s worth.

The other thing I with Billy Holsworth mentioning is you offer pricing on 3 tiers, typically for WordPress hosting. And you do not play the discount game. So and by that I mean when you go to a new host they usually discount the first year or the first two years. You don’t. You don’t play that game, you. Just say.

I don’t. I try to keep things simple. So I don’t get into the discount because the discount really. It’s just a game like you’re, you’re just manipulating people into thinking it’s a better deal cost. And web hosting are misleading as well, so there are there are base costs. Your server costs, software costs, and once you’ve got that anything and you need X number of clients. Web hosting clients to pay for that. Anything above that is just pure profit. That’s just the way business works. It’s like any other business. Once you’ve got your base costs paid for you, figure out your break even point, and then anything above that is. And I don’t play the. I’m in it for money thing. I I’m mostly in this to yes, of course I have to pay for things, but I just I want to help people. That’s my my heart, that’s my my thing and I just like the people that want help tend to come and the people that don’t want help. They go and they work with these other hosting companies and it’s. And that’s fine. They can do that. But most of my clients come from either GoDaddy or HostGator. You know, even I’ve had a few from siteground and host Papa and all these other ones like so. None of them are perfect and you’re never going to find a perfect web hosting company. You just have to find something that you’re happy with that works for you. Really minimizes the problems like e-mail failure or you know 404 errors or 500 errors and stuff like that usually. Typically those things are easy to fix. e-mail is a little harder because they have the mercy of begging Google or Microsoft to clear your IP address. Your e-mail servers IP so that they can continue.

So true, so you know that’s a really interesting conversation about hosting, so that’s we’re kind of chatting a little bit and we’re just in the 2023. What’s the biggest trend you see out there in the Internet world, or just just for nostalgia? As we used to call it the information superhighway, there’s a term.

Well, the two things that are really happening right now, and one of them is the containerization going with Docker and all that stuff that’s. That’s one arena, and it’s it’s the dev OPS or Sys OPS world when it comes to. Technology in General AI is the big hot button right now and. AI’s you know it’s got limitations too, just like everything else, but you have to realize technology does what humans tell it to do. And then there is the understanding that AI is going to supersede that, and that AI is going to figure out what’s better than the human can figure out.

That is true, and I think you know we were talking before we went to record. I think my biggest concern with AI. There’s two actually. One is duplicate content and we know how much Google likes that. Yeah, and then the other concern I still have is security and I’ve been playing a little bit with chat. And it will even build me malware. Believe it or not, if you so want to try so. I think there’s all kinds of security issues around.

Well, there’s there’s still existing security issues before AI AI is just going to expose it even more so. You know security? I mean, we could go all day. About that I mean just just. There’s so many problems and hacks now. I’ll knock on wood. Billy Host has never been hacked, so but I’m not saying that the bots aren’t trying, you know Billy Hills gets hit ridiculous amount of times a day, but fortunately I have you know proper. Firewalling and layers of it to prevent that. And of course the cloud Linux environment which cages every website into its own container. Typically, if someone gets hacked. That hacker can’t go anywhere else, but just that site, so that’s easier to fix than a whole server.

So it’s so true, and I think you know you said AI’s like one of your top things on your radar. I was thinking the other day and I was doing a online webinar the other day and I think one of the top things on my radar and this shouldn’t surprise you is security we’ve gone through. The LastPass tobacco in the last couple. Of weeks and. And I I’ll say this, and I’ll say this on every show. I don’t think the owners have been as transparent as they should have been. And they didn’t come clean a couple months ago where they should have and part of that is because. They’ve changed ownership and changed management structure multiple times in the last two years, so I don’t. Think that’s helped them? And there’s even now. Out there a fraction of people are saying maybe we shouldn’t use a password manager, and my argument would be I still think it’s better to use a password manager if it’s used properly, not just used for the sake of using it. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Not really, because I don’t spend a lot of time there, but but the there is the. The hot button right now is this tool. I forget what it’s called GPT chat or. Something like that. That will write their content for you.

Chachi P2

Yeah, chat and that one seems to be getting a lot of attention. It’s getting some traction right now. I have not looked at it or seen it. I’ve just heard a lot about it specifically on Twitter, but. You know Twitter is a whole nother topic as well, so but apparently that is got its shortcomings as well, because there it’s you know you you depending on what you say to it. It’s just going to get mirror back. A lot of what you’re asking so, but if you ask the wrong questions, it’s going to give you answers to that question. AI still has a long way to go from that perspective I think.

Since you mentioned the Twitter name. Let’s go there so there. There’s been a lot going on with Twitter. We know our friend Mr. Elon Musk has bought it. We know there’s all kinds of. Free speech issues running around that. You can either like or hate them for. And then we all know there’s this open verse product called Mastodon that’s out there and a lot of the radicals have moved there.

Oh yeah.

I have an account on the WP build server, but. I have not really. Used it so I should say that. UM and I think. To me, Twitter will still appeal to the masses that in the long run, but do you have any feelings on this wholeness well?

Twitter I don’t think is going away. I think like hard pressed to see that happen. I mean he would have to go completely implode, not only physically but financially and financially. I don’t think that’s that’s going to happen, but. Twitter is. Is a unique tool. Now there’s Mastodon. I have not even gone there, but I’m just on their website right now and I just like. The way that infrastructure is, it’s more fragmented and split as opposed to where Twitter is more centralized. But it’s also spread out as well. Servers all over the world, but that’s that was Google’s big game, was putting servers all over the world like CDN. So you’ve got, you know, fast response and you’ve got servers with capacity, but. I’m still I still like Twitter. I maybe I’m just holding on to a, you know, dead horse. I don’t know, but Mastodon I haven’t looked at it so I can’t speak intelligently on it. I just haven’t used it. Haven’t looked at it. I’m just like I said, I’m just looking at their website at the moment and I just kind of go OK. It’s just. Another social tool. But I don’t know anything about it.

What I would tell you is. The free speech issue hasn’t gone away with Mastodon because one of the. Cool, good or bad things with Mastodon is a Mastodon. Server can discuss what topics are discussed and how they’re discussed on that server. Do I see free speech moderation all over again? Like when you think when you think about it, right?

Yeah, probably.

So and and we all know in the world, even though the democratic world has a little more open speech, there’s nothing 100% free speech we we have to accept that before we even have this conversation. Like in today’s world. I I can’t go up to somebody and say. For better words, you suck because of a B&C because somebody’s going to call you on the carpet for it.

You know, I think about when I was a kid. Now I’m in my mid 60s and my goodness everybody would be in jail. For the way we talked and the things that we did back in the 60s and 70s, I mean we’d be in jail today like it would just because everybody is on such hypersensitivity and offended by everything like just everything. And I just kind of go what happened like what, what, what went wrong? You know, I I just I don’t. I don’t understand, you know why everybody is so sensitive to things is it? Is it? Well, I don’t know. Just you know entitlements like. What is it like? I don’t know what it is like. It’s really really frustrating. At the same time. And you’ve got to be careful what you’re saying, how you look at somebody. It looks like I don’t understand.

I think it’s entitled and a lot of it. I mean, I. I think about the stuff we used to watch on TV, so let’s start with. Bugs Bunny because I like to go there and I’m the road Runner fan. Could you imagine producing a show like the road runner where we drop bricks on somebody’s head?

Or an anvil?

Or an Advil every every day. So there’s problem #1. Let’s go to Fred Flintstone. The racism in Fred Flintstone, compared to today is incredible, and none of us came out bad. Then we’ll move on to two shows, called The Jeffersons and Archie Bunker.

Oh, Archie Bunker, goodness gracious.

Could you understand those shows surviving in today’s environment? I don’t think so.

Like I mean, that’s the thing like. Something changed, I would say at the turn of 2000, like something changed. Because prior to you know the 20th century things were a lot more primitive. There wasn’t as many gatekeepers as per say, even though there were. But today everybody’s a gatekeeper. Everybody’s got a camera, everybody’s got a microphone and it’s very, very difficult. And you know, even if you’re in business and you’re. You act a certain way. Then there’s this whole cancel thing. I don’t understand like what that’s about like why are you trying to hurt people and ruin businesses? And like I don’t I. I guess maybe I’ve I’m I’m holding out. Hope for humanity is what I’m doing.

I I agree with that. I mean it’s gone even more and I don’t know if you’ve read recently in the media gone with the wind is having problems because of references and that. And then the latest and then the latest one which just disturbs my mind is. Two actors who are now in their 60s are suing Paramount Pictures for appearing in a nude scene in Romeo and Juliet in 1968. And here we are in 2023. And that movie made their careers and now they’re suing because they claim they were child exploited.

Yeah, they’re biting the hand that that fed them, right so? Yeah, I I can. So much has changed and so much is going to continue changing like this isn’t going to get better. It’s just going to get worse and worse and worse.

No, it’s true.

My whole opinion.

It’s true, what’s?

But it doesn’t change the fact that we still got to figure out how to to work with each other and get along with each other and live with each other. And it’s the same thing in business, like if you’re in business, you’ve got to figure out how to communicate to this. You know, sensitivity, like it’s. It’s difficult, it’s hard. So you know. Marketing becomes a whole different ball game now like. It’s it’s not just oh hey buy my stuff or here’s the features and benefits. Buy my stuff. You have to talk a certain way so that it relates to the emotional state of society.

It’s true, I mean look what’s going on with Girl Guides right now. The word brownies has been basically decommissioned. They’re now calling them embers, as is the media this morning and in sports.

Yeah, yeah.

We used to refer to kids as Adams and ******* and juveniles. Now it’s gone under 19 under 17 under 15 under 13.

You means.

Yeah, it’s just.

Like so everything has gotten so politically correct it doesn’t make sense.


Yeah, it’s almost to the point where you can’t say anything anymore.

Well and I go back to business again. So when you’re marketing and you have a a slogan. So in in Billy hosts situation Billy host, I just say at Billy Host we like to keep things simple. I don’t get into. Other areas that might trigger these buttons of of racism or offense or anything like that. I just try to keep it. Really simple and your business now has to speak to what it does as opposed to what it thinks. Too many businesses are getting involved politically and saying what they believe is right. They have to just stick to their business.

I agree, I so agree.

I just otherwise you’re just opening yourself up to all kinds of OK.

So let’s jump in to. The area of WordPress for a minute. There’s a lot going on in the community. And I’m going to throw a quick question out blocks or page builder. And why?

You know? I personally I think WordPress is. It’s a great, great platform. It’s a great tool. And I I think it’s getting too complicated. That’s just from my perspective. I’d like to keep things simple so I don’t. Really, really. Think we need to have so many. Bells and whistles? And what have you? But what’s going to happen with AI is going to get integrated into WordPress at some point. That’s what I think.

I think so.

I I I just don’t see how they can avoid it because what people are going to want is they don’t want to have to write everything, they just want to plug in some keywords and have it written for them.

I I agree with that.

So then the publishing side of things changes dramatically. Is blocking dead? I don’t think so. I like blogging to be honest, but I’m lazy so I don’t like writing a lot of stuff, but. There was a conversation on Twitter about I think I was Bob Dunn or somebody. Somebody was saying that you know, blogging is not dead like it’s a great way to share information and to garner. You know interaction and engagement so. I think AI is going to be a player from here on in and I think WordPress is going to end up. End up somehow that’s going to get plugged into it, and WordPress is going. To become this machine. That will produce content for you.

I think so. I don’t think you’re far off. I would agree blogging’s not dead. If you like to write, I mean.

Well, if you’re fine, it’s awesome.

The all room. Yeah, we all remember our friend, Darren Rose Pro Blogger back in the day he used to have a course called how to build a blog in 30 days by posting every once a day for 30 days. But that strategy doesn’t work anymore either. So that’s the reason not to do it.

The whole secret before, because this is what Google was dictating. As long as you had new content on your site, you were going to rate higher and there’s. So again, they were dictating back then how you worked. And I’m going. That’s not how I work. I don’t work to that dance. I don’t dance to that song. I work as I believe it to be the way I should go. So if I’ve got something to say, then I’ll write something about what I’m thinking. And again, you have to be very careful of what you do. You can’t be as controversial as you used to be in the past. Because everybody just kind of goes, gets offended, and I’m just kind of going so. You can’t really share your opinion. You can only give some insight as to, you know it’s like being a a prophet, you know like well I see this coming. You know it’s like a future. Right? I said, like I’m saying to you now, I said, I believe WordPress is going to integrate AI at some point into their into their machine. Well, that’s that’s a prediction that I’m making. If that happens, I was right, big deal. I didn’t try to profit from it, I’m just saying I believe this is something that’s going to come because it just makes sense. It’s logical all of that. But there are things that don’t make sense that happen and you kind of go. Where did that come from? Like how did that happen? So, and it’s it’s the same in everything though like and I always go back to business. You know, a lot of the businesses that are going to be successful after I’m gone. Haven’t even been vented yet, so. Stuff changes too rapidly and too fast. Especially today I mean back in the 50s, you know, I thought, geez, you know my parents were young and but they probably saw more change than anybody.

It’s true.

But now I’m going. Well, actually, I think we’ve seen more change than anybody. Any generation has.

I I would agree with you and I want I want to carry that change on a little bit to a topic dear to my heart and that’s streaming and I was having a conversation with my mom who’s 78 years old last night and I said, do you realize the landscape on what’s going on conventional cable? No, it’s changing and she said, yeah, they’re screwing all the cable channels. And my response was so we all come out of an era when cable TV did not exist. It was prominent in Canada, probably in the mid 70s, right? I would think when it really started so I remember growing up and getting only getting over the air stations in Montreal. And we didn’t have the choice we have now. And when cable came in, we heard the same song and dance all the cable channels are screwing over the over the air channels and and I said to my mom last. Did you not think about what you said? Because this is what we went through in the 70s with TV, except it was the cable companies. Now with the streaming companies. And where the basis of this came up was we got talking about what this NFL was doing. So we know in the States the NFL on Thursday night is on Amazon Prime, not in Canada, because Bell Global Media has the rights and they cane rights for NFL and they choose to put it on TV. And we know in the States the NFL Sunday Ticket package has gone to Google’s property YouTube. In a major rights deal starting next year and no longer on DIRECTV. And the comment I made is. I don’t think it’s long before things like the Academy Awards and award shows and major advance outside of the sports or end up on streaming. Do you have any thoughts around those shifts?

Well, think about this. Think about all these shows you know, like. Or even these producers of shows where you know this little Star Wars, whatever. They’re all going to go off on their own and create their own networks. And they’re all going to be. Able to dictate who gets to see it? So I think cable companies and all these streaming companies are looking at the wrong thing. Because individualism independence is the big hot button right now. People don’t want to be controlled by the 70 year old ********** in LA or wherever like they wanted. They want to drive the truck themselves and they’re going to say no. You can have this show. No you can’t. Because they’re going to end up having their own money to do that. Because if they make if and I’ve said this before, when, uh, when Amazon first made it possible for you to write a book online, and I had a writer just go. No, they said they’re going to. There’s going to be so much crap out there, and I said yes. But crap doesn’t sell. So I said so. If they, if it’s good stuff, people will buy it if it’s. Bad stuff, they won’t buy it. Because that’s just the way society works. It’s the same thing with the whole streaming and television and all of that. So if you’re an independent and you want to, you know, push your stuff out. If it’s not good, people won’t. Buy it Gary Vaynerchuk said that years ago you know whatever you do, you have to do it better. Than everybody else. And, well, well, who knows what that is? But you got to work as hard as you can to. Make that possible. So I think I think the whole streaming and cable and all of that as much as it’s changed already. I think we’re still in for a big. Big upset because it’s going to get turned upside down and we’re also on the brink of another economic crisis. With the stock markets and all of that so. I think a lot of things are going to change over the next few years. Because of that economic issue, when you think of all the issues we do have, we have problems still getting food supplies. Some stuff is like I was down at the grocery store here last week and they had absolutely no aches.

Yeah, I’ve seen.

As if supply chain problems I’m going wow like so there’s still more coming and we’re not in a good place. That way, but I. Think the landscape is going to change so dramatically because of the economic structure and. You’ve got, you know, the political side of it. Where governments are focusing on what I would consider the wrong things as opposed to. The right things. But again, that takes us off on a whole different tangent, but the the reality of the of everything is that the world is. But for lack of a better word is fighting back. And it’s causing a lot more fragmentation and cracks in the armor and things breaking down. And then you’ve got the. Whole, you know the floods and the earthquakes and the fires and all of this stuff that’s just costing us money hand over fist. So we’ve got a lot of other issues. Man, we’re we’re off on a tangent here today. We’re talking about life.

That’s not a. That’s not a bad thing. It’s funny you were talking about supply chain problems and the one that came. Right away, to my mind was what we’re dealing with by outsourcing all our critical supply chains. So one of the problems we have right now in Canada is cold medication. Cold season has been bad here and I don’t know what it’s like it was, but walk into a pharmacy a Shoppers Drug Mart, the wrecks. Go in Toronto and try and find something like Nyquil and it’s like Owen. The shelves are bare and it’s and and that’s because we need.

They’re bear here too.

I think as countries we need to start reeling in our critical supply chain back into our country instead of saying to other countries, take care of it for us. I mean, that’s part of the problem.

With gas and oil.

That the eggs one is interesting because we know the egg marketing boards control how many eggs are out there, right? I mean, that’s how they’re controlled in this country. It means they’re not opening up to tap big enough. I mean, there’s all kinds of things going on. The oil issues in the world with gas prices, and we got OPEC holding the line and saying we’re not going to release more oil into the supply chain. Wow, that’s nice. Right?

Yeah, but and so the old joke which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, it’s obvious the chicken came first because we’re not running on a shortage of chickens. You can find a roasted chicken in every store everywhere, but you can’t find eggs, so and of course that’s a whole different story because there’s lots of chickens.

That’s true.

You know, this said, we don’t have aches interest.

Yeah, it’s a. It’s a really interesting problem and I think the world’s had a tough place politically, more than it’s ever been. I mean, I look at what’s going on in Ontario. I look at what’s going on in the US South of us. I am so glad I’m not an American. Today I have to say that I look at what’s going on overseas with the messes in Russia and Ukraine and so on. It it’s just unreal right now, to say the least.

Well, I don’t. I don’t know, I I’m about human, not country as per say so I don’t. I don’t I don’t get caught up in the game of I’m I’m glad I’m not this I’m glad I’m not that and I just kind of go. We’re all people and we’re all trying to survive. And some of us are making that easier. Others and some of us are just taking advantage, so so there’s this. It’s a very fragmented society. It’s a very damaged society because we don’t know how to just help each other get along. We’re so busy trying to get ahead of the next guy or take advantage of them. So food shortage supply chain. It’s all of this race to the bottom and it just. It’s disappointing because you kind of kind of we’re supposed to look after each other. And help each other, but we don’t.

No, it’s true, and I think you know around that one of the things that comes to mind is people need to do a really good, better job of taking care of their mental health. And that’s a big problem and I.

Well, that’s part of it though like it’s part and parcel of of humanity that we are. If we’re looking after each other and we’re helping each other, you know mental health is a big part of it because. If you are having mental health. My goodness, I hope you’re a can recognize it or somebody is coming on inside of you and saying, hey, you know, how can I help to? How can I get you to help or something like that but? I think I can’t speak intelligently on mental health because I’m. I didn’t go to school for that. I don’t have, you know, the education to to say what’s what. My heart goes out to those that are struggling and I know too many people in my life that are struggling and all I can do is come alongside and try to help them. That’s the only thing I can do. Because I can’t fix them.

And I think one of the things you can do truthfully. Is every day tell the people around you that you care about them. You love them and that they matter to you, and I think that’s something we don’t do enough of. To be honest.

Well, we’re not very good at it, that’s for sure. You know, we’re we. We tend to. Think of people as what they can. Give you as opposed to. You know the other way around? What can I give them? And I think to me, this is where when I started Billy Hosay, this guy just wanted to help people. So it was about giving. And not getting, you know. Billy Host is a business, so let’s not be foolish about that. Yes, it requires there’s a transaction, and it’s a small amount of money on a monthly basis or annual basis. Because you’re spending more money on a coffee every day, multiple times a day than you are. Looking after your website so you really have to put things in perspective from that point, but I think my prayer and hope is that we will look after each other at some point because it’s not getting better out there. It’s getting harder and harder to survive. People can’t buy houses, can’t even rent a place. I mean when the rent is 2000 bucks. It’s a month. Heck, I’m on a fixed income. I’ve got two pensions. I only get about, you know, 14,000 a year. Well, 2000 a month and rent is 24 like I couldn’t rent a place I couldn’t move out on my own if I. Wanted to so we’re we’re in a hard place we’re in a very hard. Place and businesses. Are struggling in the same way because now all the costs have gone up like supply chain costs. I have a friend who is in the insulation businesses and he can’t give you a quote because he knows that there’s a price increase coming and he’s got to wait for that price increase to come before he can pass that. Gone well, that’s not good for business because people are going to wait. They’re going to go and find somebody else.

True, true.

It’s it’s rough out there man. Like you know, if you’re in business or just trying to survive. Boy, I hope you got some friends. My dad used to say you need six good friends and I said why is that and he says because it takes 6 to carry the box.

That’s true, and on that note, Owen. If somebody wants to get a hold of you and talk about Billy host and talk about hosting house the best way.

Well, billyhost.com is the domain name. It’s very simple business. We you know if you purchase your hosting. If you know somebody can build a website for you, that’s great. If not, Billy host can assist and we just, you know we’re just here to help. It’s not a a complicated. Thing if there’s questions that you have about hosting or even like the C panel environment, which is what we use C panel doesn’t change that much in the back end either. So like I said, hosting as a rule as a whole, it’s kind of static. It doesn’t change very much, so if there’s specific things that you need. And everybody tends to cry, you know? I need speed speed. Speed well, you can only get so. Much speed like. The network of computers around the world doesn’t work faster than any other network, so. It’s it’s a very limited. It’s got a cap like you can only get so fast, so I’m not sure if you know if speed is really the critical issue. I think of the delivering of your content and you making sure you’ve got good content. That’s really, really critical, but people will wait. You know, just if your site’s a little bit slow, they’ll wait like it’s they’re not going off to another site for the same content like that’s just not how people work, because then they got to stop. Open up, you know Google search and search again, so I think that’s a misnomer. I think speed is just an excuse as opposed to you know or a marketing thing. In my humble opinion, and I’m not saying daily host isn’t fast, I’m just saying that there is a cap to that speed and it’s also set up and designed to, but to sell you other services to make you believe that everything’s faster so. Take what you. Want from that?

So true, thank you very much for your time. I want to have an amazing day.

Yeah, thank you. It’s always fun to talk to you.

Thank you bye bye.


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