Episode 313: Your Digital Assets After Your Death

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about what happens to your Digital Assets after death.

Show Highlights:

  1. Access to the deceased smartphone.
  2. Password access.
  3. 2FA.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again. In today’s podcast, I want to talk about a topic that none of us want to think about, and that’s our immortality. In particular, I want. To talk about what happens with your digital assets. When you die.

 And this topic’s been on my mind for a while. And then CTV and Canada, on their national news. Kind of ran a story this week that got me thinking again about it. And that was how do we get access to somebody’s smartphone after they pass away, especially with things like face ID and fingerprint? So if it were me. And I was setting up a smart device. I would set up. My smart device with face ID and a passcode. You can do both. And I would actually put that passcode somewhere, like in my safety deposit box. Because that’s really important. And that way. If somebody needs into my phone if something happens to me, they can get at it or in a safe. And I would label it in an envelope saying. To be opened in a dire emergency or or my passing away. That just covers out.

What do we do about things like passwords. I use a password manager, it’s bit warden. And one of the things I do for backup. In my safe is I have a complete exported password list that I update every couple of months. Also in there is my master bit word and password, so somebody needs to get access. And something happens to me. They’re probably gonna have my smartphone and. My password list and my smartphones need it because I have two factor authentication turned on everything. So those are all controlled in that spot. Also in that list is a complete list of all social media accounts. So that people can actually shut those and passwords so that people can actually shut those accounts down. I’ve seen many cases where people pass away friends, family and so on, and the social media accounts are still up and running. And that’s not necessarily a good idea. You might want to leave them for a bit up for a bit. Facebook has. Ability to memorialize somebody’s ID. Or Paige, but. I would caution against leaving them up. The same thing for e-mail. What do you do with somebody’s e-mail account? When they pass away, you might have to get into that account to get. Some information, so think about that. I know it’s a tough subject, but it’s something we don’t think about in so many ways and it’s getting harder and harder to manage. And frankly, I don’t think funeral homes have the ability to manage this. I think you got to be proactive. And try and. Manage some of this ahead of time. And it’s not just about death, it’s also about what happens if I’m in an accident. What happens is something major catastrophic happens. How does somebody help me? Those are thoughts you got to think about. And that’s why I have clearly labeled instructions. In a safe that says if something happens, this is what you do. The problem is I work in the digital world. I have websites. I have client sites. And I have more. And in a future podcast, I wanted to touch on how do we? Future proof for our clients is something that happens to us and that’s a whole nother discussion. Which I’ll address in my next solo shop. But for now? Be proactive. Make an important list, stash it somewhere. Where it only can be accessed in an emergency, probably next year will is a good idea. And then at least that way you can help your loved ones in the event if you die or something happens to you. Rob Cairns at stunning digital marketing, talking about a tough subject today, what to do in the case of death. With our digital empire have a great. Day bye bye for now.


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