Episode 356: Clients Need to Have Realistic Expectations

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Rob Cairns talks about why clients need to have realistic expectations.

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  1. Why Expectations Matter.
  2. Clients need to do cost research.
  3. Costs have gone up.

Show Notes

 Hey, everybody, Rob Cairns Here. Today I want to talk about in this Quick Tip podcast. Little bit about budget budgeting expectations from clients. So this week I received a call. I’ve received a couple calls as I do on every week, and one of the calls was somebody wanting video recording of an event he was doing for. Two days and the reality of it is he came into the call and I had quoted him to give you some kind of idea, some or to seven and $900 Canadian for recording for the each day. So that’s about 1400 bucks. They kind of looked at me and said. Originally, are you out of your mind? And I said to him, no, not really. You should go check out what videographers and photographers cost. This was some recording for some social media shorts. And then there was some editing costs on that on top of. The reality of it is, if you ever look at wedding. Videographers, they’re video weddings. They’re over $1000 to $1500 just for the shoot. And depending on what kind of editing packages you want more. I would suggest to potential clients you do your research on what the market will value and stop trying to lowball everybody, because lowballing just gets you crappy work and people disinterested. That’s number one. It’s happened on the well round. People will come up with 1A full-featured website, more than just the one pager for 500 bucks. Well, I’m sorry. For $500. You’re getting a one page website. You’re not getting much more, so that’s number two. And we need to think about that and we need to think about where things are going in that. So clients need to do their homework. And find out a realistic marketing budget. And then I always try to work within the clients budget within reason. And sometimes I just say I’m sorry, you just don’t have the budget for me. Maybe can I recommend somebody else to you? So as a potential client in the creative fields, do your homework, see what the market will bear. So when you get sticker shock, you’re not really that surprised. Just food for thought, determining your budget. And then go into the call knowing what the market will bear, because there’s no point in asking for. Or a job that somebody’s gonna bill out $2000 for if you don’t have that kind of money. To determine your budget, Rob Karens, founder, CEO, chief creator of amazing ideas. It’s stunning digital marketing, talking about why clients need to do a little bit bit of research on a what something’s gonna cost them before they start looking for quotes. Talk to y’all soon. Bye for now. This show is brought to you by stunning digitalmarketing.com you’re Toronto leader in digital marketing services. Not only do we protect your WordPress website, we can help you with your site. Provide social media management for your business, or even do one-on-one. Consulting to find out more, go to stunningdigitalmarketing.com. Hey everybody, Rob here again, thanks for listening to the SDM show. It’s such a pleasure to have you every week. If you want more on our agency website, go to stunningdigitalmarketing.com. We are your WordPress security experts. We we glad to help you out if you want to learn more about me Rob Karens go to meet Rob Karens dot online. From there you can find links to everything I do on the web. As well as. Book time with me, so feel free. If you want to make comments about this podcast, or know a guest possibly suitable for the podcast, please e-mail us at podcast at stunning digitalmarketing.com .


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