Episode 173: A Copywriting Tip

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Rob Cairns gives you a key copywriting tip.

Show Highlights

  1. Why you should write for the reader.
  2. The Start with Why.
  3. Some tips on how to use “Why” in your copy.

Show Notes

Hi Everybody, Rob here again, Today’s quick tip, I want to talk about something that many people do wrong when writing copy for website, or many people do wrong when writing copy for ads or anything else, frankly. And there’s a problem, people like to write for themselves. They write copy, so that it resonates with how they’re thinking, and what they want, and what they need. And that’s a bit of a problem. And let me explain to you why. If you write for yourself, you may not be appealing to your readers, or your potential customers, or what your customer needs, you’re writing from the perspective of what you need. And this is something you never, never, never should do. Frankly, what you really want to do is write for your customers, right for your potential customers, right for your readers. And not only do you want to write for them, you want to give them the why they need something. And if you really don’t believe me, I suggest you go to a Google search for the start with why by Simon Sinek and watch the YouTube video and go read this book to start with why it is a must read. And what it does is it triggers on people’s purse strings a little bit or their emotions. And it gives them the reason why they need something. So let me give you an example of that. You have an mp3 player. Creative Labs, which most people don’t know was first to market with an mp3 player. They didn’t do well. And the reason they didn’t do was they said we had this mp3 player that lets you play music on the go. Yeah, so and what the Apple iPod did, which revolutionised the music industry. You can take a little device, it fits in your pocket, it will hold up to 16,000 songs. And by the way of the battery life is eight hours so you get eight hours of play 10 So they’ve given you at least multiple why’s that you need to go out and get this product and you need to go out and get it now. So that’s what I mean when you’re writing take into effect what your potential customer your customer needs, and use the why methodology. Go retirements book it’s a must read it should be in every marketers, bookcase and frankly every business’s bookcase. To start with why Robert Cairns Founder CEO and chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at stunning Digital Marketing. Have a great day bye for now.

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