Episode 342: Why You Need a WordPress Security Expert?

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Rob Cairns talks about why you need a WordPress security expert.

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  1. Why do you need a security expert?
  2. You can not DIY security anymore.
  3. The year of the vulnerability.

    Show Notes

    Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here again. In today’s podcast, I want to talk about why you need a WordPress security pro on your team or on contract for your team. And it’s very simple. Today I teams released a report with 275. Plug-in vulnerabilities and 54 themed vulnerabilities. This is an astronomical amount and actually a record for items under weekly security report that comes out every. I’ve spent a good part of my last year and a half, two years mostly selling security packages and I’ve seen it all and it’s not just WordPress, it’s the life of being online. So we need to get that out of our heads. Security is all based on who you trust. And how you trust? And I would find a good security pro that you trust. And work with them because you no longer as a business owner or an agency that does not specialize in security, has the tools to keep up to date with this material and lock down websites. It’s that simple. And if you don’t lock down websites, I guarantee you your website. Will be compromised. It’s not a question of if, it’s when and how. And I have to tell you, most times they get to sites that have been compromised, they haven’t been updated in months, haven’t been taken care of. And then we have all kinds of issues going on. So we really need to make sure we keep those locks websites locked out. How you may ask a couple of things, one, backups 2. Going to a reputable host and a really good host who’s your partner in security? Not just your vendor. 3 regular plugin and WordPress updates. One of things my agency does is we update all our websites. Twice a week and we keep backups twice a week for three months. That way, if we have a problem, we can go back. We also keep dailies in the sites themselves and we work with web hosts who know what they’re doing from the security perspective. So if I can help you in any way. Reach out to vip@stunningdigitalmarketing.com. Based on what I saw today, and I’ve been saying this for months, Kathy’s aunt over at stellar WP will tell you. I declared in January this year as the year of the vulnerability for security, and I’ve been right on the money 275 plugins. 54 themes you as a business owner can no longer manage that get in touch today. I’d be glad to help you Rob. Cairns. Stunning digital marketing. Dot com talking about why you need a security expert on your team. Bye for now.

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