Episode 343: Communicating With Your Care Plan Clients

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about why you need to communicate with your care plan clients.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why communication is important
  2. Not Communicating is a bad thing.
  3. What happens when you renew your care plan without communication?

Show Notes

Hey, everybody, Rob Cairns here’re. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas. Had stunning digital marketing. I hope you’re all doing well today and today I wanna jump onto a topic that is dear to my heart and that is care plan client. Who work with agencies and what they sort of want to talk about is what happens is agencies are great, they onboard you, they get you on a care plan, they do your monthly updates or weekly updates, they do your backups. And any agency never hears from you. Beyond a report or two, so a couple of things I want to talk about is, first of all, I don’t think most clients read those reports that agencies like to hand them to justify their existence. They hand them numbers like how many people tried to log into their website. And how? How many? People are blocked. I don’t think the client really. I think what the client cares about is that they’re being protected. And then they don’t hear from the agency providing the care plan until it’s time to renew the contract and then the client says, wait a minute here, what did you do for me? What have you have you made happen? And what I would argue is as an agency, you should communicate better with your client. So let me give you an example of. This morning I sent out an e-mail to all my care plan security clients that basically said first of all, next Monday is in Ontario holiday. So that’s done as a reminder that we’re closed and reminding them that we’re press 6.3 comes out on Tuesday. And that I’ll be taking care of things for them so they know actionable items 6 point threes coming out. It’s gonna be taking care. Earth and after 6.3 comes out, I’ll e-mail them again saying they went in with without problems or if any problems occurred. So my clients know exactly what’s going on, so use e-mail to communicate, and then every so often reach out to them and say. Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while. Can I help you? Do we need to jump on a call? Be proactive. I know this this and I think I can help you with that and help your clients. Don’t go into the silent mode and just expect come renew time them to renew their contract. That’s food for thought, Rob Cairns. Stunning Digital Marketing, talking about. Not to let your care plan clients just go and make sure you communicate with them. Talk to everybody soon. Bye for now.

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