Episode 60: How Wordfence Saved My Bacon

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Episode 60 How WordFence Saved Our Bacon



Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here. This week I want to talk about how a simple plugin wordfence saved my agency’s bacon and frankly saved stunning digital marketing.com and once again helped us and came through in the crunch. Please sit down, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode. Hey, Robert Cairns here. I’m the CEO and Chief creator amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing Comm. I hope everyone’s having an amazing day. This week, I woke up to find out one of my websites had over 1000 hack attempts on it. The next day, I woke up to find the second site at 500 attempts on in both cases, websites stayed up. I should also tell you, I scan both websites after to make sure there were no malware on either these two sites, and there was not the only common element besides the hosting. And some of the plugins to these two sites is that domains are owned by the same person, which is really interesting. I should also mention that under the other sites I support, or that I host were attacked during this period, including many on the same server. This suggests the attacks were very targeted. I’ve even done live events where certain sites were targeting during the advance last year in May, one sided over 10,000 hack attempts on it, and it stayed up. Amazing, isn’t it? Now you asked? Well, first of all, my web host is siteground, which is an amazing partner in our web host of choice. It is also part of our security solution. The other secret sauce here is wordfence, the wordfence plugin for WordPress. And I’ve heard it all in the WordPress space. wordfence is expensive, it’s resource heavy, doesn’t work well, or is even hard to use and so on. Frankly, wordfence for me was part of my security stack. In all three cases, its firewall saved my bacon and kept the websites up. It did its job, and it always does the job for us. Now, some people say wordfence is expensive, isn’t having a down website more expensive, frankly, yes, they also have a free plugin. The big difference between the free and the paid is the free one can take up to 30 days to update its firewall rules. The firewall to me is what separates wordfence from other tools in the same category. The firewall rules are also updated. And that’s what saved us in these cases I talked about earlier. wordfence also supports two factor authentication. And they will even email you when plugins are not up to date on any websites that it’s installed. If you’re working for a resource to keep up to date, concerning security in the WordPress world, check out think like a hacker, the amazing podcast from the folks at wordfence. They also have an amazing website, and a newsletter which you can subscribe to go to wordfence.com for that. If your site does get infected, they do provide paid removal services. In my opinion, the WordPress fence team does a better job than GoDaddy, which owns security. And it’s even faster than the security Thank you to wordfence for what you do for our WordPress community. I should also tell you, as an outstanding digital marketing comm we don’t do any affiliate marketing at all. So these are all opinions are mine without being paid without being solicited by wordfence without anybody it’s just something I feel really strongly about am I go to solution. Thanks for joining me today. If you want to find out more about our agency please go to stunning digital marketing comm you want to chat some more hit me up on Twitter. I’m at Rob Karen spelled at our ob ca i RNs other social links for agency can be found on our website in the footer. If you’d like to contact us please email me at VIP at stunning digital marketing comm I get back to all people who email me so if you have a question, drop me a line. If you’d like to contact me. You can also hit us hit me up on Twitter at the address I mentioned. To subscribe to our newsletter, please go to STM news spelt SD m n e Ws dot x y Zed.



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