Episode 319: Why Conferences, Masterminds and Meetups Matter

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about why conferences, masterminds and meetups matter.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why these matter.
  2. It is all about the people.
  3. A great network opportunity,

Show Notes

Hey by Rob here again in today’s podcast I wanted to talk about why conferences matter and why meetups matter and why mastermind groups matter couple weeks ago Brian Gardner posed the question. Why do you go to build boat. And my answer was really simple. It’s the people the opportunity to meet like-minded people in your career in your field that you can share information with is so important and I think it’s something that many people. Don’t get and don’t understand and I think you need to get it so meeting contacts are important sharing information is important and helping others is important now. Conferences is a little different um a lot of conferences. Beyond masterminds can turn into employment opportunities and it can turn into situations where you meet somebody at a conference I like what you do and then they turn around and hire you. It might happen immediately and sometimes it’s even a long gain. Where it takes forever and it feels like forever but sometimes relationships take time to mature the big thing with conferences online and offline networking opportunities ah meet ups masterminds.


Is they are one of the best networking opportunities I know and frankly one that has brought me so much joy in meeting so many amazing amazing people. So really That’s a short one today. Why conferences meet ups masterminds and why they matter Rob Karen Ceo and chief creator of amazing ideas is stunning digital marketing have a great day bye bye for now.

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