Episode 110: Chose The Project Management Tool That You Like

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Episode 110 Chose The Project Management Tool You Like



Everybody, Rob Cairns, here, I’m the founder, CEO and Chief Creative, amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing. hope everybody’s having a great day today. In today’s podcast, I’m going to sit down and talk about why you don’t need to keep bouncing around project management tools. And I’ve talked about similar things in this podcast before. So sit back, relax and enjoy the podcast.



Robert Cairns here again. So in today’s podcast, I want to sit down and talk about project management tools. And there seems to be a really passion on the online groups that people jump from tool to tool, the tool. And I’m not saying try them, there’ll be using one tool one day, then another tool the next day. The first problem with this is you’re spending all your time dealing with tools and learning new tools, instead of enhancing your productivity in your workflow. So my biggest suggestion to my clients always is learn the tools they have mastered them. And then if something’s missing, we could talk about, but beyond that, there’s no point in the project management space, there’s always been a problem, frankly, with the tool in the corporate world, the big fortune 500 they love to use Microsoft Project been there done that as I’m the PMI by trade. And I gotta tell you projects not my most favorite tool. And I made a decision A long time ago in my business and I’ve played with in my spare time, just have a look at several tools. So let me give you some examples. Click up Trello, Asana, air table, and more. notion was so notion in the middle as well. And they all have the goods and Bad’s. And for what I do, frankly, what I need to say can bend style boards. So that’s a board in front of me, that kind of shows me what’s going on. And the view I like to use is a to do in progress waiting on a client waiting on something else and a finish for you. So for me, tools that would fit in that space would be Trello. Believe it or not even the new to do list, they’ve actually changed to do lists to include canvas and style boards. I used to use to do list as a task manager, but I don’t anymore, I really actually really liked the product. It does cam then. And now there’s a big one that’s come on to the space. And that’s project MOCA by Microsoft. And it’s basically under outlook.com slash spaces. If you have a Microsoft account, the only limit of project MOCA is how much OneDrive space you have. And I already have a terabyte OneDrive. So I actually moved recently from Trello. To project MOCA, they work the same way. But I don’t see paying for a product like Trello, when I can get it as part of a suite of products I already pay for. And that’s office 365. So I’m more an integrated guy, that if I can get a tool that does the same thing, integrated with what I already have, I’ll use that tool. So Google has also jumped in this face, they now have an air table. competitor. The problem is it’s not included in the cost to G Suite. So it’s extra. So right away, that’s a red flag, it’s an add on what they should have done, frankly, was bundled in in the G Suite, given our customers some value added to by G Suite and been done. I’m already a G Suite user. And frankly, I might have looked at Google’s new air table competitor, if had been bundled in but it’s not so I’m not looking at. So my rule of thumb on tools is find the tools that work for you and stick with them and don’t let other people tell you what’s better or best because that’s subjective and that’s their opinion. But the other thing is if you can get something that’s bundled into a suite of products you’re already using, maybe check that out because I’m doing that with Project mocha and frankly it’s going really well. And if you want to see first look some project mocha, you can go over to my blog, stunning digital marketing.com slash blog. There’s a video up there the video social on Facebook going can check it out today. And, you know, think about really hard what you need in a tool 99% of the people never Use ad presented features. So are the features you have be successful with those and then move on. As I was Rob Karen stunning digital marketing comm I hope you’re all having



doing great and keeping well in this tough times we’ve got going on as many you know, I’m going to some tough times as a result of COVID and personnel but you know, that’s just a fact of life we move on. If you want more information about what we do go to stunning digital marketing.com you could tweet at me at Rob Cairns you can email me VIP at stunning digital marketing comm You can call me for 166247647 This podcast is dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns, I love you dad. Keep your feet on the ground, keep reaching for the stars and make that business succeed. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.

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