Episode 318: AI and Bertha.AI With Andrew Palmer

Show Summary

Rob Cairns sits down with his friend Andrew Palmer to talk AI and Bertha.AI .

Show Highlights:

  1. Will AI replace jobs?
  2. Some great uses for AI.
  3. What is Bertha.AI?
  4. Some of the new features of Bertha.ai

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here and in today’s podcast I’m here with my good friend from across the pond, Mr. Andrew Palmer, co-founder Bertha.AI. How are you, Andrew?

I’m very good, Rob. You know, it’s nice to speak to you. You speak quite often, but it’s nice to speak to you on a podcast. That’s great. I love your podcast. It’s a good thing.

Yeah, thank you. It’s been a labor of love and a lot of work, so I’m glad you love it. So we were kind of talking pre show about open AI and there’s a lot of changes in the space. So where do you kind of see open AI going?

Oh, to the moon and back. And further. You know, it’s, you know, Elon Musk was the was one of the original founders. So it’s quite an appropriate thing. Maybe Mars and back or, you know, I think. AI as a whole has got phenomenal potential. We all do. We all think it’s, you know, people are are talking about it all the time. It’s the very hot topic, you know, it’s even overshadowing any kind of political nonsense that’s going on in the world. People are just talking about ChatGPT. Open AI layer applications like Bertha I. You know, stuff that Aaron Edwards is doing with imaging and other things that he’s doing and basically how AI can assist human beings. And there’s always the fear factor, isn’t it? Of oh, no, these AI’s are going to take my job, but basically anybody that can master AI at the moment and moving forward. They’re going to create jobs, you know, there’s we’ve in fact on on the birther AI website where we say you’ve got billions of jobs are going to be created and that’s a stat from status to, you know, what is it? Say AI will create over 97 million jobs. In the next three years, and I think that’s, I think that’s an underestimate. You know, once you learn how to use prompts, once you learn. How to code in Python And using the PHP and curl? You know the world is your oyster using AI quite simply.

It’s so true, and you know, it’s funny. It was kind of and I know Bertha’s dot AI has been out for a while, but it was really ChatGPT, that kind of threw AI into the mainstream. If you want to call it that, maybe I’m. Wrong, but some of us have been using AI for a long time, like I was sharing with you that I use AI generated show notes for this podcast, so we some of us have been doing this stuff. Products like the script products like even Office 365 now has AI built into it. So we we’ve had uses for AI before it kind of hit the mainstream.

Yeah, we we definitely have. And I think what’s the clever part about open AI is, you know, I’m old school. I’ve been in this business for 30 years, printing advertising web, all that kind of stuff, maybe even longer, and it was a proper guerilla marketing campaign with when ChatGPT came out and they gave it away for free. But what they actually did was kick every single layer up, including us in the nuts. You know, let’s let’s face it, they went. Ooh, we went. Whoa. You’re giving away for free. Hang on. We’ve just invested X100. Thousands of dollars in doing. Our layer apps. And you’re giving it away for three. Thanks very much. It was reminiscent of when WordPress were doing for, you know, advertising. In fact, they were doing $499 websites, five page websites and the WordPress developer community when mental on it. They’re still doing it, but they don’t highlight the fact that they do do it on wordpress.com, you know, they they have it do. It for you. Situation, but also talk, you know, talking about websites really with AI. You know, there’s a lot of hosts out there, there’s going to be theme developers adding AI. There’s going to be a form that you fill in and it will build you. A plumber’s website or an electricians website locally and and and follow all the rules of EAAT and all the SEO rules and within seconds you’ll have a full working website just from filling out a form and GT4 when they demonstrated it the other day this guy drew a picture. Of what he wanted a web page to look like, and there it was. It scanned it and I think they’re using B urris, which is another AI development company to recognize what’s in the image and GPT 4, then built that Web page. So it’s quite incredible.

It is actually and I don’t know if you remember, but at the height of the. Last passed tobacco, there was a gentleman who rode in the interface using ChatGPT to basically to download all your data out of LastPass and import all the data into bitwarden. And it did like 99% of the jobs, so much so that Steve Gibson actually highlighted it on his podcast. Talking about it so. We now have people writing AI using AI to write code, which is pretty remarkable.

I mean, it’s been around for a while the codex, and there’s there’s obviously court cases going on around it. This morning I received an e-mail from the the team that are that are suing people like stable diffusion and open AI for effectively stealing code. Because if you’ve got. Code on GitHub or anything that’s WordPress related. Obviously it’s. Open source, but you know the rules are that you annotate who it came from, and if you’re asking open AI to write you code, it will find the code wherever it is or find instances of it and then write you your unique code with that. And that may include snippets from code that’s already been done. So you know these guys are taking open AI to court. I don’t know whether they’re going to win or or what, you know, it’s scraping information. You know, it’s billions and billions and billions of lines of of text and code that open a I’ve scraped from the open web, so there’s going to be some copyright issues down the road. You know, I know that Getty are trying to get stable diffusion to admit that they’re using their images as. But will they win? I don’t know. We get inspired by many different things as human beings, you know, we might see a. A car design, you know, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce. You know, there’s there’s similarities between these cars. When does it all end? When does the plagiarism or the copy? The copying of stuff become irrelevant in the AI age.

No, I I agree with you and that was where it was going to go. When you beat me to it. You’ve got Getty in the middle of this, and Getty is like the worst company out there for suing. For copyright. I mean, if you use the Getty image and you posted on your website without paying for. I guarantee you they’re going to come at you for like 5 to $10,000 US and basically say you can pay us now or you can pay us in court later like choose. And I’ve I had a client a couple of years ago who made that mistake, despite the fact I told him not to do it and it cost him 10 Grand Canadian. Andrew settling up.

It is a lot. We did we we did a years and years ago, we did a hairdressing site and the hairdressers supplied us with the images and we we have. Luckily, we have a contract stipulation. Always have said that your images must be licensed and you know you have that you’ve got licensing for this and this image honestly. Was 200 pixels by 200 pixels and it cost them 1200 pounds. I’m sure about five years later.

Thank. Thank Eddie for that. One, I’m sure too, right.

Yeah, exactly.

Thank you.

No, that was Getty. He was definitely Getty. You know, they they are the ambulance chasers of the of the photographic well round. But you know photographers particularly. You know, I remember when I got married many moons ago and I got charged for obviously taking the photographs. I then got charged for copies of the photographs. And then I went back and said. Right. I want to be able to use these here, there and everywhere. And he said, well, you have to pay a. License fee to do that because I don’t give unencumbered use. You’ve got it for your wedding album. You’ve got it for your and this was basically before. The web. Really woke up to the fact that photographers could use it to distribute photos, you know? So this guy was saying no, we can’t use it for this. And I don’t want to give you digital images because they can just be spread. So it’s going to cost you another £1000. That’s alright. You know, so photographers are renowned themselves for trying just to keep hold of copyright, which I’ve never frankly agreed with.

No, right? Yeah. So. Yeah. So our.

Certainly in with situations.

So our voiceover guys on on this podcast, I have a voiceover intro that I had professionally done, which I paid like 300 bucks for like a 32nd intro. And the I had to pay another $150.00 for a commercial license to use on my podcast after I paid the 300 bucks. So they’re even.

Well that, I mean, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles on that. I mean, I think that’s where we’re going to see a loosening of the copyright rules and the loosening of of what is plagiarized. And I’m not saying it’s a good thing, you know, photographers and. You know audio people and. People who make music. They rely on the recurring income of getting the PRS fees and getting the you know, whenever a record is played on a on the radio, the artist who or whoever wrote it will get a fee, you know performing right society in the UK run it. I don’t know who runs it in the over the world, but certainly. I think it’s up to if it’s played on a major radio station, it’s up to 7 1/2 pounds or something per play. So it’s quite a lot. If it’s played a few times, there’s a lot of money.

Per point. Yeah, there it’s so true. Before we dive into Bertha, which I do want. To do I think birth.


Dot A is a game changer. In open AI, so the problem I’ve got as a business owner and it’s something I always talk about is as a small business owner, you need to make your business different. So you go to an AI product, I go to the same AI product we put in the same search term, it spits out the same information. How does that make our business stand out?

Well, the the key with that. So you’re talking about open AI or AI being used in search. So for being that’s Microsoft for Google that’s that will probably be their own product. I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s up to the business. This is where it gets slightly complex, but slightly easier. If your website has enough differentiation to be recognized by an AI as an authority or a search engine as an authority. Then that search engine will index you high up. In the indexes. If it’s generic text or unhelpful or just a load of text, you know a lot of people are out there. Especially affiliate marketers, they’re just using AI. There’s a there’s an AI out there that will will write you a complete blog post of 2000. Words include some images, auto generated, etcetera, etcetera and what? Some people are doing is literally just pressing that button and then pressing publish, not editing it, not making sure that it makes sense, not making sure that it’s factual and that is currently not the way to use AI to produce articles. So if you produce articles like that, Google will spot that it’s almost spun up content. You know years ago we used to use spinners. And SEO just to get some help from the search engines. But if it’s spun content, or you know, very generic AI generated content that’s not seen as helpful educational or entertainment, the search engines are going to ignore it, and even the AI search, the AI additions or the assistants to the search engines are going to ignore it. So you are. More likely to be featured in an AI search under a brand, let’s say. So you people are going to have to concentrate more now on brand and brand recognition. Rather than long form long form articles that are just going to be lost in the melee, and I think that’s where the search engine optimization world is going to change. A lot because they’re they’re going to have to adapt to the to what the AI recognizes as good content so. We’ve all got to rethink the way we do search engine optimization. We’re going to have to rethink the way we do our snippets and we’re going to have to edit the AI that produces content for us, or just go back to. Reality and say, OK, well we need to write the content ourselves because we need to give it our own tone of voice. Now AI can do that, but it can’t do it as well as a human currently. So AI assisted writing is where we’re at Bertha. We’ve always said that Bertha dot AI is an assistant. We’re not just into churning out. Content for content’s sake, and I think as long as you realize that as a user and as a writer and as a copywriter, you’re going to have much more success on all of the search engines, whether they’re using AI or not.

No, I I would agree with you. Last week I did an experiment when ChatGPT four came out. And I threw into it. Tell me a bit about Robert, Karen said, stunning digital marketing. Through my own. And to be fair, the first three paragraphs were really good. And then the 4th paragraph, it talked about being an accomplished writer, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And I haven’t put my pen on a book to write yet. So you do have to edit it, and I actually edited out the last paragraph and posted it just for the sake of saying this is what AI can do, not. That I’m going to be using and it was just like an experiment, right? And it does really well with factual stuff like I’ve thrown names of athletes in just for fun, and it gets those right pretty well because they’re all based on fact, right? And they’re all over the Internet and. Published cases. So there’s some good use cases. So let’s jump into Bertha dot AI. Where you at with Bertha? There’s a lot going on there.

There is a lot going on. You know we had, you know, we got hit with our revenue by GT for coming out. There’s no point in denying that probably 40% of our paying clients cancelled. Almost within two weeks of GPT 4 coming out and I know that that happened to a lot of layer applications as well. Large, very large names, very well known people with millions of people as subscribers. They they lost hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions over. The course of the first couple of weeks of GPT 4 coming out, so that’s now changing because people have got used to GPT 4 ChatGPT 4 and they’re coming back. They’re not coming back in droves, but they’re certainly coming back. You know, we’re getting paid signups every single day, which is, which is awesome. But also there were over the last two weeks, I think there’s been over 300 new layer applications built using GPT 4 and open. So the the competition is there, you know, we’ve been around since September 2021 I think.

Yeah, but.

20222020 yeah, 2021. So while so we’re very experienced, So what we’re doing now is and what we’ve been doing for a while to be honest is people have come to us and. Said look, your experience AI guys, can you help us with this? So we’re working on. Integrations with plugins we’re working on integrations with web hosts, and that’s one of the reasons I’m going to Cloud Fest. I think this is going to be published. After Cloud Fest, so maybe I can come on again and tell you how it went, but I’m you know, I’ve got a few meetings scheduled with people with web hosts in at Cloud Fest to talk about the opportunity of AI. And perhaps the opportunity of using the Bertha team to produce AI solutions for them. And that’s that’s coming along very, very nicely. You know, we’ve had three meetings today about integrating Birtha and the birth of technology with a couple of plugins, and they’ve gone. Yeah, we’ll do it. So that’s it. And that’s where we’re.

That’s awesome.

That’s where we’re headed is more of an integrator, but also keeping Bertha I up and running, still innovating, you know, today I’ve just passed. A facility which allows you to upload audio and or video with audio, transcribe it and then. Click of a button and translate that into any language and you’ll be able to download it as text, or you’ll be able to use that in a blog post, so it’s. Great for podcasters. Or or anybody that that really wants to be accessible. So you want to have your closed captions so that will produce an SRT file for you to upload to either YouTube or Vimeo or with. And also it will give you your content for your blog post as well or a lot of the content for the blog post. You can also rephrase that within. Translate it into another language, and even if you say you give a foreign language video, you can upload that video or audio to Bertha AI whisper, which is what we’re calling it. Bertha whisper, because it’s based on Whisper from open AI. Upload that and then just ask it to translate it immediately into English so you can either transcribe in that language, translate into English immediately once it’s translated, you can then translate it back into any other language as well, so it’s pretty cool, and that will be out. By the time this podcast has come out, it’ll probably be out for a week, so you know quite excited about that.

That it that is so cool. Stuff like that. Like to me as a A content creator just makes my life 10 times easier because it’s not everybody’s worried about the whole job issue. And I say, well, if it makes my life easier, that means I can get through more content creation for clients for myself. Then I would otherwise send and like. That’s why I love these tools is it’s not about taking jobs away. You still have to be an expert to learn how to use the tool properly. It’s just extremely.

Yeah, I mean that. There’s a learning curve to it, but I mean, you know, if you upload a video we were talking, you know, 35 seconds ago about original content. You know when you’ve got podcast content? This is original content and AI is helping you produce that quicker in text form. So that’s pretty cool. And then from you know from that text you can even ask it, you know with the we’re adding another facility because we’ve obviously got images and the image. Generation built into birtha you can ask it to, you know, build a featured image from the general content of the. Of the text you know, one of the great great things about Bertha is that yes, we we we do image generation, but we’ve also got an AI image search engine built into Bertha both in the Chrome and in the.

Oh wow.

The the WordPress plugin where you could go in there and you can search any kind of image. I want an image of green fields with mushrooms growing out. It could be a fancy image or on an image of Yoda, and that search engine will then find those images. You can copy the prompt. You can copy the image, use it because it’s CCO because it’s AI and. Off it on your blog post or article or within your PowerPoint presentation. If you’re using Chrome so. You know, it’s endless. What you can do, you know, reading images, we’re going to be adding the fact that obviously we’re we’re with GPT 4 now we’re we’re looking at options from, you know, reimagining images. So you can upload an image of yourself or five 1015 images of yourself. And then recreate yourself as an avatar. So all within Birtha using GPT for so that the it’s endless. What’s going on? It’s really endless. There are so many things.

It’s it’s so it’s so is and I think one of my favorite things about Bertha honestly and you and I were talking about before is a Chrome extension.

That we’ve done.

I love the Chrome extension number to Andrew. It just makes life so much easier. You can do it from anywhere. We all live in a Chrome browser most. Of us, I think that’s one of the best things your team has put together for the product person.

Thank you for that. It took a little while. There was a lot of research that needed to be done, but it actually works in edge as well. So you can just install it, you can install it in edge. From the Chrome store, so it’s that’s pretty good and we’re looking on a 5 foot Firefox one and the safari one as well. Safari is tough to work with though, isn’t it? But there you go. But yeah. I mean. What else? Chat bots? So you know, uploading your own documentation and making sure the chatbot is the first line of defence. If you like, if you’re if you’re into support codex writing code for you, loads of stuff, and that’s that’s all going to be built into Bertha as well, so you know there’s, there’s just nothing, nothing. Not of limits.

I have to put. I normally don’t put you on the spot, but I think I’m going to. You can shoot me later. That’s all good. And and we know our our friend over at WS forms is made by chat. GPT inside joke. If those who haven’t seen this, we can WordPress you would get to adjust to that. Have you had any discussion with? With Mark about doing some form AI stuff.

But it was my idea, so he put it in and it was great. I showed him what Bertha could do with. WS form. A week later, he produced it. Because, you know, we’re best mates, right? You know we we.

I do know, yes.

I I I said this is what Bertha can do. And he went brilliant and then he put it in as. An open AI you know, people using their own open AI key, which is fantastic, right? That’s what I mean. AI can be used for anything and excuse me. Still getting over that cold from Thailand. I think what Mark does with WS4. Come on, let’s be serious. It’s the best, best WordPress form out there. And if you can, if he. If he can quickly add AI to his form. Like he did, I think it took him about a week. That shows one his coding ability and two his. Mindset of making sure that was form keeps ahead of every other form on the market. I think it’s great what he’s done and I we talk, we talk often about AI.

Now you.

Yeah, that the answer to your question, it’s great, but I am going to say on a podcast, it was my idea. So there you go.

Or you can say that that’s fine. Mark, Mark will shoot the two of us later on, I’m sure, but.

Well, when I when I stay with him next time cause I’m. I’m I’m lucky enough to have stayed with him in his Alabama homestead and uh, he treated me with the utmost kindness. It was so. Lovely. It was awesome.

He he is a a lovely man that needs us to say and.

Yeah, that’s enough about Mark. That’s enough about Mark.

Yeah, yeah, that’s fine.

So that that covers that one, have you have you had any, you know, like things that come to mind already with a I I was watching. A presentation from Adrian. Toby who you know.

I do. I love what Adrian does. It’s right now.

Over a Groundhog. Don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but his dad, Paul, is one of my mentors in this game, so.

Yeah, indeed. Yeah, yeah, I know. And Paul is a what is a jazz pianist? Is he or something?

We we had the lovely pleasure of. Running in Nepal and Nancy Niagara-on-the-lake in January and and Paul jumped on the panel and played for us. So in on a little bit of a private show. So thank you to Paul for that. But Paul is a smart man, and his son certainly gets the smarts from that. But where I was going with this is, I was watching Adrian’s presentation on cadence. Amplified yesterday and I was sent in cheese. Some of these scripts that Adrian’s putting together could be AI generated very easily like I’m just thinking about use cases.

Well, yeah. I mean, you know eventually and. You know what Adrian is doing with? A Groundhog as a CRM is amazing. If you can imagine that, you can get AI to. Tag to. To, you know, handle all of your lead generation, all of your marketing e-mail funnels, all of your funnel pages. Do ABCD testing automatically at the Press of a button then? That’s the way it’s going to go forward for marketing. There is literally no limit to what AI can generate for you. In textual and image and audio and video you know you will soon be able to describe a video and AI will will produce it for you. I think there’s a a company out there doing it now. It’s expensive because it takes a lot of GPU and you’ll think about the planet here as well. Rob, you know, we’re, we’re. AI generates a lot of a lot of heat and a lot of computer processing power. We talk. Probably once a month to serve the people trying to sell us or trying to get us onto their platform to do large language models. And we’re not that company. We’re not building our own large language model. We’re a layer app. We use open AI we use. Co here we use a couple of other open source things and one of the reasons we’re doing that is. You know, ironically, Microsoft took over Skype. You remember the debacle when that happened, or the debacle when that happened.

Or do I? Do I ever?

Within three weeks, Skype had broken down and it just wasn’t working. You know, Microsoft put 10 million into open AI and all of a sudden it starts crashing weird, but that’s probably due to the fact they they signed up 100 million people within a seven or eight week period. So that, you know, nobody can really predict. How much server space you’re going to need when you’re going to throw out something like GPT 4 or ChatGPT 4? And it proved that the servers weren’t quite as resilient as maybe they thought. And they were they were just getting overwhelmed with requests. So even with ChatGPT, you know, 20 bucks a month, you do get there are restrictions on how many queries you can do in an hour and certainly on the free one. You know, sometimes you have to wait a while before you can use it because there’s. Throttling going on, so that’s that’s we’ve got to watch how much power we’re using. Is AI going is AI green so you know we’re looking at solutions that say they’re green. To maybe divert our AI two we host with rocket.net and our world has changed since that’s happened. We were hosting ourselves, servers were getting overpowered and and and responses were becoming slow because the API from the client side goes to our server. Onto open AI or whoever we’re using for that particular query and then back-to-back to the the client back to our server and then broadcast to the client that that will happens within seconds. But if open AI go down, then the layer apps go down. You know Jasper went down because of it. Copy AI word AI. They all went down because open AI went down. So what we’ve done and what we’re building is as soon as open AI fails or doesn’t give a response within a certain period of time, we go on to the other. Systems that we’re signed up to, so the API will then go to say let’s for instance go here and give you an answer which will be similar or better than open a I could give you anyway. So we’ve had to kind of make sure that we don’t let our customers down and make sure that when people are using chat. They’re still going to get their answers, and when they’re using, ask me anything or they’re using any of the other 30 modules that we’ve got within. Within birtha so it birtha is. Pretty much independent of open AI, yes, that’s our main supplier of information with our you know, obviously our own unique prompts which give. The great answers you know with with good prompts. If you if you put good stuff in, you’re going to get good stuff out and that’s the that’s the key really. With any kind of AI query that you’re making.

I think that’s the key in any technology we, you know, all us old timers. I’ll put you and I there because we’ve both been in the technology.

Time with that and I’m fine with that, yeah.

With that, we used to use the phrase back in the day and coding coke garbage in, garbage out right and yeah.

Exactly right. We we, I used the phrase much worse than that. But you know, I’m on on a podcast with a Canadian, and I’m being polite. Simple as that.

You can share that phrase. But I know where you’re going. I do.

Yeah, exactly.

But I think it’s like I think you know, as you and I talked about this and I know you’re really excited about that. I know your team is excited about that. I know people out there are excited that since November, even more so, it’s been all the rage right then. Yeah, and I think. You know, despite the shortcomings of what Chacha PT has done to Bertha’s business, I think in the long run it’s probably been good because it’s put more people in tune with what’s going on in AI. So in the long.

All this and.

Run. I don’t.

We, you know, we we measure our business on how many sign ups we got because we’ve got a great free model. So we were you know before ChatGPT we were. 20 signups a day on the free model, and then you know, that’s a that’s a low number to be able to convert, but we convert, you know we’ve got some. We’ve got some great paying customers that are. So enthusiastic about Bertha, you know, I do a post and say I love Bertha. I’m glad I own it. I’ve used EPT for it, it’s just not for me because Bertha gives so much more and we’re now up. I think last week in one day we had 200 sign ups. And we’re now averaging 80 signups a day on birthday dot AI. People trying it out. People using it for free. You can. You can use, you know, my whole idea of. You know, I spoke with Vita, my cofounder on it was that I want Bertha to be the Grammarly of of AI. So 80% of it is free, the other 20% is really useful, like chat and ask me anything. And you know lots of image generation stuff that’s. Kind of out of the free now and there’s a few other things. The SEO stuff is out of free, so if you want to really take advantage, you know above it’s 20 bucks a month for a, a really good package of starter package on on birth rate I. Though we’re trying to make it as competitive as we possibly can, let’s be aware that we’ve got costs. We’ve got developers out there. We’ve got with the R&D. Astounding the amount of stuff you have to read test. Test again right, prompts for realize you’ve done it wrong. You’ve got a word out of context or something and you get gobbledygook back. That is, it’s just time, right? So we’ve got to finance a business and we gotta make sure the servers. But as I say, since we transferred to rocket.net our our the speed of the website is very, very consistent. It always was consistent on digital ocean, but it, you know, rocket.net can throttle it. It can take any amount of our. Our users have increased by 60% in the last three weeks. So we’ve grown, you know, and people are on the site for more than a minute, which is great a minute and 1/2 I think is the. Because our sign ups our sign up for onboarding is so quick, people are just taking decisions, download birtha and and play with it, which is cool.

That’s the sign up process is a no brainer person. It’s. It’s in and done.

Well, we do March to March, March, we actually use gravity forms for our sign up process. Because I couldn’t figure out how to do it with WS form, but I’m sure he’ll after this podcast he’ll get on the phone and go this. Is how you do it with W OK, exactly.

Yeah, you better. You better get with the program work.

What am I thinking?

By the way, what while while we’re at it, he still owes Bob Dunn and I have pizza. There’s a story about that too, but he can get on that one too.

Well, you have to come across to the UK because I’ve got a little interest in the pizza place in the UK and and. I’d love to take Mark’s money. It would be great.

Feed feed his friends with his own money. Now that’s an awesome idea. What can you share that’s coming down the road with Bertha at this point?

Did I mention Bertha? Whisper?

You did.

Well, that’s it really. For the moment we’ve, we’ve got Bertha Whisper, which is as I say upload an audio file up to 25 Meg that will transcribe that into the language that is in the audio file. Then if you want to translate it as soon as that’s been transcribed, there’s another drop down that says translate to N number of images. In number of languages which I think currently is about 20. So that’s that’s basically that’ll be out next week while I’m at Cloud Fest.

Which is really interesting because then you can take a podcast transcript and if you want to share it with more than English, mine’s English and say. German was a big market, like a transcription the German and post it very easily.

Well, really, I think that people have got to be aware that what Spanish is the third most spoken land. In the world, so, you know, convert it to Spanish, convert it to Chinese. I think we do Chinese. We’ve got double check that you know, convert it to all the languages that that you don’t speak and I think you’ll see a jump in people, you know visiting your podcast, visiting your because they can read it. The next thing, wouldn’t it be great? Is to actually translate the audio. And that’s coming. You know, imagine being able to translate the audio on on the fly. You just upload the file, audio is translate, it gives you an audio file in a different language. You can put the. You can do the SRT file in multiple languages. How fantastic would that be? And imagine if you’re doing a live broadcast that you’ve got a little chat bot there, a Bertha chatbot, and say, translate this streaming. Broadcast into the language into a language that I want. On the family.

Now translating the audio gets me really excited. Andrew, now you. Got me smiling. In a big.

Imagine that if you would, you’d be an AI voice, but it would be, you know, there’s no reason why you couldn’t do that.

No, I I love that. Thank you for.

That’s that’s the that’s the last. I mean, you know, birth has got so much in it. You know, we’ve got 53 tutorial videos. So that kind of shows you what’s in it on each module and how to use them and stuff like that on our YouTube channel and built into the. WordPress plugin as well. You’ve got every time you use a module and even if even in the Chrome you’ve got a little link at the bottom of each module of how it works. So that’s we’re the only AI. System that does that and gives you a pop-up of a video. A one minute video or a two-minute video that tells you how the actual module works and how to use it so you know, I think that’s where we were ahead of the game. We got Imran Sadiq to do that in early last year. You know he produced 40 odd videos in 30 days.

Yeah, yeah.

Instructional videos did a great job and I think that’s the the way to go. Now The thing is. If people are using birtha in a different language. Is to automatically transcribe what’s being said in the videos into text within that within that window, and with the power of whisper, we can do that. So that’s.

Pretty cool. So cool. Thanks for joining me today, Andrew, as always, you know you and I could find a million on one subject somewhere along the interweb, I’m sure.

We could.

If somebody wants to get a hold of you wants to talk about AI, which you’re really passionate about or anything else you’re doing, how’s the best way?

Best place to use at Arnie Palmer, which is ARN i.e. Palmer at on Twitter. You can get me in the birth of Facebook group. You just search birth Facebook group and you’ll find it and obviously download Bertha. Give it a try and there’s links in there to join the Facebook group as well. And we like peer-to-peer to peer-to-peer. Support we were restricting support to free only to. Sorry paid only. But you know we give support for people for free. So yeah, just download the birth or AI plugin and click on the Facebook link and you can join the Facebook group and I’m always happy to do or to have a chat with people within the group or you can find me on Twitter @arniepalmer.

If you haven’t figured out Andrew’s Twitter ID comes as a take off, I’m sure the famous Arnold Palmer and Andrew is an avid golfer, if that is.

And I would go for a bit rubbish I did. I was very, very lucky to be treated to nine holes of golf by Victor Drover, who owns watchfull.net, who I use because I’ve got a little agency as well. And I played rubbish.

And I’ve just chuckled because I love watching the game, but I have. No patience for. It and.

Oh, I can play, but I’ve, you know, I’ve got. I’m getting over a back injury, so that’s my excuse and I’ll stick to it. Rob, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Thanks for thanks for letting me. On your podcast? It’s great, yeah.

Thank you for joining me and I’m sure we’ll talk soon. You have a wonderful day.

Thanks mate. See you soon.

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