Episode 254: My Software Stack for my Customer Support Portal

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Rob Cairns talks about his software stack for his cutomer support portal.

Rob shares with you why he moved his customer support portal back to WordPress and some of the key plugins and themes he used to build the portal.

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Hey everybody, Rob here again in today’s podcast, I wanted to talk about something that I just finished recently for my business and that was creating a customer portal.

Now, some of you might stand and say, wait, didn’t you have one?

And actually I did for a number of years I used a hacked version of Google Classroom.

And it got to the point where it was just getting really hard to maintain.

And frankly I wanted to bring it all back into word press.

So I did.

So kind of the stack.

From my customer portal generally was WordPress, obviously.

With Kadence and Kadence blocks, those of you who’ve listened as podcasts or follow me on social media or follow my business.

Now I’m all in with Kadence and Kadence blocks.

And besides Kadence, I went with restrict content pro, another Stellar WP product.

And the reason why I went with restrict content pro. Frankly, it’s easy to customize and it’s really easy to set-up the user roles.

The contact form on the site SWF forms a shout out to Mark Westguard, my good friend.

And the security on the site is a combination of IThemes Security and backup buddy.

And Patch Stack.

And that’s

Kind of how I manage setup the customer portal.

What kind of things do I keep on the portal?

First off, generally for a request for help.

Clients e-mail me directly, so I’m now putting all the response to those after I send them an e-mail back saying it’s been done into the portal so they can find everything quickly.

I keep all their contracts, all their invoices.

Anytime you’re on a website security plan, when I’ve done updates, any abnormalities and things like that.

It makes it really easy.

For the client.

To find stuff.

Quickly and efficiently.

Instead of having to go through all their emails, time in and time again.

So I’ve put that all in the portal.

The hardest part with this project actually wasn’t even building the portal, it was just moving the data.

From Google Classroom to the portal, and frankly it was a long drawn out, time-consuming manual process.

But at the end of the day, I think it’s better for my custom.

So if it’s better for them, for me it’s worth it, because why am I here to help and serve those customers to make their life easier?

And that’s my job, so that’s a little bit about why I created a customer portal and how.

Rob Karen, CEO, founder chief, creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing, talking about how I created a customer portal.

Have a great day and bye bye for now.


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