Episode 320: Podcasting With Adam Silver

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks to Adam Silver about podcasting.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why Podcasting?
  2. Benefits of Podcasting.
  3. Some suggestions on how to setup your Podcast.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here and today I’m here with my friend Adam Silver and we’re going to talk all about podcasting. How are you today, Adam?

I’m good. Thanks for having me.

Always a pleasure. It’s always great to get other podcasters on because they understand what we do just a little bit. You would think, right?

This is true.

So I normally would people in the WordPress space always ask what the WordPress origin story is, but in this case I’m gonna ask you what your podcast origin story is and why you chose to get into podcasting.

Well, it’s a great question and honestly, they’re completely tied together. I used to listen to, I guess I used to watch podcasts because technically a podcast can be video or audio or technically I think also a PDF is based in the in the technical terminology of a podcast. Oddly, anyway, I would watch photography content or listen to photography. And then I got into WordPress as a photographer and I thought, huh, I wonder if there’s any podcasts about photography. And I’m sorry about about WordPress podcasts about WordPress. That makes more sense and there were a handful that were already gone. And then there was a few that were still around. So I started listening to them. I’m like, oh, this is cool. And I thought, you know what I wanna do that too. And just because there are others out there doesn’t mean I can’t do my own because we all have different voice and different take on things. So that’s kind of how I started and that’s just a very short version how I got going. It took me a solid. Couple of years before I actually even did that. But yeah, that’s how I started. Podcasting was about WordPress.

That’s that’s really interesting and I know a lot of people start podcasting in the WordPress space because not about WordPress. So it’s, you know, different strokes for different folks, right?

Right, right. I mean, you know, just, I don’t know, I just, I I knew I wanted to contribute to the community of of WordPress. But I didn’t wanna write or blog, and I prefer speaking. I think I do a better job. At it. So that’s how I started. You know what, 8 1/2 years ago?

Yeah, I’m kind of in the same and in 8 1/2 years have you kind of stuck with the same theme or have you changed around or where does that kind of set with the podcast?

Yeah, I’ve I’ve been consistent. I have not missed. A week. And I have been consistent with my format. I have 4 segments of the show I have, you know, upcoming events in the news, what I call them meat, potatoes and I have a tipping tool of the week. Every eight weeks I do a Q&A where people send in questions. And then also I’ll. Do you know a handful? Maybe, I guess maybe a handful of interviews. Maybe. I don’t know. 11:50 interviews per year, if that more when there was in live in person conferences, cause I would actually interview people at word camps. I would specifically interview brand new Word campers. So but overall, yeah, it’s been pretty much the same and I keep my show really short on purpose and I get a lot of feedback that people like that that typically my episodes non interview based are under 12 minutes in that time frame and I made that conscious decision also. It’s just really hard to go too deep in technical in an audio for.

Yeah, so true. And I think you mentioned the secret sauce to all this. Podcasting is the word. Whether you choose to do a weekly show or biweekly, show a monthly show, I think the only way you get ears on it and eyes on it if it’s video is to be that consistent force out there. Doing 1 here and one there really doesn’t work.

Yeah, I get asked all the time about that and I just my show comes out every Monday morning, 6:00 AM Eastern, technically speaking. And so 3:00 AM Pacific, I was Pacific based, but I just left. I left the the clock the same as far as my server. When I moved to the east. But yeah, and and I’ve missed, I would say because of a Cron job or of a server issue in the episodes that I put out, I’ve probably had maybe half a dozen that were late in some capacity and I hear about it cause people become accustomed to your show coming out at a certain day and time. They do certain things.

You know.

They work out, they walk the dog. They clean the dishes, whatever it is, in the morning they do that thing on Monday, and if my show’s not there, I. I hear about it.

Yeah, so true. So that talks a little bit about the consistency for. Or do you prefer the the short episodes to interviews, or are you kind of indifferent? Or what’s your take on that?

Interviews for me are easier to prepare for, cause I can do a little bit of research on the person. It’s a conversation. So the prep is just different and I can kind of see what they’re doing on social. I know I usually know the person as well. I’ve met them in person more often than not, I get hit up all the time to have people on my podcast and I turned down majority of them because they’re usually just trying to pitch. Their service or product to my audience. And that’s not what I’m after. So you know. And then as far as the other episodes in the non interview episode. I have a pretty good flow. I’ve gotten much faster at it, even though it’s a short show, it still takes a total of. I don’t know. I mean, maybe an hour, hour and a half. I mean, including Prep, recording and post, let’s say 90 minutes per show on the high end. Now used to take me 3 or 4 hours. I used to spend way too much time on. The artwork for each episode, and I realized it doesn’t matter at the end of the day, it just needs to be done. So I’m pretty quick with that as well.

I I take a different trend with artwork. I use the same logo for every podcast and I’m done with it, but it’s still, there’s still work involved and people think. You go to a podcast, you do a record, you’re done. And I would argue there’s still a lot of, especially if it’s an interview and especially if it’s 30 or 45 minutes. There’s, I mean, for me that turn around is about 3 hours. So you know, there’s still a little bit of work involved there.

Yeah, I mean, I’m, I I don’t. I don’t over edit mine. I’ll take out some things. I know how to stop and if I’m if I need a cough or breathe or take a breath, I’ll snap my fingers. So I have a waveform to work off of, but I don’t do a ton of editing again, I just want to get the content out consistently. Yeah, you know. Yeah, I agree.

And when we try and make stuff perfect, we never get it done because there’s no such thing as perfection.


Right progress, not perfection. And what’s the other? There’s a quote about, like, perfection is the enemy of done. You know.

So true. Show notes or no show notes. Where do you sit on that fence?

Of course. So I do show notes. I do. I also outline my show, and I write the show out in a sense, word for word. But it’s more conversational, and I like to believe that based on my educational and my higher educational training, you wouldn’t know I have a degree in theater, so I can write and, you know.

Oh, of course.

So I write as I’m speaking and it’s more of an outline for me, but I might write it exactly how it may be. It may sound, but you don’t know. I’m reading something cause I don’t. I write it so I know what. I’m talking about. And I can break it down. But I don’t have to go buy it all the time. I can definitely riff, if you will. I can kind of paraphrase what I already wrote. So yeah, yeah, I I definitely do show notes and then I don’t put that as show notes. I actually take show notes as just bullet points. Or if I mention the URL or a link or something I don’t like put all my I don’t put my script in there, that’s for sure.

Now in terms of your website, it’s WordPress based so you know that’s worth saying. Do you use a page builder or have you kind of gone all in with blocks or what are you doing?

No, no. I’m on 00 in on any blocks at the moment. Slightly embarrassed, but at the same token I’m just so much faster with. I mean my agency. You know, I do the podcast as I give back to the community. I have a web agency as my full time gig at the moment. For concierge WP and we use Beaver Builder across the board, you know as our stack, so I know the guys who built it. I met them many, many years ago at at where did I meet them? Guess I met them at Cobo Press. Probably 20. 152014 and that range 2015 I think. So before that I used a different theme and a different pre page builder. Actually it was called. Do you remember?

I was in the headway community for.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Many, many years.

We did talk about that. Yeah, we did talk about that.

Yeah, we did of.

Yes, of course.

Yes, I sure do.

So, yeah. I used to use headway. Yeah, because I almost, you know. Anyway, so I used Beaver builder. I just got interviewed for my own show. Actually, ironically enough, friend of mine interviewed me and asked the question and kind of teased me that I haven’t used any Gutenberg, any block editor yet. I’ve considered it. I’m thinking maybe this year. I will do a task and maybe I’ll challenge myself to rebuild kitchen sink WP with the block editor and maybe I I’ve heard good things about Cadence and Cadence block.

And just for just for interest sake, cadence blocks at the time of this record just came out version 3.0 this week, so.

So maybe not. Right, right. Yeah, so.

That’s now out.

I I may go down that path and just kind of give it a shot, but again like I have launched, I mean in this past year, I mean we’re in the what end of February is recording this and I’ve launched 3 or 4 sites, just small little things on my own just to. Fun and just because I’m I just know the tool will be to build her so well. It’s quick and easy for me. And that’s half the battle. Sometimes it’s getting a. Site done is. Just knowing the tools, if I want to give.

It’s always about. It’s always the battle in the agency world is deciding how. How do I learn something new versus how do I get it done from my client yesterday? I mean, it’s that ongoing issue.

Right, right. So you know, it’s one of those things at the moment. I mean, Bieber builder still works for us as an agency and the clients don’t care the end of the day, the clients have no care consideration whatsoever. What tools we use. They just want the. Right. Per the scope. Of work within the time frame within budget. You know that’s all they can.

And I’m smiling at you because at the end of the day, what we need to sell clients is the end result, not the stuff under the hood. They really don’t care.

Nothing tech. They don’t care at all.

They don’t care.

If I said all of a sudden I was, I was gonna start doing work. Using web flow, a lot of people are moving the web flow from WordPress for whatever you know, that’s fine. You know, a lot of people go to. I mean, I and I’ve actually turned down work. You know, we only work in WordPress. People ask us what about Squarespace? I’m like it’s a fine tool. We have done reviews on all of them and they’re fine for the. Right, client we. Just don’t use them, you know.

So let’s go back to podcasting for a minute. So we’ve got the final podcast. How do you promote yours usually?

I have a schedule that I also abide by. I share in four or five places weekly. I don’t probably promote enough on one aspect, but that’s OK I suppose. I mean, it’s when working, so I put it out on my kitchen sink Facebook page. Twitter goes on my personal. LinkedIn page on a Friday, so I have a Monday, a Tuesday, a, A Friday share. What else? I have one more day in there somewhere. I forgot which what I where else I shared. Ohh and also yeah Monday, Tuesday, Friday if I have sponsors they get also Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a Saturday to a different time. Like I tried to. I’ve been playing with some time zone shifts a little bit. Because of the world being what it is, so I try to help the sponsors out but yeah. I I mean. I don’t over promote and I honestly mistake I’ve made in a sense I think a mistake. I don’t cross the streams if you will, it’s a movie. Difference there where I don’t share on my personal Twitter account even though I have way more followers there. But maybe once or twice a year, I’ll remind people. Hey, I do this thing. And I also take sponsors, and inevitably I get an uptake in followers, subscribers, downloads and sponsor interest. So but I just like to kind of keep things separate and not harp and not like not over not not pest be a pest to people I think is the way I. Word it so yeah.

No, I I would agree with you. Not being passed is a good idea. Some people like to share their podcasts like every hour on the hour, and that’s like, really, I don’t need to. You know some.

I think early on it’s a it’s it’s an approach. Now again like 8 1/2 years in. You know people know who I am. You’re gonna find me. You’re gonna find me. I I know. I think lately I was told about 2-3 months ago. My podcast is one of the longest, if not the longest, consistently running WordPress podcasts. There are other shows. Out there with more episodes, but they’ve taken breaks. They take breaks during the holidays, they take breaks, whatever, or the repeater show because you know, here’s one from the archives I’ve never done. So you know.

I think yours and the other one that comes to mind off top of my head is 1 called plugins at Oz by John overall. I think that’s the other one that’s up there, but I think.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, he’s been around long time too.

Yeah. I think to two year like miles ahead of certainly miles ahead of me, I’m only about 3 1/2 four years in. So you know and.

Yeah, I mean, Dustin Hartzler, a good friend of mine, your WordPress engineer, he got to about 500 episodes, about 10. And then he took a break. He started now and his life got busy and he now works it automatic or he works, but then been automatic for a while as well. So he’s just not a weekly show anymore, but he’s still ahead of me based on quantity, but just not. He broke. He took, he took a break, you know? And again, life happens, right, so.

Yeah, I get that. Do you record ahead of time or do you kind of do the day ahead? So if you’re publishing Monday, do you throw it together on Sunday or do you? Like to go like.

I usually record either Saturday or Sunday by chance. I’m not sure when this episode comes out, but we’re recording on a Friday. OK, I do record early if I’m traveling and I might be traveling this weekend, so I record it today, so I’m already done for the weekend and I will also say this. If I do interviews, I can record midweek and I might put one in the I I have rarely had more than one or two in, you know, done ahead of time like way ahead just because my content is timely in the sense of I have a comedy events. I have things that are just not. Evergreen, right? Yeah. So an interview could be integran, but the content pre and post is usually not.

No, I I agree with you. Whereas the approach I’ve. On over the last couple of years is I like to record a couple weeks out if it’s Evergreen, if it’s timely, I’ll sneak it in, but I try to avoid doing that. I did that recently. I did a interview with Ann McCarthy and I put it out. Within two days, because we’re talking about WordPress 6.2, which is kind of timely at the time, that is the forward. Yeah, she is absolutely amazing, but.

She’s awesome.

You know, I I do both. It it all depends on the mood. In to be honest.

Yeah, I mean, and also I’ll record like my Q&A. So like this week’s next week’s episode already done the week after. That’s Q&A, so I can record that early if I need to. Just I usually wait till Wednesday or Thursday. But you know, it’s not that hard. Q&A are easier because I kind of already have the questions I can do the research. You know, basically the only problem I’ve ever had really has been. When I’ve when I’ve had it scheduled to interview somebody and they’ve had to cancel, that’s always a slight hiccup, because then I have to kind of if it’s too late in the week and I don’t have a backup topic, which I don’t really that happening, I guess that might happen a lot more early days. Not anymore. Now I have a list of ongoing things I’m going to talk about, so or things I need to do so. I mean, I keep a whiteboard. I usually keep about 10. I on the whiteboard. I have the last five episodes and ideation for the next 10. So you know, I can move stuff around.

It’s a good idea. If somebody was going to start a podcast tomorrow and everybody thinks this is a piece of cake and we. Know that. Most people don’t get past five or ten episodes. We’ve we’ve seen this. What are the first three things you recommend?

Start with the equipment you have. Number one, don’t overthink it, #2. Honestly, I would say before even that. Based on the topic at hand that you want to talk about, you know write down 26. Topics within the category, if you will. Yes, if you’re gonna talk about, let’s say let’s. Let’s pick a topic. I don’t know. I’m saying, but what’s up with that voter? Sure. So pick 26 things you could talk about.

Beaver Builders, Beaver builders.

At length 15 to 20 to 30 minutes about Beaver Builder? Yeah, because that gives you a show every two week. That’s a years worth of content.


You know, so that way you have at least if you did a show every two weeks, that would be a way to do it. So instead of saying I only have 55 topics and the rest will come to me, it’s not the best plan. So when we’re one start with that, we’re two start with what you have as far as equipment and #3 be consistent, pick a day and release on that day every week or by week just have that schedule. Plain and simple. Yeah, don’t miss.

And the subject about sponsorships and monetization, else comes up. Everybody thinks it’s easy to go out and get sponsors. I would argue and say it’s not. I haven’t taken any on with this podcast. I’ve had people come to me. They’re not the right fit. So I’ve said no, honestly. And how’s your take on monetization should you, shouldn’t you? How long should you wait?

So no one’s gonna no one’s gonna sponsor you for the first. I mean, I would say 50 episodes unless you. Unless you happen to be already famous or infamous in some. 5050 to 100 when you kind of after fifty, I think you get your legs, you kind of get comfortable in what you’re doing. Your processes are down, you know, but you need an audience. You need downloads. You need numbers to show. I didn’t take any sponsorships and I had a few interested people, but I I waited till episode 100 before I even considered it really considered it. And then I took some and I still I take them now. I have some now I just had one. This last four weeks, 5 weeks. Uh, But I’ve turned down way more and not way more. I guess I’ve turned. I turned it way more down than people would think, because again. And needs to match my audience. My audience trusts me. I’ve built up a really good relationship with them. They trust my opinion. They trust my integrity and ethics. I for the kitchen Sink WP podcast. I’m not just out for a money grab, I do the podcast because I love it. I love doing it, and if it was a different podcast, sure I might take Casper mattresses. You know, or Harry’s. But that does not match my audience in any stretch, right? So what’s the point? Unless I’m just looking for money. So that said, I’m really make sure it makes sense. I don’t take pay to play like I’m not gonna interview somebody. I’m not gonna take money as a sponsor, but in an interview, the person at that company that to me is just a little icky as well.

No, I I would agree it it impacts integrity as far as I’m concerned, when you start taking.

Right. What I will do, right, but what I will do on this Rob, is I will. Well, if it makes sense, if it’s a company I I respect in a service or tool, I’m going to use and they want to sponsor my show, fine, they can get send me the money and they can. We can sponsor the show and I can make it work, and if they want to then have somebody on the show, I will allow that to happen. But there’s usually a three to five month window of when that’s going to happen. They’re no longer a sponsor. They move past and. The purpose of having them on the podcast is to know their story, and then maybe mention their tools and service. That kind of thing. And I’ve done that in the past and I’m clear about it, you know, but. I don’t let them overlap at all.

Now it’s that’s a really good practice. It sort of protects you and it keeps the trust in your community, which is everything that’s really important, right?


I mean, yeah, that said, if a company, I mean, I I’ve had a lot of hosting companies hit me up. I mean, most more often than not, most hosting companies have offered and asked of a sponsor, and I’ve turned a lot of them down, you know. I won’t take the same type of industry like I won’t take two hosting come at the same time. I mean, I won’t take competing companies. It just doesn’t. It’s just weird to me. Some people do. I just think that’s weird. It’s confusing to the to the listener as well. But if somebody offered me like, I guess everyone has. A number if. Fill in the blank. You know your your least favorite hosting company offered you a certain number, like, let’s say a lot, and then times 10. Would you take it? But no one’s offered me that kind.

Of money, yet. So no, no. I and I have the same number. By the way, you laugh. I’m sitting here and you’re talking about having a number and mine kind of comes with six zeros after it before the decimal.

Right. Yeah. I mean, it’s gotta move the needle, you know? I mean, it’s like I’ve had offers people want to buy one of my domains and my I I own adamsilver.com.

Point right? So.

It’s kind of where I do some business coaching. I’ve had some offers for that domain over the last 20 plus years I’ve. Got it. And to give up your namesake, if you own your domain, if you’re lucky enough to own your domain, you know if you have it. To give up my namesake, it needs to move the needle, meaning it needs to get, you know, me completely out of debt and put like 2 out of my 2. To two out of. Three of my kids through college, so you know.

I I was. There you talked about domains, funny story. My initials are B&C. So my middle name is Bruce. My last name is Karen’s, so under domain rules you’re allowed to use your initials in the domain name if you can prove it. So for a long time I had the domain name.


RBC consulting. Well, RBC is a registered trade bank. A trademark could Royal Bank of Canada believe it or not, is RBC’s so they came after me and sent a lawyer after me with a takedown notice years ago, and I basically told the lawyer to.

All right, yeah.

I can say just my podcast bug off because I said I’ve got initials and I’ve got documented proof for my name, so go away.

Yeah, yeah.

You can’t. Touch me and the end result was they offered me a fair size of money to buy that domain name, which I let them have because they made it worth the while at the time.

Right, right. Yeah, I’ve, I mean, I’ve had, I have plenty of domains as well and that used to be when my old, you know, pieces of cryptonite. I would just have an idea by the domain you know, but yeah, adamsover.com I have it. I’ve had it before, the NBA Commissioner here, you know, in in the NBA, in the in the US, the Commissioner is also Adams over. He has never offered to buy it.

Yes, he is.

But other Adams overs have. And like the most I ever got offered was like, I think, $250, which barely covers the like at the time was about. I guess it was five or six miles and longer about. Years ago, that barely covered the 10 years of just. Owning the domain, the legislation fees so like what’s the point like no so.

Yeah, it’s true. So you can’t throw something out there. We can talk about. The Dirty secret about podcasting, if you want it, and I’ve said this on this show and I’ve talked to other podcasters about. The beauty is when you do an interview, you get that guess to ask the questions you want. So it’s almost sometimes like your own private master class. What do you think about that as a podcaster?

100% true. Yeah, I mean. And it’s funny you mention that because I like. I mean, yeah, I I agree with it. It’s true. You can reach out having the podcast, having that audience or building the audience gives you some, you know, give you some social proof, like, hey, you can reach out to somebody. Hey, would you like to be on my podcast? And more often than not, people say yes because they’re not gonna take your phone call and talk to you for 45 minutes. Just about anything, but the fact that if they can spread their gospel, whatever that is, then they’re more apt to. Come on the podcast. Ironically enough, I had an idea recently for a new and yet another podcast idea I like. Well, I grew up in the 80s, the old 70s and 80s, but in the old 1980s movies John Hughes, stuff like that. I always look at casts like I I was. I was just watching better off dead last night. It was on TV. And I was one of the like, well, who was the younger brother, like, what’s his name? The actor looked him up. You know, we kind of thinking we kind of a neat podcast to get those characters. Those you know, those supporting actors and see where they’re at now, just do like a 20 minute interview of those of those people. I don’t know what I would. It but. It might be interesting you know so, but yeah, you’re right. But having people interview having the ability to interview other people if it’s good is amazing. You know, so yeah. I don’t think it’s a secret anymore.

I think.

I I think that dirty little secret aspect has long since been dispelled, honestly.

Yeah, I would agree with you. Actually it it’s funny because and. The cool thing is it’s a connection to me. There’s a podcaster, right? I mean, the people you meet, the people you talk to, the people you network with, the people who become. Friends, a lot of mine have come out of that podcasting space, which is pretty incredible.

Oh yeah. Well, yeah. I mean I’ve I have a I have another podcast technically with Kyle Maher, but it’s we’ve kind of it’s kind of stopped. It was called the Get Options Podcast. You know the reason I actually launched my own podcast was by the strong push and encouragement by Dustin Hartzler. He’s like doing it, you know, he didn’t care. So you know, we’ve all vacationed together. I was just. I was just in Michigan last week. I was hanging out with Kyle and his family for, you know, three days. Dustin lives up in Ohio. You know, I’ve been in his house, we’ve vacationed together. We’ve gone to work camps and stuff. He were, you know. So yeah, I mean a lot of my friends are in that space. So just it just happens, you know?

Yeah, you know, you know, it’s funny you were mentioning headway earlier and I was thinking back to another long time podcaster in the WordPress based Bob Dunn. And Bob and I became friends.

Oh yeah.

Out there, the headway community, like many many many years ago. So yeah, he’s another one.

Yeah, yeah. I mean, it’s funny. I’ve actually had him on my list, we just haven’t timed it right, but I listen to him off and on for you. There’s, you know, and you know, everyone knows his voice, and that’s something also eventually people know your voice and they know you. They think they know you in a sense and they recognize you. And yeah, Bob’s, but and Bob’s now moving out of the US, he’s moving to Porto. Yeah, yeah, Portugal, it’s pretty crazy.

Big, big deal. For him, you know, it’s it’s funny when we talk about podcasting. One of the things is podcasting and live streaming are starting to overlap. What do you think about that?

It’s true it they are, and part of right. We started before we hit record on this. I was just thinking to myself, we talked about rearranging some of our setups and I’ve rearranged my Home Office and I’ve got some new hardware. Recently I used to record old school into a into Adderall mix and. You know, through a through a mixer into an at all recorder. Excuse me from my microphone. Now I record everything directly into the computer with like a wave XLR and a stream deck. I have some lights I am toying with the idea. And I’ve been with this idea for a while of doing deeper dive content for the kitchen Sink WP podcast video based because again you can’t show. Technical stuff in the audio format. You know, so I thought maybe I could I. Could use Twitch or I could you know, I can record it and put it in a membership area. And I’ve had that idea for a long. Time it just takes. More work. And and again it comes down to not that it takes more work. You just have to plan a little bit more if you want to script it out and edit it. There’s that. If you want to do it live, that’s fine, that’s less work. It’s just, it’s just, it’s different. It’s different, you know? So I think there’s a definite, you know, I think it’s valid to do it. I think it’s not. No problem. It just takes time to find. What works for you? Best and I’ll tell you to be honest. Pull back the full curtain. It’s a long play. I mean, people say, do you make money with your podcast? I make some money. I don’t make a living at it. I don’t have that kind of that. Those kind of numbers yet. Will I ever, I don’t know. WordPress is still very niche, even though it’s what 4344% of market of of web market. About WordPress still very small you know. I don’t bust. I mean, I’m. I’m at just shy of 1000 downloads a month, I mean about 85950 give or take depends on the topic and just depends, right? Some people, some podcasts out there in different categories. Hundreds of thousands per week? That’s not me. And that’s OK, you know.

No, no, I I I agree with you. I’m probably right now I’m in about to 6650 range a month. So I’m in that same.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Area and I don’t worry about it one thing.

I don’t worry about it at all. I rarely I look at stats quarterly just to see where I’m at and they say the average I did notice was a dip in early COVID because of shutdowns and which is a, it was a weird realization, but less people were commuting, so less people were listening to podcasts.

I actually found, so I’m not only do I produce a podcast, I’m a podcast consumer, so I was was looking at podcast before I got on this record with him.

Right. Me too.

I’ve probably got 15 podcasts I listened to on a regular basis. One is a daily.


Monday through Friday, it’s a sports podcast. What a shock. In my world, one is a mental health podcast that’s three days a week. All the others are weekly and I was kind of looking at it saying, you know, this is kind of where I sit and I find except for four or five of them, I interchange what I’m listening to. In and out, so not all of its work related. Not all of its business related, not all of its WordPress related IK. Of play that in and out, depending on the mood on them, and I’m one of these guys because and I’m pretty well from the same year as you. I grew up in the 70s listening to him radio and I was a talk radio listener as a kid growing up. So when I listen to talk to transitional listening to podcast. Basically, a podcast is a talk radio show, so it was an easy transition for. Me kind of deal.

Yeah, I’m actually, it’s true. I mean, I just, I remember listening to when my parents and I would go to our cabin up in the mountains, we would listen to the old radio mysteries on the on the drive up, you know? So I was just counting my my I use you said pocket cast. I use overcast and I’m subscribed to about 30 podcasts.


I used to be more. I’ve been less I go back and forth, you know, take out the few that are my own shows. Whatever but. I’ve also changed my listening habits lately. In the last year, I don’t feel guilty at all about skipping an episode of another podcast, because sometimes the topic doesn’t resonate.

Nor do I.

I also have changed. I used to listen to a lot of real estate investing podcasts, thinking I want to do that, and I still do. But it’s the same information in a different tone, a different voice, different take week to week. I’m like, OK, I’m done with this for now, you know, so. Some of it’s mental health, some of it’s, I mean, I listen to a handful of running podcasts now because I run a lot. So you know, because I’m a runner, I suppose not just cause I run a lot by. Both that makes sense.

And it’s funny. You’re right about the commute, though, because when I was out seeing clients more, I used to listen to more podcasts. You know, a client. Out of a client now, I tend to listen to more when I’m working and it depends what I’m doing too, because like today I had. My ear in video editing all day. Why countless notified cast and video edit at the same time? It’s not happening.

Right. The 4th time. So I I listen to most of my podcasts when I drive around or if I’m running. Or if I’m just kind of doing some mindless work dishes and cleaning house a little bit. But yeah, it’s just, I mean, and living here where I live now, I found. Or if I’m walking the dog walking, the dog is usually number number one reason why I I listen to a podcast. But I will say I have a basic rule. There’s one area where. I walk my dog. It’s called the Greenway. It’s a quarter mile long. I listen to nothing for that area because there’s no traffic, there’s no cars. It’s really peaceful and I make a conscious decision to have nothing in my ears for that quarter mile walk that part. Of the walk, yeah.

It’s amazing. Actually, it’s good for the mental health too, right?

Yeah, exactly. Cause you know we’re we’re always. So we’re conditioned. I think you and I and people in our space very conditioned to always be listening and doing something and learning and growing but some and not be bored. But sometimes just sometimes being bored. Is better for your brain, you know.

Oh, it’s true, it’s true. And I think a lot of us in our space are ADHD, like overload. I know I am. So you know.

Oh hundred percent 100% so.

Yeah, and. And it’s funny because, you know, besides podcasting, I still like to read and I’m looking at a book right now beside me. And the book is titled Delight with. The light we carry, which is Michelle Obama’s latest book and what an amazing readers. I’ll I’ll I’ll say to Adam and and I’m still a the hour before bed I put down the podcasts.

Oh yeah, yeah.

I put down the TV. I put down the screen and I grab a book and I unwind with the book every night. They just stink.

I I’m similar I’m I’m reading you know three or four concurrently different books. Most of it’s nonfiction. A lot of biographies, but it’s a lot of it’s business or mindset. I’m trying to get back into fiction. It’s just hard sometimes you.

I know, I know.

Because I feel like it’s not what I should be doing, but I think probably I probably should be doing more fiction just for the better. Some balance I’m currently reading. I’m really involved in. I’m trying to read a building a second brain. You know, I think you read, you read. That didn’t you already.

I have read that yeah, that’s great.

Yes, I’m yeah, I’m reading that because I really want I I have a pretty good system. I just feel like I have too many places I need to consolidate. So I might. I’m reading that. Then I think I’m. It’s basically about having a system digitally, if you will, of storing all your notes and connections and dots and whatnot. So I’m going to use Obsidian. I might try Obsidian for that.

You know, see how that goes. Our, our mutual friend, Courtney Robertson went to Obsidian and did that actually. And she’s built out out a whole system of after reading that book, I’m building a second brain.

Oh good. So no, I mean right now I I still use Evernote I cause I pay 50 bucks a year, I’m grandfathered and people have a lot of hate for Evernote. I get it. It does what I need it to do.

I do too.

It’s my digital file cabinet where I forward I see I BCC myself on bills, e-mail certain things and I can find them easily enough. I have never had an issue of trying to get something out. I don’t want to get anything out and I’m in a I again I’m I think actually I paid less than 50 bucks a year. I pay like 2995. Whatever it is, it’s worth it for me to have it so. You know, but I I kind of want something different for ideation and mind mapping, connecting dots and and that’s the thing. You know you need to figure out what tool is right for the right job, and there’s not one perfect tool so.

No, I I agree with. You. I used to be. Way back when I was an Evernote user and then working in Healthcare, I kind of became a OneNote user, cause most healthcare shops again are Microsoft shops. So I switched and I find one note has just gone downhill so much that I made a switch about three years ago to an open source note. Taking package called Joplin JOPLAN as in Janis Joplin. And the coolest, the coolest thing with top one is it supports rich text markup basically works the way. One note is you put your database where you want to put it. So if you want that database on OneDrive, you can put it on OneDrive. If you want it on Google Drive, you put it on Google Drive. It doesn’t care where you put the back end so. That’s really cool.

I just, I just brought up that website. Gonna check that out. Just curious.

You know. Yeah, yeah. And then you can sync it. So I have mine set up so that I sync from both my Android tablet, my iPad, my phone. So if I get caught somewhere with a device and I need to look something up, I can go ahead. Do it.

Yeah, I use. I use a combination of like evernotes the digital file cabinet. I use NV Alt for quick note taking. I’ll use drafts also lately, and I feel like I that’s too many things, like just between drafts and envy alt. So I’m trying to maybe consolidate down to drafts and then send drafts, maybe to Obsidian or send and also use Omnifocus for my own tasks, you know, and then. That’s just all personal stuff. And then the business has its own other stuff, so you know anyway, yeah.

Yeah, it never ends. Once you go into this rabbit hole, you can be going all day.

It never ends, right? Yeah, it’s it’s crazy. That’s my next podcast is gonna be the Rabbit Hole podcast about, you know, task manager.

Yeah, task management is just I’m the same like I’m notion for business. And then I have a task manager and then in the.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you.

Adam, thanks for sharing your thoughts on podcasting. If somebody wants to listen to a podcast or talk about podcasting, what’s best way to listen to?

Of course.

And get a hold of you.

So you can listen, listen to it through any of the normal channels. Apple of course. So it’s kitchensinkwp.com/itunes. You can find it there, it’s on Spotify. It’s also on Google Play. And what’s the other one? It’s on. I just it got added recently to Stitcher as well. iHeartRadio and Stitcher, yeah.

And if they want to get a hold of you, how’s the best way?

Adam@kitchensinkwp.com, thank you.

Thanks, Adam. Have an amazing day.

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