Episode 136: Why You Need a Website Care Plan

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Episode 136 Why You Need a Website Care Plan


From the center of the universe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is the SDM show with your host Rob Cairns. The SDM show focuses on business life productivity, digital marketing, WordPress and more. Sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink and enjoy the show. Here is Rob Cairns.


In today’s podcast, I want to talk about why you need a website care plan, especially for security services. So please grab your favorite drink, sit back and relax and enjoy this quick podcast.


Rob Cairns here here, I’m the CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas that Stunning Digital Marketing. Today, I want to talk about something that’s really important. I think it’s released their bi monthly security newsletter today. And there was over 20 security updates for WordPress websites. And the reality of it all is this is why people need to get on a website care plan, and they need to get on it now. And let me explain. The average person has no clue about all these other abilities. The average person or business owner does not update their websites. I’ve worked at many sites over the years. And by time I look at them, frankly, it’s too late. They’ve been hacked. The cost of fixing the hack usually is more than the cost of a care plan for a year. And frankly, what does that do to your business’s reputation, your website’s down, it’s not working properly, and things aren’t going well. That’s not really a good thing isn’t. So people are doing the Do It Yourself approach for the website, that’s one thing. But to do do it yourself approach for security is a totally nother thing. And frankly, I don’t think you should be doing and you need to think about it. And you need to stop it now. And what you need to do is get on a website care plan. And, frankly, yes, it’s a bit of insurance, but it will also make sure your website is up to date and can’t be hacked. One thing we’ve noticed in the pandemic is, there’s more and more people at home, which means there’s more and more hackers at home, which means there’s more and more attempts on websites. Think about that. And those odds, I can show you logs that show that all my hack attempts on my websites have gone way up in the last year and a half. And I mean, we’re not just talking dramatically. Because there’s a couple of things a good care plan will do one, regular backups to your website. And what makes my agency stand out, frankly, is we do backups three times a week. And keep that for six months. Sorry, for three months now. But three months of backups. And you say why would you keep backups for three months. The reality of it all is three months of backups if you have to go back more than one backup to fix your problem. Because sometimes you get injected with malware, and the payload sits there or the malware for a long time. And the reality is it might be there for six months before got invoked. So at least three months gives you a fighting chance. Number two, I do website updates and backups for my clients three times a week. There is no other agency. I know that generally does that unless you’re really critical. And we just do them on a regular basis. And makes more sense with the change in climate. And as a business owner, this means you don’t have to take care of it. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s all done for you. And that is a big deal. And if you really want good hosting for the nominal cost, frankly, I can provide that too. And the reason good hosting matters as your hosting provider is part of your security solution. We all know that yet people go cheap on hosting as well. It’s time to start treating your business as a business and stop. You know frankly nickel and dimed and everything and look at real costs and what it costs to get things done to silver that if I can help anyway, shoot me an email VIP at stunning digital marketing comm be glad to sit down with your workout a backup strategy. And we can go from there. Make sure you take care of your website. Make sure you take care of the backups. Have a great day and bye bye for now. Thanks for listening to the STM show. It shows the production of stunning digital marketing and all rights deserved. Rob can be reached by email at VIP at stunning digital marketing comm on twitter at RobCairns on his website stunning digital marking calm and on his website there’s links to all his social media platforms. This show is dedicated to my late father Bruce Cairns. Dad, I miss you very much. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars make your business succeed.

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