Episode 235: Why I Switched to Brave

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In this episode, Rob talks about why he switched to Brave.

Show Highlights:

  1. Issues with Google Chrome.
  2. Privacy Matters.
  3. Less Crashing.

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 Rob here again, so today’s podcast.

I wanted to talk about web browsers and why I made the switch from Chrome to Brave.

So what I should tell you is in terms of web browsers, Chrome.

Brave Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and several other browsers are what’s called Chromium based.

That means they have the same back end.

And that’s really important, because brave will run Chrome extensions, so over Vavalldy, so will edge, and for me that’s really important because I run five or six Chrome extensions including Bitwarden, which is my password manager makes life way much easier.

So this started a.

Couple weeks ago I was about to go on Nathan Wrigley this week in WordPress for WP builds and I had all kinds of problems with restream dot IO and the Chrome browser.

And I said, really, I didn’t want to deal with it in a pinch, and I fired up Firefox and I got Firefox to recognize my camera in my mic and away I went.

And I managed to get the podcast done.

Which was absolutely awesome.

And I should tell you, I always enjoy being on Nathan Show, and I’ll be reappearing next month.

So what happens then?

Is yesterday I go to.

Record a podcast with Hands and dinonno.

And we’re talking about term ageddon.

And what happens again?

My mic is not recognized in Chrome.

And I used my mic earlier today and I’m actually using this same mic now.

I have an XLR connection to a mixer box USB into a laptop.

That’s how I’ve been running for a long time.

How I run this podcast.

And it wouldn’t recognize and no matter what it changed in the settings it wouldn’t fix.

And I finally.

Switched to brave to do the record.

And then that’s the end of it.

Now, one of the things I like with brave is it’s a privacy based browser.

So every time I go to access the mic.

In a new program for the day, it asks me it doesn’t remember the setting, so I know it’s working fine.

After the recorder reinstalled all my Chrome extensions in both Brave and Vivaldi, and I’m good to go.

And that’s kind of my frustration.

Now the only thing I’m really using Chrome for is I do have a Google Chromecast in the house and if I’m casting to the TV I have to use Chrome.

But for all work, I’m now using brave as much as possible as a prime browser, and Vivaldi is my secondary.

Again, both chromium based both run.

Chrome extensions.


It’s just better for me.

So that’s why I’ve made the switch.

From Chrome to brave.

As always, Rob Cairns, CEO, Founder, Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing, have a great day.

Bye, thanks for listening.

Bye for now.

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