Episode 373: An Important Marketing Tip For The Holidays

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about a marketing technique that should never be used anytime or around the holidays.

Show Highlights:

  1. What is the tip?
  2. Why not do this?
  3. Customer long-term trust is important.

Show Notes

, everybody, Rob, Cairns. Here and today’s quick podcast want to talk about something really important? And that is what not to do with your Black Friday Cyber Monday sales. In the WordPress space and in many other spaces we see people do what they call unscrupulous things. This is on sale at 50% off. This is on sale at 60% off. But what they do is they artificially inflate their prices. So go up the price right before Black Friday and double. It and then put. It in a 50% off sale because from a marketing perspective 50% off sounds really, really good. But honestly, it’s not that good, because if it’s 50% off a person’s already inflated, it’s actually not a true sale and it’s actually deceiving and that’s not how you build customer loyalty. You’re branded by being deceitful. It doesn’t work. So folks. As we go in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, please don’t inflate your prices. Don’t do that. It’s not really a good idea. Leave them where they are, and then if you want to put sell a 20% off for 25%, do it from your actual price, not the inflated price.

If you did that.

You would be way better off and. Then you’ll build customer loyalty. And Brandy? So food for thought don’t inflate the prices. Have a real. Sale Rob Karens, CEO, founder and chief creator of amazing ideas that’s spending digital marketing, have a great day. Bye. Bye for now.

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