Episode 178: Amazing Customer Service From Goemans

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Rob Cairns talks about how Goemans provided amazing customer service,

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  1. There Inside Advantage.
  2. The entire process. 
  3. How amazing the process was.

Show Notes

Hi Everybody, Rob here again. So today’s podcast, I wanted to talk about a cut a company that excels. And that’s called Goemans appliances. And let me sort of run through the scenario for you. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. And my friend, let’s see, has just had knee replacement surgery in the last five weeks, and she needed a new washing machine, unfortunately, her washing machine died on her, which is not a really good thing at the best of times. So we started looking online. And the reality is many companies are using excuses. They don’t take away the old machine because of COVID. They don’t do this because of COVID. They don’t do that because the COVID and the COVID Excuses go on and on and on. And the reality of it all is how do you replace the washing machine. So one day, she jumped on Goemans website and engaged her live chat agent. And this is where the magic started to happen. He actually worked with her together the machine she wanted a whirlpool, turn around to deducted $50 off the price. And despite the website saying that delivery wasn’t available till December 29th or December 30 managed to arrange delivery that happen within less than 48 hours. All too good to be true, right? Actually. Not too good to be true. So Goemans delivered at 7:30am That Saturday morning. Keep in mind the order was placed late in the day on Thursday in less than 48 hours. The installation was professionally done. The removing of the old machine was professionally done. But it doesn’t just stop there. Leslie got a follow up call that afternoon from Goldman saying did your instal go Okay? Was everything good. And they didn’t send her a survey to fill out till after they made that phone call. What an incredible personal touch. So not only did we fill out the survey, we also jumped on Google reviews and gave them a five star review. Goemans deserves to be honoured and treasured for what they did. Customer service these days is a lost art. And frankly, this is a company that got it done right. And in more ways than one. The process was seamless. The everything from taking the order the payment to email, communication of phone communication, you name it was all done. Right and frankly couldn’t have been done any better. So first of all, we saw comments. second takeaway is think about doing proper follow ups in your business think about excelling on customer service, parted your inside advantage what makes you better what makes you different could be you provide great customer service, because I truly believe customer service in this day and age with many companies is an afterthought or a last start. So I hats off to Goemans. That’s the tip of the day. Please spend time on customer service.

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