Episode 415: Why InPerson Events Matter

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about why In-person events matter.

Show Highlights:

  1. Connection is deeper in person.
  2. We crave meeting people in person.
  3. What we get from in-person events.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again and in today’s podcast, I really want to talk about why you should attend events in person and not just do virtual events. It’s really funny. I do a mix of both. And when COVID hit, we all tended to do virtual events. We all moved to virtual events. And we all just kinda made that happen, so to speak. And lately I’ve been starting to do more and more in person events. I did one earlier before I got sick this year I at Canada Post marketing towards Gen. Z Type people and I’m actually attending work Camp Canada in Ottawa the second week of July. And the end of July, I I’m attending a Brampton business Expo event. So what’s the value of attending in person events? Personally, I think it’s a chance to get out and meet people. We’re all creatures of habit. It’s a really good idea. And it gives a chance to take those connections that you’ve made online and make them even deeper. And by that I mean, sit down and have a meal, sit down and have a 15 minute conversation, sit down and get to know somebody even more. I think the value personally for in person events is actually. Being there and the people, most of the information you can get online right now and it’s really easy to get with Google and search and AI and everything else. And I think personally you just gotta get to an event and get their network and make those deep connections. It really helps your business. No further. I’ve got many friends. I’m so excited about what? Can’t. Can’t. And because I get to meet some great people that I haven’t seen forever and I can’t wait to be an auto. And the same as the Brampton Expo, just getting back out there and doing things with others, we’re creatures of habit where we like to be with other people to start with. And then networking is the amazing value that comes with in person events and getting to know people on that deeper scale. So where can can? They can’t wait to be there? Brampton Expo can’t wait to be there. Planning on doing some more events this summer’s time permits and do yourself a favor if you haven’t been doing in person. And then. Get away from your computer and go sign up for one and do it now because it will help your business, Rob Cairnsn, CEO, chief creator of amazing ideas, that stunning digital marketing talking about why in person events matter.


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