Owning Your Digital Assets

I feel it is time to address this subject again. Time and time again digital assets have become an issue.

One thing I need to stress is as a business owner you MUST own your digital assets. This means you have copy and control of each one. I have seen it happen time and time again where this has caused issues including:

  1. When the client changes web designers and the previous designer owns the domain.
  2. The printer has the only copy of the business artwork and the printer goes out of business never to be found.

Think of these two scenarios. Where would your business be without these assets? You would not be in a good place at all.

I am not saying that people and companies you work with should not have copies or access to the digital assets. What they should not have is control or the only copy of them.

As a business owner, you need to learn to, protect yourself and that means having ownership of your digital assets.

To recover them from an individual or company that does not want to give them up can be expensive.

Take the steps to protect your business today!

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