Episode 281: Taking Breaks In Business

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about taking breaks in business and why the matter.

Show Highlights:

  1. Breaks are needed to recharge.
  2. Food matters.
  3. Going off the grid is good for you.

Show Notes

Rob here again. In today’s podcast, I wanted to talk about why you should take breaks when working.

For the purposes podcast, I’m not just talking breaks during the workday, but I’m also talking about things like vacations are in our time and more. So let’s jump into why you should take breaks. The body can only take so much, and in the digital world the ice can only take so much screen time.

So I think what we need to do personally is take breaks away from the screen, get up, move the body during the day, don’t sit hunched over your laptop to your desktop all day, just keying away. I tend to get up about every hour, hour and a half as my day goes, even if it’s for two minutes just to stretch the legs, the limbs and get moving. That’s the first thing. Also eat properly. Take a lunch break. Don’t work all the way through. A lot of people think I have to work in extra hour to be more productive.

Actually not true. Taking a lunch break clears the head and frankly. It gives you fuel for the body so that break is important. Make sure you don’t work late on every night. You become too tired. Yeah, sometimes you have to do it to get things done, but frankly, that’s in the minority. As far as I’m concerned. Take your time. And make sure you pack it in on time and rest at night and relax and do something sometimes mindless and get away from it though.

Now I also wanted to jump into this whole thing about vacations and getting away from it, and even more so in a digital way getting off to. Great, last weekend. I managed to basically stay. Afterward I was away. I was out Friday night at the movies. I was away visiting friends on Saturday and on Sunday I watched NFL football and Formula One all day. Talked to a few friends on the phone that was about it.

I managed to stay. Off the grid called social media. And frankly, I even stayed off the grid called work. I didn’t answer any emails, didn’t take any work calls, I didn’t do any of that. And why is that? Because resting is good to rest the mind. And it got me rejuvenated, and by Monday I was ready to go. Actually, by the end of Friday, I was pretty burned out, so I was glad to have her break.

 So make sure you take those breaks, your mind and your body will help you think about it. Rob Cairns, CEO, founder and chief, creator of amazing. Ideas that stunning digital marketing have great day. Bye for now.


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