Episode 233: Why Gmail is Trending Due to US Politics

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In this solo episode, Rob Cairns talks about why Gmail is trending due to politics.

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I wanted to jump in something that’s trending on Twitter and that’s Gmail.

And the recent Gmail trending is Ronnie Jackson, a Republican candidate in the upcoming U.S. Federal election, had the nerve to tweet out today that Gmail was putting all Republican emails into spam.


And that this is election interference.

I suspect it’s not, and I humbly disagree and let me explain why.

The way Gmail works is the spam filters are crowd sourced.

It’s not election interference.

The public is determining they don’t want this.

Crap in her inbox, so they’re marking it as spam and the way Gmail works with his spam filters is that crowd sources and then start throwing everything from that person into spam.

My problem with this is we now have lawmakers and potential lawmakers trying to tell social media what to do.

And once again, they don’t understand how the platforms work and how technology works.

And that’s a problem. How can we keep going on with stuff like this and things like the Facebook hearings if these senators and these House of Representatives people in the US really don’t know what they’re talking about?

It’s hard to make an educated decision, and they don’t seem to want to find out or do the research.

They just want to jump to conclusions.

And we all know politicians should be smarter than they’re just jumping to conclusions.

’cause that’s what gets him.

In the hot water.

So Ronnie Jackson, I humbly disagree, and I think you’re a little bit of out to lunch today.

I think the issue is again a number of people marking this in the spam, and that’s where it’s going. There’s no political interference going on here, and by the way, Gmail’s a.

Private company and private companies don’t have the same duty of care that public companies do, and it’s something we need to realize.

Some realize quickly zero.

I would suggest Ronnie Jackson.

You educate yourself further before you jump to conclusions, but it seems lately that’s all politicians in North America and in Canada.

Well seem to do.

My $0.02 worth Rob Cairns Founder, CEO and Chief, Creator of Amazing Ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing.


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