Episode 246: Care About Others

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In this podcast, Rob Cairns talks about the state of the world.

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  1. The state of the world.
  2. What is wrong with today.
  3. Why you need to care about others.

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Rob here again.

In today’s podcast, I wanna take a little bit.

Of a different.

Turn I want to talk a little bit about my thoughts on the state of the world.

Right now there’s a lot going on. You have the messaging you need. Ukraine. In the US we have the Roe versus Wade.

Decision striking down the rights to have abortion for females. We have the political mess in the US and to some degree the political mess in Canada.

And it goes on.

We’re also very much in a.

Cancel history and cancel our society, and that’s a bit.

Of a problem.

And it continues and it continues and it continues.

And one of my problems right now.

Two fold, I don’t even wanna weigh in on.

What’s right and what’s wrong?

And I’m almost at the point where I don’t even care.

Which is.

But what I do care about is humanity.

And how people are treated.

And how people are respected?

And I think we’re losing sight of all of that.

We’re not treating our neighbors well.

We’re not treating our friends well.

We’re not treating our business partners well.

We’re not treating our families well.

And I think what you need to do is put yourself in somebody elses place.

And say, geez?

I understand I care about you.

I might not agree with you.

We need to open up some lines of communication again.

It’s gotten really bad, frankly, and.

It’s hit the point that if you get in discussion and somebody doesn’t agree with you, it’s almost a discussion with bullies.

We’re not even having constructive discussions anymore.

Look at our leaders.

Look at our politicians.

It’s the same disaster.

And coming out of the pandemic and going into what we’re going into now, I don’t think we’re any better off.

We’re actually worse off.

So I think what we need to do.

Is take a step back.

And breathe.

And when we breathe.

Say how would I like to be treated?

If you want to be treated better, they treat others better.

Yeah, just agree with them.

You’re not to like what they say.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them well.

And that’s what we’ve gotten away from.

So take a look around you today.

Look at the people that.

Are there?

I’m reach out and say I appreciate you.

I care about you.

I love you.

Whatever you need to say.

And care about others and that’s my whole problem.

With all this.

Just take the time and show others you care.

And the world would be a much better place.

Just some quick thoughts on how to handle the state of world show others you care about them and will be way better off.

Rob Cairns, CEO, Founder and chief Creator of Amazing ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing.

Have a great day.


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