Episode 224: Do Not Do This on Twitter

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Rob Cairns talks about what not to do on Twitter in this solo episode.

Show Highlights:

  1. What not to do on Twitter.
  2. Why marketing is like dating.
  3. Marketing is a marathon.

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Hey there Rob here again, in today’s podcast, I want to talk about something that’s become a bit of an epidemic on Twitter.

Our first problem was we used to go where people trying to sell products would DM US without permission.

They DM you without even building that relationship, and we know that’s a bit of an issue.

It’s happened on Twitter and it’s happened on LinkedIn.

The latest trend on Twitter, which is kind of getting a little bit out of hand, and I’ve actually called out in a couple of tweets is.

What people do trying to sell services, especially so-called marketers.

They tag you on what they’re trying to sell.

The problem with that is what they’re suggesting is by them tagging you.

You are actually endorsing them.

For what they’re selling, which in many cases is not the case, I’ve actually sent back said several messages saying, you know, I don’t endorse this service, and I really don’t care about this service.

And frankly, at the end of the day, why did somebody not bother to build the relationship?

First you’ve heard me say it on this podcast once, and I’ll keep saying it and keep saying it.

Marketing is like dating.

It takes time to build the relationship.

You have to look at what the long term goal.

Is not the short term quick sale goal is the quick sale will get you nowhere no.

Long run, and frankly I’m never going to do business with somebody I don’t already have a relationship with.

It’s just not going to happen.

So take the time and build out that relationship, and that’s not by tagging people truthfully.

That’s by getting involved in the community, making yourself known, sharing your products, sharing some.

Advice and so on and so forth.

Remember, marketing is a marathon, not a Sprint.

Just my two cents, Rob Karen, CEO, founder, chief creator.

Amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing.

As always, thanks for listening.

Have a good day and bye bye for now.


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