Episode 383: My Agencies Productivity Stack

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks to Simon Harper about E-Mail Marketing and DMARC Changes.

Show Highlights:

1. What changes are coming to Email authentication and DMARC.

2. How to avoid your emails from going into Spam.

3. Tips to help your e-mail marketing.

Show Notes

Hey All, I’m Rob Cairns and the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. And they’re so a podcast I share with you, my agencies, productivity staff. Sit back, relax, learn and enjoy the show. This podcast is sponsored by stunning digital marketing, the agency that can help protect your WordPress website today. Go to stunningdigitalmarketing.com. And see what we can do to help you protect your business investment that stunning digitalmarketing.com. Hey everybody, Rob here again. In today’s podcast, I’m gonna share with you stunning digital marketing productivity stock. And I think it won’t differ a lot from a lot of other agencies, but this is the stack that my agency uses. So I’m going to share with you 7 tools that we use to enhance our predictively every day. And an eighth one that we’re. Working so number one or CRM or customer relationship manager is. Review CRM for a long time for US HubSpot works really well, it’s robots and it’s awesome.

The second thing we use is notion dot SO. Notion we use to manage all our projects, manage our podcasts, manage everything else we got going on. That works really well. For note taking and the third app we use is an app called Joplin. Joplin’s kind of school. It’s like an open source version of Evernote and you can put your back end database wherever you want it or Google Drive or OneDrive on Dropbox. And so so drop them for quick notes and quick reminders. We use Google Keep that works really easy for to do items. We use To Do List as our To Do List manager and that works really well. Calendar we use Google Calendar. It is the best calendar out there. Interfaces with everything else. So these things work now some bonus items. For doing our mailing list, which is kind of automated that you send fonts which is an actual product and that works really well. And frankly the price is quite reasonable. We also use another app, sumo product, for those people scheduling into our schedule. So we don’t have to. Talk to everybody. To go back and forth and decide on the time and that’s. Tidy cowl at $30.00 US lifetime. You can’t beat it. That works really well. And then a bonus to things we’re working on, enhanced productivity is we’re in the process of building a WordPress help desk system that will launch. During the first. And that’s going to be using the Advanced Support plugin on WordPress that we have the separate domain just for that. So customers will go to a support ticketing system. And last but not least, one thing we’re really. Looking at is making. Make.com and make is a Zapier integration integrated. You start doing stuff more automated, so that’s a productivity stack couple. One thing we’re working on and and another thing that we’re looking at, which is that one that buying. So there you have it. How stunning did your merchant manages our production Rob.


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