Episode 164 Lessons Learned in My Podcast Journey

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Rob Cairns talks about lessons learned in his podcast journey.

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  1. Why not to start with 2 podcasts
  2. Rob’s Podcast tools for editing.
  3. Why Rob Changed from Anchor to Castos.

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Hi, I’m Rob here again. Today’s show I’m going to talk about my podcast journey and why I started podcasting. Let’s start with some background. When I was young, I used to name radio for hours and hours. I love to listen to talk radio. As it became older, I transition my love for talk radio into audio books and podcasts. Three years ago, this past November, I was burned out from blogging, I’d written over 5000 posts in over 10 years, mostly on WordPress. I actually originally started on Blogger and one to Live Journal and then WordPress. I decided to start a podcast not just for one, but to two new podcasts. Wasn’t that insane? was an i insane? The original two podcasts for the interview show and with our SEO. And really what was the thinking by doing this. I did the recording on Audacity for solo episodes. For interviews, I use Zoom or Google meet and hosted the podcast on anchor.fm because it’s free. And the original podcasts I put out had no show notes. And frankly, I did a lot of thinking of this over the years and where I wanted to go. And after I got going for a while I realized this is all could be done in one podcast one show. So I merged the two shows into what we now have called the SDM show. And I made some other changes in the last fall, I got off of anchor, and I will my podcast to cast those the best thing I did. I also stopped recording episodes using zoom or meat. And I’ve now switch to Zen caster that’s made life a little easier. I also had a professional intro done for the show. And I added some music in the intro and the outro also standardize the format a little bit. And I now do an interview every Thursday in a short tip, or topic episode during the week. That’s pretty well my set format now. And today, I’m over 160 episodes. And that’s like just wow. Because I truly thought I’d never get past 30 or 40. And one of the best benefits of podcasting. Besides showing I’m an expert, and drawing awareness for my business, frankly, is the amazing people I have met on my journey. A couple of things I would suggest to people and some lessons learned. First of all, don’t start to shows radio delegate only go with one. Second of all strain standardize your format a little sooner than later. I actually think I left it a little late. Third of all, maybe get your professional intro done sooner. Don’t look for advertising right out of the gate. And frankly, at 160 episodes, I’m still not looking for ads directly. So don’t do that. And also, give yourself time, believe it or not even doing quick interviews, and not doing a lot of editing, an average show but a time I do some research some prep ahead of time, sometimes pre interview, a guest can take me four or five hours by the time I’m done. So remember, podcasting like blogging, like YouTubing, like videoing takes time. And those people say oh, it’s easy. You just want to record. It does take time, folks. And the other thing I would suggest, though, delegate to show notes, and also do a show summary. So now when I release a podcast, I have four quick points or three quick points in the show summary. And then I go right into full scale show transcription. So do shownotes. Get yourself on as many podcast platforms as you can. That’s one of the reasons I like Tasos Casto Salas also supports Amazon music, which anchor does not. So think about that. The more platforms you’re on, the more people are going to listen to you. And certainly last but definitely not least have fun doing it. Enjoy what you do, and enjoy how you do it. Rob Karen’s this founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas of Stunning Digital Marketing, with some tips and my podcast journey. Have a great day and bye bye for now.

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