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All right, well, Robert Cairns here, I’m the CEO and Chief creator of meeting ideas to stunning digital marketing.com. I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this podcast journey. It’s been an amazing 150 episodes. Wow. I didn’t really know if I’d still be going at this point. Before we go any further, I want to dedicate this special episode number 52. My lane when the accounts went under to foster battled the dementia on November the first my thoughts go out to her. My uncle Ron, his kids, Jamie and Jeffrey, their families in the entire Karen’s and the whole clans. Rest in peace out Linda. And as my would say, give yourself a hug. Thanks for listening. And now on to this week’s episode. To celebrate Episode 50 I want to take your gambling business journey and my podcast. I want to share some insights lesson learned and the experiences I’ve had in Episode 51. I’ll actually break down the 50 episodes and some highlights with those episodes. I hope you really enjoyed this very special episode I put together. My technology and business journey started many years ago. When we were young, I was young my dad purchased a radio shack old computer, it hooked up to the TV and had 4k memory. Imagine, think about that. My dad was not using it. I started to teach myself basic programming. I really started it off. My dad was a company treasurer for an insurance company called Morrison McKenzie insurance brokers. His company purchased an apple two plus for him. And a software package that was revolutionary in the industry at the time called visicalc. It was a spreadsheet visicalc was the first spreadsheet program and a big reason the computer revolution happen. After came Lotus, 123 and XM how things have changed. I still have that original visicalc box in my office today. I also learned McDonald’s High School outside of Montreal on a GSR at model three. This was a step up in the world of technology at the time that my family moved from paycor in the Montreal area to Markham, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. Then I did take computer science and IBM was in fact a bubble carts and punch cards. That was a step back and I really wondered what I was doing. Hmm, this was about to get interesting. They don’t want to do this. When mdhhs got what the program they got IBM computers and a network system that was called janin. It stood for just another network, which was developed by Waterloo University in Ontario. They also had their own versions of COBOL and Fortran called what COBOL and watts. So my journey continued. Then I graduated high school and then off to Centennial College and drawn. I took Business Administration course majoring in program analyst. In this course, it was technology top heavy. I became very good at COBOL programming, and many other things that actually graduated on the Dean’s list and second in my class. This was where I realized I had a thirst for learning and learning never ends. Well, I call it tried several jobs in related fields. The first was working for my dad at Morris and Mackenziey insurance brokers spend a couple of summers doing special accounting reports and Lotus 123. Back then Lotus was the dominant spreadsheet program. The second job I had was working at the RCMP after downtown division. I worked for a surgeon meesho doing specialized reports in DBS requests. This was the dominant database program I’ve done. Anybody remember I shouldn’t date the company. They were the vendor for deepest despite Lotus 123 and DBA snapping run in one. There were pioneers in their field, pushed other vendors to do amazing things. After I graduated school I took my first programming job at Allstate life insurance in Canada, worked on the implementation of new life insurance system call us from Australia one day independent order order foresters where after two and a half years I was laid off while at the ioof worked on a system called Vantage which is their life insurance system. Frankly, I



needed to change This early in my career, I was not enjoying COBOL programming at all. I was wanting to work on personal computers end up going back to school, CDI college and networking and PC work. That led to a job at Women’s College Hospital trial supporting the network computers, I find them was doing something I really liked. I end up surviving the hospital and merger y2k. And in the end, I spent 21 years in healthcare in Toronto, not bad for what was supposed to be a temporary job that ended nine half years ago. Then I started my own web developer agency, which moved into a full scale marketing agency. Very quickly realized websites were on a one to one marketing toolbox. Today, my agency stunning digital marketing.com supports everything from small businesses to fortune 500 companies wide array. I should also go off script and talk about the education side knowing that I actually have two college diplomas and 14 professional designations after my name, many in the marketing field. I’m always trying to learn. And frankly, I always want to learn more in effect. That’s one reason why I love the challenge of flooding. Now let’s move on to my podcast. I’ve been a fan of podcasts for as long as I remember. For podcasts, I was a big fan of talk radio. So the translation really made sense. I got to the point where I was burned out from blogging, I needed to start something new. So I jumped into the world of podcasting just over a year ago. I started with two podcasts at the time, the STM interview show. And with our CEO, I realized having two different podcasts was a lot of work. So I combined them. And I’ve rebranded the podcasts, to the SDM business marketing, more pressure. I’ve recently shortened the brand and rebranded it to the SPM shop. actually love podcasting. I’m gonna keep going, and I’m looking at improving all the time. So this is my journey, how I progress to build an agency and then into the world of marketing. I bring an interesting mix of being very tactical, and having a strong marketing background. This is very unusual, and it gives me an edge in dealing with clients. I continue to learn all the time. I’m not a know it all, but I’ve learned on my thirst for learning is greater today than it ever has been. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me, my business journey, my podcast journey. Before I go, give yourself a hug. Hello as you please join me in Episode 51 where I talk and break down the episodes that I’ve talked about over the last year and highlight some of those episodes. Have a great day. Thank you for listening to the SDM Show. The show was hosted by Robert Cairns, the CEO and Chief Curator of amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing.com. This podcast comes out every week. It’s available on all podcast platforms. If you’d like to be a guest on this podcast please email us at podcast at stunning digital marketing com if you’d like some free marketing information to your inbox, please go to stunning digital marketing comm slash free. If you’d like to find out more about the digital marketing services we provide, please go to our website at stunning digital marketing.com. We specialize in helping your business succeed. This podcast is dedicated Robert site father whose parents



have an amazing week. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for your stars. Make your business succeed.

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