Episode 49: Some Things Never Change in Messaging

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Episode 49 Some Things Never Change in Messaging



Hi, I’m Rob Cairns here. I’m the CEO and Chief creator of making ideas of stunning digital marketing.com. I hope you’re all having a great day. Before I get into today’s into today’s topic, I want to make a special announcement. The next episode of this podcast is Episode 50. In Episode 50, I’m going to reflect on the podcast journey, my business journey, and some highlights of past episodes. You really don’t want to miss this one. Today, I want to talk to you about something that came out of a conversation I have with a good friend of mine. We’re talking about different messaging services. He asked me which one I like and actually said, it doesn’t really matter. I should tell you this is a topic that many people are passionate about. And many people argue which one is better. It’s the old hot potato, Coke versus Pepsi game. I always say use the one where your friends try bar. This may mean using multiple services to keep up to date and communicate. And let’s have a chat about this. Before the smartphone we all use computer web based messaging services, I CQ MSN Messenger, AOL message, private messages and IRC and even Yahoo Messenger, how many those aren’t around anymore? Most of them. The problem is none of these facilities services talk to each other. They all had different protocols. different users preferred different services. As a result of being a tech junkie that I am, I had a mall. I had every different service on my computer. I actually personally preferred I CQ, but that was killed when AOL bought them. Fast forward to today. What a mess we have. Some of the services we have for private messages include the following Skype, Google Hangouts Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger Instagram messages, Twitter, DMS, WhatsApp, telegram signal iMessage on the iPhone, SMS, SMS messages and more. See the problem. Not much has changed for the better actually saw worse in the jungle out there. Not only do we not have a standard for messaging, we also don’t have an encryption standard. bigger problem iMessage signal and WhatsApp are all encrypted. Believe it or not the most popular one SMS used on feature phones and Android smartphones is not. This might be changing. As many of the US carriers are getting together to develop a new SMS message replacement standard. And encryption will be part of this. The service I really liked for coolness is telegram. It does a nice job of letting you send videos and pictures. And by the way, you can grab those videos and pictures on your PC to in full rats, not even truck. I’ve used it many times with people and really like many of these services I make voice calls from you’re connected to Wi Fi



charter users. And this is really handy. So when you’re going away roaming, you don’t necessarily need to run your phone is on jabber Wi Fi connection. WhatsApp does it well, signal doesn’t well and more. Do I have a favorite messaging service? Not really? My answer always is it depends on who I’m trying to connect with them for what purpose, I really care more about functionality and where people are than the service I like it’s just easier that way. Imagine the mess would be in if email providers had separate email standards all over the place. And they didn’t talk to each other. Basically a pop by map with SMTP sending an exchange for large corporations. And the exchange protocol is designed to keep to the standard email protocol taking packets and I map them vice versa. So they all talk to each other, which is great. Imagine the world where messaging could be like that. An email world we don’t have to worry about who the receivers, email just works. And frankly, if messaging was ever to get to that point, it would just make sense. Maybe one day, but for now we keep going on using multiple messaging apps. But we can only dream and wish for seamless communication. I actually wish with avid now it makes life a lot easier my books and frankly get rid of some bloatware apps on my phone and tablet. As always, thanks for joining me for this discussion. I appreciate each one of you. And I love y’all. Now, I don’t ask very often, but could you do me a favor? Could you take this podcast and share it with some people that haven’t listened? And also, not only do I do solo shows, I often do interviews. So share those do to some really great ones out there. And join us next week for Episode 50. Have a great day. Bye for now. Thank you for listening to the SDM business marketing WordPress podcast. The show’s hosted by Robert Cairns, the CEO and Chief Creative amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing com this podcast comes out every week it’s available on all podcast platforms. If you’d like to be a guest on this podcast please email us at podcast at stunning digital marketing comm if you’d like to find out more about digital marketing services we provide please go to stunning digital marketing.com This podcast is dedicated to Bruce Cairns. Have an amazing week. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Make your business succeed.

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