Episode 417: Changes to The SDM Show

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Rob Cairns talks about changes to The SDM Show.

Show Highlights:

  1. Changes are coming.
  2. A new segment with Todd Jones.
  3. The SDM Show Scheduling.

Show Notes

I’m Rob Cairns, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas, stunning digital market. I hope everybody is having an absolutely great day today. In today’s podcast, I wanted to kind of jump on. It’s been a bit of a short week here in Canada. It was Vic. Every weekend on the weekend, you know, it was our long weekend this week coming up is Memorial Day. And share with you some thoughts about where the SCM show is going. We’re now over 400 episodes. Congratulations to us. It’s been a hell of a right to say the least. And I wanted to share with you some changes that are coming.

The first big one is I’m now recording my video on zoom starting with this show and some stuff I did with Todd Jones and more on that. Either we are gonna be using zoom. Frankly, I’ve had some problems with stream there. There’s a platform. It’s been a bit of a headache and I’m done and it’s very simple. I am absolutely done. And so I’ve moved all my stuff to zoom for recording, which is cool because zoom then integrates with my platform. That I use for booking which is tidy Cal and I no longer have to send out manual links. Yay to me a time saver as well.

In terms of the show moving forward, this was kind of a bit of an abnormality because. It’s normally I do a solo show on Tuesday and then a interview show on Thursday and this week. Obviously I’m only doing the solo show on Thursday just because it’s a short week and. They get back on track. Starting next week, so will shows will always be Tuesdays interview shows. Always Wednesdays. Very simple. There’s some exceptions. We’re weeks. We sneak in an extra show. Two of those we.

My friend Todd Jones will be joining me in a new segment we call. Copywriting with Todd Jones. And that first one comes out next Monday and that will come out every second Monday from there on, and the first one is an introduction to what Todd and I plan to talk about in his segment and. They’re going to be quick segments 20 to 30 minutes Max, the intro’s a little shorter and we’re gonna keep going with that. And then once a month, I still have my regular monthly segment with Ryan Waterbury where he joins me. He runs an agency called One Dog Solutions and we talk about subjects of marketing of interest. Clients or or agency owners or WordPress and it’s all over the map. And Ryan have been and I have been out this at this for probably ohh over a year and. 1/2 at. This point, and we do a monthly. Show and that’s going to continue.

And I want to thank both Todd and Ryan for their partnerships and for trusting me and believing in me as a host with the SDM show. So that’s some changes coming. As you know the shows on YouTube. And the show is on all major platforms. We host it on Spotify for Podcasters, formerly known as Anchor Spotify Bot anchor. And we’re gonna keep going. And I love podcasting, and I love sharing with you guys, so if anybody’s got anything they’d like to see brought up on the show, please. Know Me podcast at stunning digitalmarketing.com or hit me up on X which is formerly known as Twitter at Rob Karens hit me up on LinkedIn. I’d be glad to take. Your advice and have a chat and see where you go. If you know a guest of the show for the show, reach out to me. Would love to have some looking for some more guests and the productivity space and things like that. That’s it for me for now.

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