Episode 63: Our Love Story

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Episode 63 Our Love Story



Hey y’all Robert Cairns here a new CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas, suspending digital marketing.com. I hope everybody’s doing well in this Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day, make sure you wear red and tell the people around you you love them. Today, I wonder you deviate from my normal podcast, I’m going to talk about business life productivity, WordPress, WordPress, security, business advertising, business lessons. And today, I wanted to be a little transparent, and share with y’all our love story. It’s a little different. fairy tales sometimes do happen. And that kind of like to take you through it in the interest of transparency and tell you what happened. One years ago, I met a lady in a Yahoo chat group by the name of Joe McLean, actually socialized as a group. We dated for a while. Jill had two young daughters it young son from other relationships, and timing just wasn’t right. We stayed with friends, a friendship that was really important to me, actually. And continued that friendship over the years. And sometimes, you know, being really good friends is really important, and nobody should discontinue that. Man, about four years ago, I came out of a really bad relationship. I lived with somebody for multiple years. And, frankly, Jill and I went out for dinner a couple of times just to talk be supportive of each other. And we’ve really enjoyed doing that. And then that kind of progressed a little bit. And Jill said to me one day on the phone, I’m thinking about going to on vacation. And what do you know about Agra falls? Knowing Niagara Falls, Ontario is one of my happy places in the world. And by coincidence, I had booked a trip to Niagara Falls that morning. And I said to chill, why don’t you come with me? no expectations. Just come. Enjoy the week. Enjoy a couple days. Let’s go have some fun. And anyway, the long and short of it was that was in 2016. And Joe went to Niagara Falls. We just started spending more and more time together. Miami in September turned 90 my my tenaga. Joe, once we did that trip and in 2017 on January the 13th. Friday the 13th headwrap I’ve proposed and needless to say Jill said yes. And on August the eighth 2017 Jim McLean became john McClane, Karen’s and we were married, in of all places, a wedding chapel, a nice wedding chapel in Niagara Falls, Ontario. And the only ones who took was was our kids, and didn’t really tell anybody that it was happening till after the fact. And our friend Chris, and unfortunately, Chris passed away shortly thereafter. And we bought john I miss him dearly. And then my mum and sister we have some parties and we had a dropping up my mom’s house and then a big family party friends party after he’s gonna talk about this is sometimes some of the best things in life take time to work themselves out. And in our case, it took 19 years to work itself out. That’s pretty special. And what I will say is, I love Joe very much. I love you, babe. And thank you for being part of my life. And thank you for sharing this journey. I was married before 50 barely. For the first time, even though I’d lived with other people at Gillette lived with some other people and was never married. And it’s funny how sometimes things come full circle. And sometimes it’s almost like a bit of a fairy tale. Things you read about in books you hear about on TV where a couple gather, and you never think it would happen. I have a good friend of mine and his wife who knows three people this happened to in the same year.



And all I’ll say is those of you who think it’ll later in life and it won’t work out how awful it might have You know, and frankly, I say this a lot. I’m a pretty lucky guy. I love you, Joe. And I want to thank you all for listening. And let me share with you our story a little bit. I remind you, there is hope for you. As always, Rob Karen CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing Comm. If you want to subscribe to our free marketing newsletter, go to stunning digital marketing.com slash free. If you want to hit me up, you can email me at VIP at stunning digital marketing.com. Or feel free to tweet at me at Robert Cairns. I’m also pretty active in many Facebook groups. So if you want to sell or have a question, feel free to drop me a line and ask I’m also on LinkedIn.






your marketing needs, please hit us up. We’re also your WordPress security experts. We know how to lock a website down and how to protect you and give you a fighting chance. And that’s what you need in today’s business world. As always, this podcast is dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns will be 10 years in July. I miss you dad every day and I love you. You know folks, I hope you all have an amazing day. Keep your feet on the ground. Keep reaching for the stars. Make your business succeed.

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