Episode 213: Are Newsletters Dead?

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Rob Cairns talks about newsletters and if they are dead in this solo episode.

Show Highlights:

  1. Are Newsletters dead?
  2. Why Newsletters matter.
  3. Why E-Mail marketing matters today more then before.

Show Notes

Hey Rob Cairns here again, in today’s podcast I want to talk about a subject dear to my heart.

Our newsletters dead if you talk to a lot of people.

They say email marketing is dead.

Newsletters are dead.

We shouldn’t send stuff to people in boxes.

I have to tell you I so disagree with this.

For a number of reasons.

And Mila and the thought around a lot of this says millennials even say they don’t read email.

They chat on WhatsApp.

They chat on text.

But here’s the thing.

We all.

Don’t like unsolicited text messages.

Even if we opt in.

I’ll give you an example of that.

Old Navy in Canada sends text messages.

They’re just a link back to.

Their sales page with whatever the flyer is.

Frankly, I could care less.

I really guard my phone and text messages as something pretty private for me.

And that’s kind of import.

I would rather stuff like that go into my email box where I can filter it out and it’s not as disruptive.

I don’t.

Personally, like receiving marketing from texts as a marketer, I find it in invasion in people, time and effort.

I find email.

Not as bad personally.

And people say, oh, but I don’t read email.

Well, the pandemic kind of changed all that.

We’re now all cultured to order online, more.

I’ve always been a person who’s ordered online, but it’s gotten worse.

And the thing about ordering online is where do you go to check to status?

See order?

Where do you go to get the receipt for your order in your email?

So people are.

Probably looking at their email more now than pre pandemic.

And that makes email marketing.

An interesting game.

I run up a mailing list.

Which you can find at stunning digitalmarketing.com/free where I send out newsletter tips once a week.

To a large list of about 8000 people.

And I’ve managed to get great open rates well over 50% on that mailing list, why?

Because they give people what they want.

And that’s the important thing.

Giving people what they not want, not what you want to give them.

If you serve.

Your readers with their mailing list your newsletter, your email marketing.

You will actually get higher open rates, which will translate into leads which will translate into sales.

The reason for doing all that marketing is to build a relationship with your readers.

That is really important.

So the question is, do newsletters matter?

Of course they do.

As I can tell you, I get well over a 50% email rate on my weekly newsletter which goes out every Monday afternoon Monday evening.

As long as you’re consistent.

As long as you brand it properly.

Newsletters matter

So before you discard.

Email marketing newsletters.

Think about it again because your email list is one of the things that you own for your business.

The other is your website.

Everything else.

Is kind of what we call rented land in the business where you don’t own it.

So take the time and do email marketing.

You’ll be glad you did, ’cause you’ll help generate leads which will generate sales.

Rob counts and stunning digital marketing.

Talking about two newsletters matter.

Have a great day or bye bye for now.

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