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Episode 96



Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here, and the founder, CEO and Chief Creative making ideas that stunning digital marketing program an amazing day. today’s podcast, I’m gonna throw out some time management tips on how to be on time. This is really important because being undone affects the way people perceive you in business, to sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy this podcast.



Hey, everybody, Rob Cairns, here, welcome to this week’s podcast. Today, I want to talk about this skill that is really important in business. And that’s kind of being on time. And what I’m gonna do is give you some actionable tips on how you can make sure you’re on time for meetings, and other life events. It’s really important. Frankly, for me, it’s how I perceive people. Being on time, for me is a big deal. And it should be a big deal for you. So one of the reasons people forget about appointments, or are not on time, is they don’t use a calendar or schedule. What I suggest for people who have time management problems, because we all carry smartphones, is to use Google Calendar. And one of the reasons I suggest using Google calendar to manage your schedule, is you can set off alerts, I like to set mine off 15 minutes before every appointment. And I set that by default. So that means my smartphone will present me 15 minutes before every appointment to remind me that I have something to do that’s important. That helps me be on time use Google Calendar. The second thing I do on Google calendar is I color code tasks. So I color code them depending on what I’m doing, for example, something in yellow, is a webinar I’m gonna join something great, is a podcast that I’m gonna listen to something in Sage is a business event, and so on. And he uses colors to help manage the events and the things I have to do. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is, I use a booking system that allows clients to book time with me. And when I set my booking system, I actually slack time in my schedule. So I don’t allow any appointments to be booked without 30 minutes before them and 30 minutes after. And it’s really that simple. If you look back to back appointments on a continuous basis, sooner or later, you’re going to be late. And you’re going to upset somebody. So once we’ve yourself slacker. Now what slack time for before COVID, slack time was often transportation Time, time to get from one appointment to another. I asked you to slack time for to get a stretch, to do a bathroom break, to get a drink, to take my puppies out in between meetings, and so on and so forth. You cannot continue to book meetings back to back. That is a recipe for disaster. Because sooner or later meetings start to run over. And how I handle those are very simple. With 15 minutes after the meeting, I said okay, is there anything left that’s really important that we have to address now. Neff does not and there’s this list of things. We’ve used up our all our allocated time. And let’s book a second meeting. It’s that simple. It’s not fair to the person you have meeting with ledger to be late for them either. And you have to manage. So here’s an online booking system, allow clients to book in your calendar, build slack time in and use a technique that when meetings are wrapping up, that you



wrap them up, and then two, and then. And if you try and do those things, you’ll be on time. The other thing is to help you with all this is get into a routine at the beginning your day. Many people start off your day behind the eight ball set routine. What do you do in the morning? Typically, I get up to my puppies out, have coffee or watch the news. And then I’ll look at email and then I’ll work into my workday. And I generally as rule, don’t start meetings to about 10 o’clock. And the reason for that frankly is I know it takes me time to get there. So why set myself up for failure. set myself up for success. Think about Think about the techniques I shared with you try them out. And you’ll be surprising how much for on time newbie. As always Rob Karen’s founder CEO and Chief Craig Wright, amazing ideas and stunning digital marketing. You want to follow me on twitter at Rob parents, or going over to our website stunning digital marketing calm. By the way, with COVID still going on. I’m still offering free sessions to help you and your business succeed. Go on over the website, scroll down the main page, sign up for free 30 minute session. Or if you want to cut to the chase, just email me at VIP at stunning digital marketing.com. I’ll set you up with a free session. We’ll sit down we’ll give you some actionable items to help you no credit card needed. No nothing needed. Just some tips to help you and your business grow in this stuff done. As always, this podcast is dated my late father Bruce Cairns. Keep your feet on the ground. Keep reaching for the stars and make your business succeed. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.

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