Episode 296: Two Things A Business Owner Should Keep In Mind When Hiring An Agency

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Rob Cairns talks about two things a business owner should consider before hiring an agency.

Show Highlights:

  1. Marketing is a marathon.
  2. Is the agency a good fit for you?
  3. Make sure you under contract when you ask the agency to do work for you.

Show Notes

Hey everybody,Rob. Here again, in today’s podcast, I want to weigh in on a little bit about work and hiring somebody and termination of contract and so on and so forth. So let’s start.

Usually when I take home work from a client, I kind of look and see do our values and viewpoints about marketing. Website design and more align and for me that’s really important because if your views don’t align with the client. It makes working with them or for them really hard. And sometimes I guess right, and sometimes I’m wrong and recently I just went through a situation where I was wrong. I thought this client was in this for the long haul. And it turns out they were in it to make a quick buck, and they thought some quick marketing would. Do that quickly.

So what I need to start this podcast off by saying is marketing is a marathon, not a Sprint. And let’s repeat that marketing is a marathon, not a Sprint. So you need to be in marketing for the long haul, not the quick buck. So for example, if you’re going to mark it. For the Christmas season. Starting December or late November early December, as this client did isn’t good enough, you should have actually started your marketing. In September for Christmas and you should do it consistently, not two weeks, and we didn’t make money. Not three weeks soon. We didn’t make money. It’s a long haul game, folks repeat after me long haul game. That’s problem #1.

Problem #2, this particular client decided they weren’t going to pay for anything. After a certain point. And then they. Had the nerve to come back to me and. Hey, could you pull some statistics and at that time I very politely informed the client in e-mail that no, I was not pulling statistics because I was no longer under contract for that particular aspect of their marketing because they chose not to. Pay for it. And that’s a rough and they said, what do you mean the statistics are there and I said no. Pulling statistics requires work and the massage them and I am no longer under control. So this is a bit. Of a lesson to business owners out there that you need to really think about what’s in your contracts with whoever’s doing your work and what it spells ouT.

And you need to realize that once you terminate those contracts, unless otherwise. Determined in writing beforehand. The service provider. The agency, the freelancer will not be doing that work, so I know it’s a hard lesson, but that’s what you got to think about because agency freelancers and companies don’t work for free, I certainly don’t work for free, so it’s food for thought there. So remember marketing is a marathon, not a Sprint. And that when you terminate contracts. You terminate the contract and you’re not paying for it, and you’re not entitled. Couple of tips of food for thought for business owners.

 Rob Cairns, CEO, founder and chief, creator of amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing, have a great day everybody. Bye for now.


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