Episode 39 Why Not To Bash Your Clients On Social Media

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Hi, everybody, I’m Rob Karen chair. I’m the CEO and Chief creator of making ideas to stunning digital marketing.com. Today I want to talk about time management. I mean all about it, and the time management junkie. Before I get into the system I use, I want to talk about a great book, which I suggest you read and reread again and again. This is getting things done by David Allen. GTD is the best book I’ve ever read on the subject to time management. The first thing I want to start off with is my most current system is electronic based. I’ve worked this way since palm tree came out. Remember that one? PDS were out long before we had a smartphone. They were used to manage my schedule and contacts. Today, I use my smartphone and tablets. Yes, I have two tablets. They’re my life and it works for me. Now you might say I want to use paper to manage my business life. Go ahead. Do you know what not wanting to use technology to impact your ability to use time management strategies. The original cheat GDT book is based on a paper system. The first thing I do is tonight for business take a look at my schedule. I adjust it till I fail some of the non scheduled time. To manage my schedule. I use Google Calendar as it is tied to my email account. My corporate email is managed and hosted by Google’s G Suite. The reason I do this the night before a day, escape my mindset on the next business day. I also have clients and prospective clients to book directly into my schedule using appointment. This is an appointment booking system that syncs directly with my Google Calendar. It is a time saver, as there is no going back and forth to book time. It also means clients are less likely to mess to miss an appointment that they booked themselves. There’s a link to the booking system on my website, as well as in my email signature. Now let us talk about how I organize my day. The biggest problem is I have things to do in the following systems. My CRM, which is HubSpot, have reminders to follow up with clients. Click on this is a project management system agency used to manage all standing tasks. I’ve even created a project for personal tasks, my Google calendar that says all the scheduled events that have including meetings, web webinars to attend the more, I work on what is called the calendar based system. This means that everything I have to do on a given day must be scheduled on my calendar. If it is not in the calendar, I will not it will not get done. It’s that simple. The other key to this system is to only have one calendar for business or personal use. This way you do not overlap events, you don’t miss personal events and vice versa for business events. third key to this system is I require 24 hours notice for any clients or prospective clients to book into my calendar. emergencies can always be handled by a direct phone call. The night before a day, I take to remain timeframe, my calendar and I schedule out what I have to do. I even include time in my day for breaks lunch, and taking my puppies out. If I have something personal do even schedule this in my calendar become very good at figuring out how much time tastic and scheduling. This comes from experience. I would also suggest you remember to book travel time for an appointment and some slack time between appointments. Now I also color code my tasks. Things are booked directly into my calendar I keep in red, and webinars I have to watch go in yellow, and personal events going blue, and so on. This helps set a glance Tell me what type of appointments I’ve booked in a day. I very often print my schedule and put it on my desk for the day. It’s often helps keep me on track. Now the question becomes if you’re an appointment as running long, I usually will remind people with 15 minutes left the time is coming to an end and we need to start to wrap up. If they need more time we can book a second appointment.



Now if I have cancellation of felt that time and schedule it in in my calendar now how do you fix out what tasks or groups of tasks certain amounts of time, take when you are scheduling your tail. First off, this only comes with experience, so take time to figure out. Second is to use an app to keep track your time. The app I like to figure out time with his clock of five. It allows you to track time for tasks and groups of tasks. You can even export reports to help manage your time and figure out where you were spending clock if I even as a Google Chrome extension to make it easier for your events. The other thing I strongly suggest you do is a fun one. Schedule high energy tasks first thing in the morning to make sure you book your breaks into your schedule. Three, make sure you build travel time inside time for your schedule four, optimize your schedule as you go. Five track time that you spend on certain tasks and review this on a regular basis to make sure you don’t have any wasted time. And six if you’re using an electronic system, use Google Calendar. Try these things out and your time management will get much better. You’ll be glad you did. Have an amazing day. And I love y’all Thank you for listening to the SDM business marketing WordPress podcast. The show’s hosted by Robert Cairns CEO and Chief Creative mazing ideas that stunning digital marketing calm this podcast comes out every week. It’s available on all podcast platforms. If you’d like to be a guest on this podcast please email us at podcast at stunning digital marketing comm if you’d like to find out more about digital marketing services we provide please go to stunning digital marketing.com This podcast is directed to Robert slate father Bruce couch. Have an amazing week. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Make

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