I need to jump into the subject of backups for your website again. Most companies do not have good backups and that is a problem.

A couple of things we always suggest to our clients:

  1. Clients tend to not take backups on a regular consistent basis. If you do not, pay someone to do them for you.
  2. Clients rarely test their backups. See point 1 and get someone to do it for you.
  3. Backups need to be kept off your web host either locally or on a third-party platform.
  4. Do not just depend on your web host for backups. Multiple web hosts have had their backup servers hacked.
  5. Keep more than one backup in case a backup or corrupt or worse has an infection in it. At Stunning Digital Marketing we keep backups offline every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 months. This protects our customers.
  6. The reality is many Web Site Designers/Developers have no clue on how to backup sites and maintain/secure them. Find some one who does!

If you would like some help; doing what we do really well! ; then reach out and book some time below. We do work for stand alone businesses and sub contracts for agencies.

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