Episode 269: Cookie Marketing is Dead

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Rob Cairns talks about why Cookie Marketing is Dead.

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  1. Privacy has impacted marketing.
  2. If its Free you are the product.
  3. E-Mail marketing matters more than ever.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again?

So in today’s podcast I wanted to talk about this whole concept of what we call Cookie marketing.

What is really cooking marketing, first of all?

And what it really is, is when you go to a website, a widow tracking Cookie, browser Cookie gets put into your browser.

And because you have that cookie or that widow piece of tracking code, you go to a site like Facebook.

It will.

Display ads that are like retargeting ads, so give you an example of this.

You go to Home Depot site, you start looking up washing machines and then you go to Facebook and what do you get?

All kinds of ads for washing machines.

It really is that simple.

Tracking pixels, or cookies as we call them, have an issue.

First of all in Apple iOS, both Safari and Apple Mail.

Uhm limit the way cookies are used?

And we’ve got countries like GDPR in Europe.

And things like California and even in Canada.

Starting to say, wait a minute here, this is a privacy issue.

So what they’re doing is they’re changing the way their cookies are used, so it is harder and harder and harder to do retargeting.

Based on cookies and browser location and I actually think Cookie marketing is pretty well had its day and is probably done.

So as a small business, you would say to me, what should I do, rob, what should I do to market my business?

First of all, have a good website.

Spend time on your SEO.

Maybe run some ads to that website using Google ads?

I would much prefer Google ads over Facebook ads any day of the week.

Do some content marketing which is a long game for the website.

So that’s things like Twitter, LinkedIn.

Maybe a little bit of Facebook, and I don’t for a number of reasons.

Which I’ll get into in a later podcast.

Maybe some YouTube and so on and use some content to drive traffic to your website.

The other thing I would do is spend some time on SCO and that’s also a long term gain.

Remember, folks, marketing is a Sprint, and it’s like dating.

It takes time to build that relationship, and those longtime listeners to this podcast have heard me use that phrase a lot, because it’s something I truly believe.

So do some things like that get involved in some online communities.

It’s a good idea.

Get involved with some.

Others it’s a good idea.

But trying to do cookie marketing is really hard.

And the one thing I would do.

Besides all of that.

And I’m a big proponent of this.

Build my e-mail list.

My good friend Ryan Waterbury said recently that every time he sends out an e-mail, people start looking at old proposals that they used to.

Look at and they start thinking about what they want to do, and I find the same thing. I’ve got a mailing list of well over 8000 and I find the traction I get from mailing is really important.

So those are some thoughts what I would do with marketing today.

I think cooking, cooking marketing is dying in a big way and I think you got to look at some of those options I discussed.

If you need anything, feel free to reach out.

Rob Caron, founder, CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing, talking about.

The subject is cooking marketing dead.

Have a great day.

Bye bye for now.


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