Episode 118: Growth Hack to Learn More

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Episode 118 Growth Hack To Learn More



Hey guys, Robert Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief creator of meeting ideas that studying digital marketing. In today’s podcast, I want to share with you a quick growth hack on how you can make yourself smarter without taking a lot out of your day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s podcast.



Hey guys, Robert Cairns here again. So today’s podcasts, I got a great growth hack for you, one I’ve used and I’m using even more since I’ve gone through my separation. And what I want to share with you is how this growth hack helps me to learn more. So as many of you may know, I’m an avid reader. And that means I read hardcover books, I have one on the go right now on zero. I read Kindle books, I’ve got several Kindle books on the go. At any time, I bought the Kindle unlimited on Amazon, which I absolutely love. And I purchased one off Kindle books constantly. I have a library membership to the Toronto Public Library and forever downloading stuff off the library reading there, and using a multiple other online sites. Now, my problem with people is people say, I don’t have time to read. And frankly, I don’t agree. What they’re saying is, it’s not important enough to me. So that’s Problem number one. Problem number two time, don’t have time to read, but the average person sits in front of the TV for two to three hours a day. So let’s get on to and think about that. And the problem with the TV, especially as we’ve covered the US election, they’re actually pretty depressing, frankly, why do you want to sit and watch the news and the TV and all the crap that’s out there and not get anything out of it? Think about that. And think about that what it does to their psyche. So I challenge you. And my growth hack is very simple. Take away an hour of TV a day and start reading. I guarantee you, you won’t miss the TV, you won’t miss the boob tube. And you’ll learn something. So one of the things I talked about a couple podcasts ago was when I went through my depression battle Last summer I actually stopped reading. And reading is really good for the mind from a learning perspective. So whether you’re reading, self help books, whether you’re reading fiction, nonfiction, doesn’t matter. Pick up a book and read and do it an hour a day. I do more than that right now. And frankly, I’m much better off for it, I probably watch, maybe a half hour TV a day. That’s not business or career related. So I might watch the news a little bit, I might throw on a sporting event. But I’ve really gotten myself out of the mode of watching all the depressing stuff on TV, I’m much more happier. And what I’m doing is I’m actually reading not just an hour a day, I usually read a couple hours a day. And what I’ll do is I commute, I don’t drive show off and read on public transport on my tablet, so tablets easy on the bus. And when I’m at home, I’ll either read on my tablet or a regular book. But the point I’m making is forget to TV for an hour a day, translate that to reading. That’s your hack. That’s your growth hack. That’s your learning hack. And try it and try it now. And not only do I want you to try it, I want you to tweet at me at Rob Karen’s or Facebook at me and tell me what you’ve done and how that works out. And I’ll bet you within a week or two you’ll be a much happier person. I know why. So that’s it. The growth hack today is taken our day away from the boob tube and read this podcast is taking my late father Bruce Cairns and my wife Jill Mclean-Cairnsn Slavia  As always, you can reach me on twitter at Rob Cairns, email me VIP at stunning digital marketing.com or go to my website stunning digital marketing.com. lots of exciting things about to come there very soon. Believe it or not, I’m gonna streamline a little bit. big announcements to come soon and now I’ll share with you why. Keep your feet on the ground. Keep reaching for the stars make that business succeed. Goodbye and have an amazing day.

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