Episode 117: Rob Cairns Talks His Mental Health Part 2

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Episode 117 Rob Cairns Talks About His Mental Health Part 2



Al Robert Cairns here, I thought I’d put out a special podcast to talk about mental health issues again. And I kind of wanted to clarify something on a podcast I put out over a week ago where I talked about my mental health issues and sort of clearing up a couple of things. And, you know, I talk about that. So sit back and relax and enjoy this really tough podcast for me to do an inspirational podcast.



Hey, Robert Cairns, here again, I wanted to clarify a couple of things. I’ve done a couple of podcasts, one was on my struggles with mental health issues. And the other was on some things I’ve done to help my mental health. But I wanted to take a step back and sort of address some of the mental health issues. I had an amazing conversation with my wife Jill this morning as we try and work through it together. And one of the things Jill said to me, was we your mental health issues, were not just COVID. And you have to be honest with yourself. And I think deep down I have been, and I tried to convey that in the podcast, but maybe I didn’t do it so well. And one of the things I wanted to talk about was COVID will make mental health issues worse. There’s no question. But I think my issue started a couple years before. And I would bet they started around the time our marriage started. And, frankly, I didn’t see what I did mean to say in that podcast was COVID made them worse. And there’s no question about that, because it wasn’t getting out to see other people. But what I’m trying to convey is issues like this usually don’t come out of a blue. And I, I really wasn’t doing a really good job at the time of taking care of myself. So when you factor that in any factor that the mental health issues, we’re probably going back a couple years. And frankly, I think depression it started long before COVID. And I admit that. But I also think if I had recognized it, I would have done something about it. And I kept saying to myself, every day I’ll things will get better things will get better, and magically offering something to come out of the sky to fix that. And the reality of it all is nothing ever comes out of the sky, and you need to take the time to fix it. So what I wanted to say was, you know, the issues really started long before COVID even hit COVID made them worse. No question. But they were they were started long before. And I’ve told my therapist that in therapy. I’ve told my wife jilda even this morning, I I admit they have been going on for a long time. But the good thing is, I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time, which is absolutely amazing. And that is a good thing. So just wanted to clarify that. If you’ve got issues going on because of COVID. What often happens is COVID makes them worse. But in my case dishes were probably there for a good two years, two and a half years before that. And that’s you know, a lot to think about. And if I’d done something about it two years before that, maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation. What I do know and I told Jill this this morning, I happen to love her very much. And I’m looking at bettering myself. And I’m looking at in the long run better in necessity. But you have to better yourself first, before we can better both the most people don’t get it starts with you. And that is so true. I just wanted to throw this out there you guys all have a great day. This podcast is always dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns, and it’s certainly dedicated to my wife, Jill Mclean-Cairns. And keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

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