Episode 354: Launch With Words With Bridget Willard

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks to friend of the show Bridget Willard about Launch With Words.

Show Highlights:

  1. What is Launch With Words?
  2. The new Launch With Word Web Dev Pack.
  3. Why Launch With Words over AI.
  4. Some of the books Bridget is working on.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here and today my guest is friend of the show, Bridget Williard. How are you today, Bridget?

I’m doing great Rob. Thanks for having me.

This is I think you’re. 3rd appearance on the SDM show something like that. You press space with worn. Well known while. A well-known friend and I’m glad to have.

Thanks for having me.

Yeah. Now, hopefully. I’ll get to a podcast interview today without the voice dying. I’m in the middle of a bit of an asthma flare, so it’s like it’s. Yeah. Yeah, it’s that time of year.

Oh oh.

What can I say? It’s Toronto has been hot and sticky and humid at the time of this record, so it’s been fun, fun fun so. So today I. Thought we wanted to talk about your launch with words, product product and some cool little things going on there and you’re working on a launch with words pack for web designers and web developers, which I find really interesting because being in the web space. And the marketing space, what I can tell you is most web designers and web developers have no clue. Who? How to market their their websites and they think they’re still subscribe to that old theory. If I launch. It people will come, right? So how do you feel?

Yeah, that’s exactly right.

I mean writing code is is a language, right? Code is poetry is WordPress and that’s great and that’s fantastic. Plastic. But there’s two things. Number one, you’re too close to your product and #2, you’re not a marketer, you’re not a writer, you’re not a copywriter. OK. So, like, maybe you’re a marketer on this level of building websites, but you’re not a copywriter and there’s this. There’s this kind of sense. Well, it’s it’s. It doesn’t matter, right? So I tried this, I tried ChatGPT. I have articles on there. I have case studies. Maybe I have some little updating things from my plug in and I have a blog and it’s not working well. You can’t blame the blog that doesn’t have content that’s pre sales content, right? Your content on your website should help people make the decision to buy from you. So 70% of that decision making is made before they even talk to a salesperson. You right? So. Your whole website is is is your 24/7 salesperson. And if you’re not reaching your audience, then it’s not gonna work. Right? So I came up with the idea of launch with words a couple of years ago. Had Ronald Worka from media. Ron build it for me. There’s actually 2 plugins. One is proprietary. That’s on my site and one is importer. Plugin that you get from wordpress.org. There’s a free pack that has a blog prompts, so it helps you write as a business owner, but the real meat of it is the premium packs so that the Web developer can buy. This pack for. Roofers build the site and launch it with words on it, right? Because a lot of small business owners. I don’t understand that the web. Build doesn’t include content.

You know.

And the other thing small business owners always drag on on a brand new website is that content like.

Like cause they’re not Rogers either.

Yeah, and and and. They still got to run their business and they’re trying to cut corners and save money and what they haven’t realized is if you’re not good at doing something, you don’t have time to do it, you should get somebody else or tool to do it for you like this.

Exactly. Exactly.

There’s no. And then and then maybe they should take some marketing courses. You know, I had lucky back in the day. I took courses from a mutual colleague and friend, Mr. Paul. Toby who? We both. Know quite well so.

Oh yeah.

Yeah, Paul, Paul. ‘S one of my my mentors in this game, and I think I’ve talked about that and as a result, I know Adrian of Groundhog fame. Quite well and the whole bit about sales funnels, but but Paul teaches so much more than that. He teaches A mindset and I think most small business owners don’t have the mindset most small business owners don’t even have a marketing budget and they forget their website. It’s just a marketing.

Ohh that is that is the hill. I will die on like. That is so true. It really frustrates me. I love helping small business owners, but they are my most frustrating student. Because they’re dubious. They don’t want to spend their personal money. They say they don’t have budget, but I’m like you don’t have budget or you don’t have money, so there’s, you know it. It’s just that cliche is true. It takes money to make money, and if you’re not going to give. Your blood, sweat and. Tears if you’re not. Gonna you know, DNA in your business? Then you need to have money. So a lot of people just, you know, and I and I saw all these WordPress developers really struggling with the content, really struggling with their business. And I read this book called the Seven Figure. From agency by Josh Nelson, which is behind me and it’s all about niche marketing or niche marketing, niche, niche, whatever. Potato, potato. Right. So here’s the thing. If you if you get like I wanted them to be able to have something that would inform the page content, but also keep the website publishing like once a month because the client goes ohh, the website doesn’t work well, they’re not using it, it’s. It’s not that you know, just building, it’s done. That’s not. How it works? And they don’t understand that. And the web developer doesn’t understand that or it doesn’t care because they’re like one and done. But I’m like, why don’t you make this an offering where you have the content and then you bill it under SEO? That’s what we did at thought house. We had a year contract. We did all the maintenance, all the social media and content on the website was billed under SO hours. And then you can up charge it, cause it’s only $500.00 for 12 articles around 750 each that a human wrote either me or Warren wrote all of those articles. I’ve researched them, they’re pre sales content. And so that was like, OK. I don’t understand why they don’t understand it. So Rob, I went to be a teacher, OK? And I was really good at math and science still AM.

Uh oh.

I’ve thought about going back to school to get a masters in math to teach algebra, but I’m like ohh man, I ain’t got no money for that like and I’m fifty, I don’t care.

Anymore. But yeah, I get that. I get that my my best friend’s a retired teacher and turned 65. A week and Tuesday. So there you go. And then interesting enough. And you, you don’t know. This is my mother. Was a teachers graduate at McDonald College at McGill University and then got into real estate. So that yeah.

That’s so cool. So yeah, so when I was in my teaching prep, my science teacher said you’re going to be so bad at teaching math. And I was like, why it’s my best subject. That’s why and he said something to me and I’ll never forget it 30 years ago, he said. You won’t get why they don’t get. You won’t get why they don’t get it, and that is so true when it’s something of your expertise. Right. And so I have, I’ve had these packs out. I’ve had some sales, but really and frankly not as many as I should have. You know, I see these people and but I think maybe some web developers.

Of course.

Are a little hesitant to spend $500. But so then I thought, well, maybe I’ll do a little pack for them, for their websites. And it’s just a small amount, just 100. And they can see what they’re getting because when, when. People see the. Process and they see how instantly they’re on your websites. Blog posts as draft blog posts that you can schedule them whenever you want. And that the words are all there. They’re like, this is amazing. Like Todd Jones was like, this is amazing. And he was my first customer. Was like, this is so cool. It took seconds. I’m like, right. It’s just, it’s amazing. So like when that when that teacher said that to me, Rob, you won’t get why they get it. It’s made me very stubborn in figuring out how to communicate with people. So when I was student teaching 2nd grade, I had the remedial section for telling time. Right. And with with the hands like actual telling time, not digital using a clock. Yeah. And I’m so frustrated. I’m so frustrated and my late husband was so mad at me for devoting so much time after hours to try to figure to solve this puzzle. Right. But then I figured it out. We became the clock. Rob. There were 12 students in a circle. They all had a sign with the number one through 12. There were two students in the center. One had a long cardboard tube and another one had a short. Cardboard tube and then they would they would switch it around and then when the long. One. So when the short one was pointed at someone who had two, that person said two, and then when it was pointed at the 12, that person said o’clock, right? So they we literally became that clock. So I was like, OK, we have to figure out how.

No, I get.

The people who benefit from this. Product can use it and see the benefits of it and that’s why I created the mini packs for Web dev. So the first one is available right now is SEO and and and sometime this month in September is going to be the e-commerce pack. So they’re specifically written to. The small business owner, as if I were you. As if you hired me to write these 750 word articles at 325 a pop.

So I have to ask you the question because these conversations all end up especially writing around AI, and I think you know where I’m going with this.

I do know where you’re going.

Why should I buy a launch with words webpack instead of prompting AI whether it’s ChatGPT, or some other service to do? The work for me give me. Good reason.

Because you haven’t done it. OK, you know, so a lot of people are saying ohh ChatGPT and I’ll check it with my customers who have done that like House chat working out and they’re like oh, it’s not even working. I can’t. It’s.

That’s fair.

I still have to edit. It I still have to do all this stuff, I still have to come up with what? The right questions. Yeah, OK. I have a friend who was building a website and got her friend to another peer who has his own ChatGPT to get 40 articles for the certain industry. And I said, well, did you publish them? No. They sought to be edited and sorted and fact checked. And you still have to put outbound links in them. You know, the ChatGPT and AI promises something easy. But it it buries you in volume kind of like when you see one of those lawyer shows and they’re up against this giant corporation, they go. We need this discovery and they’re like, boom, like, the whole conference room is full of paper, right? And that’s what’s happened is like, cuz I’ll ask my my customers. I I didn’t you. Well, it didn’t really work out like I thought. Whereas launch with words. You buy it, you you install the launch with words plug in. You buy the pack, you download the JSON file. Well, you install and activate the plugin, you import the JSON file. Yeah. And then all you have to do is. Assign an author in a category for those blog posts. Then you import them. They’re they’re there like that. Like that. They’re in your blog post drafts, did you?

So I’m.

Sketch move on with your life.

So let’s ask the next question duplicate content. And I you know where I’m going with this one? Yeah. You’re shaking your head at me. Already for the new.

I’m I’m so exhausted about this. Go ahead and ask your question. Then you’re going to.

So if I buy the pack and James buys the pack and Todd buys the pack, we’re all getting the same blog post. We’ll just go go do with the two poker content issue.

Get the real. There is no penalty for duplicate content and there never has been.

Thank you.

Otherwise there would be a problem with the AP Newswire, Reuters newswire, BBC, NBC, CNN, CBS, like, that’s all syndicated content. What do you think syndicated content is? It’s duplicate content. It’s like somebody took a class at a word camp 10 years ago. On SEO and set duplicate contents back. Bad. And then everybody flipped out. You’re gonna build a jewelry website with 1000 products with 25 variables each. You’re gonna have duplicate content because this ring is a 14 karat gold ring made out of whatever. And it has a, you know, London.

Of course, chef.

Blue Topaz in a Princess setting. So no. Matter what size that is. You know, or what? There’s a. You think about products, think about like a pair of jeans of 501 Levis. A 501 Levis go Google, 501 Levis. They’re available at Kohl’s, JC Penney’s, Dillard’s Amazon. Probably that Chinese side. Everybody’s buying crap from and. Yeah, yeah. Teemu. Yeah, Teemu. And and whatnot. Wherever it’s the same description because it’s the same. Damn. Got it. So to me, I think that they’re like, oh, you know what about duplicate content? And I’m like, you’re missing the point. You know, what the? Problem is, rob. The only thing worse than the so-called duplicate content issue is the problem they really have, which is no content.

Yeah, that’s a bigger problem, I agree.

You want to. You want to launch a website for a plumber and it has no blog posts, or worse yet, the blog post, the company owner wrote. Yeah, they’re not, you know, like I look at the posts I wrote for Riggins construction 20 years ago, and they’re like, damn, who let who let you write on us because we grow and evolve as writers. Right. And you’re doing this thing you’re, you know what?

Yes, of course.

So like I write content to be pre sales content, it should help people make the decision to fall, you know and so like. But like, what’s the worst that could happen? You you get 12 blog posts for $500. What that’s like less than $100. Each and you’re worried about duplicate content and then you should be charging your your client. For that you should be charging them at least $1200 to 2000.

How are you?

To me, I built this tool out of my love for WordPress developers to help them build in more profit into their projects so that they could have money to buy health insurance so they could have money to go to Disneyland with their kids so that they could have a more successful, reliable income stream because. Then they have the power to turning the this website build into a year long contract.

And part of the problem with people in the WordPress space is they all want to. Make money. But then they a under charge or B they they won’t pay for tools themselves. So it’s kind of an oxymoron. You want to make money but and you want people to buy your stuff, but you won’t buy any other stuff to help make your job easier. It’s kind of. Something I’ve never, never, never figured.

And then you have the tool hoarders, so they’ll buy courses. They’ll buy tools, they’ll subscribe to the latest shiny thing, and it’s called productive procrastination. You know, it’s it’s this fear of success. Well, what if I did buy these and put them on my website and I started getting business? Now what? You’re weaker.

Well, you you’d actually be proud of me. I haven’t bought one tool off that app. Sumo site this year at. No, I just.

Yeah, what the heck? I mean, look how much money you guys dumping this stupid garbage tools that you end up not even.

Using I don’t buy them, I’m very streamlined them. What I do if I’m gonna buy something, I better be using it. And. And that’s just the way it is in terms of launchers, words and the web dev. Packs you’re working on. What’s the what’s the total setup time? Like if somebody says I’m just gonna take me all day, it’s probably not what’s the what would you say the average setup time is? 10 minutes, maybe 10. OK. I mean, how?

Long does it take to install a plug in, activate it.

30 seconds 30 seconds.

Well, you guys search for it, right? You gotta say launch with words. Install activate. And then you go to my site and you buy the. Thing. So you got to make sure you have. Your credit card.

But but it’s not. A 10 hour process is what the point make.

No. And then? So once they’re installed, so once everything’s installed 10 minutes Max. Then all you do, you can you have a choice. So like with the mini packs, there’s three blog posts. You can publish them all at once. You can back date them. You can schedule them. It’s up to you. Like so you can tweak them too. And that’s The thing is, they’re they’re imported as drafts. And like Hello World, which is imported as a live site, you want to talk about duplicate content. Just go search that every single website. There’s like millions of websites with the Hello World.

There you go.

Blog post live because nobody deleted. It you know so like. But The thing is it’s like you can localize the copy, add in links to your other pages. So you could spend more time on it or less time you can write meta descriptions, put a featured image you could just publish them. Just go click, click, click publish. You know it’s it’s up to you but the. Actual install and import is. 10 minutes at the most.

Yeah, one of one of the one of the things I think that always twice people, it’s why I asked the question and they say, oh, if I put a new tool and I’m gonna go down there to our. Rabbit hole and they usually don’t. I mean even security plugins which are can be very complex. The average security plug-in is 15 or 20 minutes. By the time you configure it, it’s that that was the point I was trying to make. Is it’s not a big right.

Oh yeah. So that’s so yeah, you can. You can go down a rabbit hole with tweaking. You know, if you wanted to localize like for example if you bought 1. Right you might. Want to do a find and replace for optimize analyze color. Yeah, and and those words to do the Canadian spelling. You know, so you can localize cop. You know you can in the in the call to action paragraph you can change it to Toronto’s. You know, whatever from the center of the earth. Then everything that you say with studying digital. You could, because it’s not syndicated, so I used to work in franchise development and they have big franchises, you know, like when home inspection, sports clips, you know, restoration companies, they. Pay for the corporate the franchise or pays for this content, it goes on the local websites, but the local business owner can’t change the content because it’s syndicated. They can’t put in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, you know they can’t change.

The crickets. It is.

The good example of that is the real estate business. I mean, you walk into a real estate office and the real estate business, you know, we were sharing my mum’s been in the business for years. My aunt before she passed away in Michigan, ran one of the most successful brokerages, the real estate business isn’t set up to benefit the agent. It’s set up to benefit. Poker and like the young generation’s not buying that business the way it used to be, because if you walk into an office, why should I choose Bridget over and like, think about it, right? Yeah. And and that’s part of the problem with the way they do syndicated content is there’s no way to modify their content. So one of my favorite books out there, I’ve probably talked to you about over the years is a book called The Inside Advantage by Robert Bloom. And what it talks about is how to make your your business different. And these. Certain businesses, if you can’t change your syndicated content, it doesn’t make you any different in your competitor at all.

Right. And I had, I have a client for he was a real he’s a real estate. I don’t do his blog anymore, but that’s what happened. And So what we did was we transcribed his YouTube videos to add content in with the syndicated content. And I did the same thing. And I worked at trip designs because they bought. A website that was made by a company just duplicate that has syndicated content. It was funny because it was really frustrating actually, because it was cruise heavy and trip designs wasn’t wanting to sell cruises. That wasn’t what they wanted to make money on. That’s not what. They like. Melissa doesn’t even like. Cruises. She doesn’t think they’re a good idea. She was all about, like, custom trips to Europe. Like she’s really good at creating custom trips to Europe. So instead we’re we’re we’re getting all this content on our website that stop products we don’t even want to sell.

Yeah, it’s true.

Right. So the other thing, Rob, about the launch with words content packs is the other aspect of of content as what is it used for aside from being on the website, this gives you words to use for. E-mail marketing. Twitter posts LinkedIn Post Instagram posts Facebook posts because you want people to come to your website, but a lot of times, small business owners will say to me.

Yes, yes.

What do I write for social media? I’m like, I’m gonna take it from your website. Just take words from your website. That was the staff meeting everybody argued about, right? So that and I’m constantly saying that to people. Well, get it from your website. I never. Thought of that? Yeah, you never thought of that? You never thought that your pre sales library and your messaging on your website should be your source of. Truth for all marketing efforts? No, because they just started an Instagram account and they think they know what they’re doing. And then their business shuts down three months later because nobody knows their business hours because they. Don’t have a website?

And then they and then they end up in a situation like last November where they put all their e-commerce on Instagram and then Instagram and Facebook go down for 24 hours. And they say, I I had a I have a client. Who refused to do an E Comm. Site he now has an ecom site. After that he lost in that one day shutdown $32,000 US figure. Yeah, $32,000.

Hey, the same thing happens with now giving Tuesday. I don’t know when this podcast comes out, but giving Tuesday is the biggest online fundraising. For nonprofits, is a worldwide event, and last year, $1 billion alone was given online. Online donated online on websites in that 124 hour period. Now classy.org and there’s another one have gone down. And when when the web, when the nonprofits don’t have their own website with, you know, a giving platform like give WP which is still the best. Or even stupid PayPal button, but something on your own website and they’re using these other donation platforms. If that whole platform goes down. You lose money so much money because those big platforms are fine, like right now. But now people are giving money. How many hits? To the servers that. You can’t even handle it, right? You’re not a bank all of a sudden. You have to be a bank and process 1000 transactions. Second, I don’t think so. You’re gonna lose tons of money by not owning your content like this. Is this is the ultimate goal? Is getting people to have and use their own websites.

I I agree with you. Besides the new web development packs you’re working on, what other packs do you have with lunch with words? Do you want to talk about some of those?

Well, currently I have plumbing, yes. General contractor commercial contractor. Roofing, which is my big best seller. I spent 20 years writing about roofing and I worked with roofermarketers.com and and developed their templated content that they put on every site, which is how I got this idea. There are 7 figure agency like I’ve mentioned in that book and Chamber of Commerce. And residential care homes, so.

Maybe you need to maybe. You need to jump into real estate eventually, too.

Ohh yeah, yeah that that’s tricky. First I’ve had requests for things that are more regulated and that that gets kind of tricky, but yeah, I’ve thought about that. That’s on my list. I just wanted to do a few mini packs for web developers and. And then I’ll see. I really want to write something that somebody will use, right? But I’m I’m also thinking about doing a window contractor because I have some sources of people, you know, for expertise. I do a lot of research. I use people also ask.

I agree.

In Google a lot and the real trick with launch with words is referring to a source that isn’t a potential competitor.

Yeah, and it’s.

AI’s not going to do that.

That is true.

But but again, like you said, well, why should they? Why would they do that instead of a? I’m like, well, you’re not. Using AI, yeah. Shares have gone down for AI hits to to open AI is to charge BC and all that have gone down their traffic is their web traffic has gone down. Spark Toro just did a whole. Article about this people have lost. Oh yeah, it was a real cool fad, but like, it’s not actually happening. People aren’t actually using it to any big degree. They’re using it for school and unsurprisingly, to cheat on their essays.

Ohh, there was a big article about that on CTV News this morning and the impact to students using AI in school is because I don’t know if you know, but. In Canada, the kids go back to school the day after Labor Day, not before. So this is back to school week.

You heard about, you heard. About the MSNBC putting 10 things to do with all in Ottawa and going to the food bank with. One of them.

Yes, I saw that.

Like you have to edit this crap. You can’t just accept. That you know, of course it went down, but I saw that in the women in marketing group on. Facebook that was like you guys are so stupid.

You gotta be kidding. No, I agree. Besides the swords pack. Say when you’re in the middle of updating some books, are you not? From what I hear. You’re going from.

Yeah. So.

You’re updating your nonprofits book. Just came out correct? Yeah, being dated.

Yeah. Sorry. So, Warren and I wrote three books in 2021. The only online marketing book you need for series nonprofits, your small business and schools schools is gonna happen sometime in September, probably. I don’t know. We’ve just got kind of. Bomb basted with work, but it’s a small update because that one is, you know, as you write, you learn, but really proud of the nonprofit one. Really, really proud of the the small business, one the small business. One of the things we added to this series is an 8. Day marketing kickoff plan where you where I literally have instructions for you on how to spend an hour in eight days to kick off your marketing with actual tasks. We have a lot of action because Lauren and I are teachers. We have actual things for you to do. It’s meant to be, not to.

Yes, you both.

It’s not really meant for you to read, it’s a reference book. Yeah, but you should read it if you’re a small business owner and you are DIY the the giving to the nonprofit book has a whole chapter on giving Tuesday best practices with donation form. Forms and in giving Tuesday there is a link to a Google doc that I created called 40 days to give me Tuesday which actually giving Tuesday itself retweeted and it was really pretty cool. That was a cool moment for.

Me book. Don’t you have now a new funnel chapter by?

And yeah, I had.

Adrian, Toby and that book.

Ohh yeah, Adrian, Toby has a he’s he has a chapter in there about. You know, if you’re not using. Funnel. I forgot what the exact title right now, but it basically the concept is if you’re not using e-mail marketing, you’re leaving money on the table.

I agree with him 100%.

And you know, of course, he’s talking about Groundhog, which integrates with WordPress. So you don’t have to buy Salesforce or whatnot. But yeah, you need to. Be doing you. You can’t believe how many companies are not doing e-mail marketing. It’s it’s amazing, you know, it’s amazing. But you know you can’t. And one of the things I chatted with the director of the digital marketing GAL from giving Tuesday is she’s like one of the things the. Mistakes people make is nonprofits make is actually just. Just doing giving Tuesday and not telling the story of what you’re doing and who you’re helping and everything. And the book covers that like you should be marketing all year long. You don’t just like, you know, ignore your great Aunt Bertha and then all of a sudden when you need money, you start sucking up to her like. That’s what people. Do in their marketing like they don’t nurture relationships, but any kind of marketing. They don’t nurture relationships. That’s like, oh, I need work. OK. Well, where were you? Where were you retweeting me when I. Just when I had something but you’re you sure are really easy to go and slide in my DM’s and ask me to promote your thing.

Ohh I know, I know it’s it’s.

You know how it is. We talked about that offline, so it’s, but that’s the thing you know customers know when you’re top of mind. So I really think that if Web developers use this for their own websites, they’ll see how easy it is and they will, they will understand and they’ll see the results. More importantly, SEO results. And if they and if they actually use that text in their tweets, I I you know. Bob, I don’t see a lot of people tweeting about their blog posts. I mean, I guess I’m just going to call it tweeting forever. I don’t care if it’s called X I’m not going to say X doesn’t that.

Hosting hosting.

Doesn’t make it. Posting yeah or OK. Posting is more generic anyway. It works for all. But nobody’s posting. Stuff to their website or they’re like cross posting on Instagram with the link that doesn’t work, you know it’s. What are you doing? And then they’re like, well, I don’t have any work. Well, you have to nurture that pipeline and the top of the funnel is all social media, so. Hello yeah. Put revival post, at least on your website.

And and.

And and you know about my love hate relationship with Instagram and Facebook. So I’m adding. Getting it added. Fortunately, it’s not my pipeline so I’m I’m good. But yeah, I think I think people need to should go out if you want a deal I and get those books. I I have everyone on my shelf. You know, I, you know, they’re they’re a good read. They’re not a hard read. I would say they’re an easy read person. I don’t.

Right. On purpose.

I had a I had a client of mine who gave one of the books too, and he took it up to the cottage and read it on the weekend. What was up, nurse? So yeah. If he can do it, you can, I would say. And and both you and Warren are pretty approachable. So if you’ve got questions, I. Find them on X, formerly known as Twitter. Cause after you stop and and bug them because Warren and Bridget will gladly answer your questions and you guys are great. So and if you want to support Bridget, go. Buy your lunch with. Words pack, I mean, especially your designers. Mostly you. That market for beans I hate. I hate to call a spade a spade, but you know, these guys think still all these designers saying beautiful websites are what gets it. And my argument would be a website that generates leads. It’s more important than one. That’s beautiful. I’m sorry. And there’s a reason why media sites like CNN. The major papers are pretty simplistic because people want to get in and it and get out quick. So so think about some of that stuff and Bridget, they wanna buy lunch with words, buy some books, get ahold of you. How’s the best way?

Launcher through just go to launchwithwords.com. It’s the landing page for all of my. At premium packs, you’ll see the web dev pack there. Find me on Twitter ex Bridget M Miller, Bridget and Willard on Instagram. I’ve been doing some videos for encouraging people and business coaching. It’s something I do and really enjoy. And yeah, I mean, I’m pretty easy to find on the Internet if you can’t find me.

Yeah, you’re not, you’re not not. That’s true. You will, you will. Google search on Bridget’s name networks too, right? As always, Bridget, thanks for your time and thanks for joining the podcast today. Much appreciated.

Thank you very much, Rob.

You’re welcome.


don’t get paid for this. I just really like to. Service someone to share it with? You guys have a great day. Bye. Bye bye for now

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