Episode 107: Do Not Be So Lazy and Use Google

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Episode 107 Do Not Be So Lazy and Use Google



Everybody, Rob Cairns here, and the founder, CEO and Chief creator of mazing ideas at stunning digital marketing. I hope you’re having a great day. In today’s podcast, I want to talk about why you shouldn’t be so lazy, and how you can do some research before posting that question on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. Sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s podcast.



Everybody, Rob Cairns here again, in today’s podcast, I want to talk about why you should do some research at frontier question before he posted in a Facebook group or any other social media platform and become better informed. So in the old days, it was funny if I went to school, and I asked my teacher something like teacher would say, do you know how to spell encyclopedia. And we all had volumes of volumes, my parents had an old set of encyclopedias in the house. And if that wasn’t good enough, it was off to the library to get the Encyclopedia Britannica and solve No problem, then the teacher would kindly help me out with whatever my problem was, if I didn’t understand. Well, now the encyclopedia has been replaced by a website, a search engine called Google. So I actually get tired of people posting questions and not doing simple homework. Did you Google it? First? You’re looking for a WordPress plugin? Did you search wordpress.org? First, did you do some kind of research to show that you’re really invested in this problem? I have no problem helping people who actually take the time, do the research and try and help themselves. My worst questions are, can you tell me what the best is something? Frankly, the best of depends on your situation. It depends on what you’re after depends on what your needs are. And frankly, it depends on how you work and what your workflow is. So the only one that can really tell us the best of anything is us yourself. And not. Not me. Not john, not avakin, not the vendor, not Todd, not Tim, not anybody. So do some homework. And then if you have a question, let me give you an example. What’s the best backup plugin? And the answers come out Updraft Plus all in one migration, backup, buddy, and so on. But if you turn around and say, you know, folks have tried backup, buddy, and here’s the issues that I’ve had with it. And here’s how I’ve had problems with backup, buddy, can you help me out with those issues? Or can you turn around and recommend something else? That to me, makes a better sense and a better difference than saying, Tell me what the best backup plugin is? Because we all have our favorites. It’s the same thing with Tell me what the best web post is. I’ve seen this question as a multitude of times in the groups. And frankly, I’m tired of it. I actually get to the point and say, Did you Google to question? Did you actually get concerned on what the best stuff really is? What are your demands for a web host? Is your number one priority price? Or is your number one priority service? Or is your number one priority tech support? Like? If you can ask those questions, do some homework and give us some parameters, folks, don’t be so lazy. And I really got a question people in business, especially in the web game or the marketing game, who are lazy and can’t do research. Because if they’re not going to do research for themselves, are they really going to do it for the clients? Think about that. And think about really hard before you hire those people. I’m one of those people where I actually do my homework, and try and work out my problem. And then I go if I’m not sure, I might say to somebody, I’ve done this homework and this research, and here’s my opinion, what’s yours. And they know where I stand or I’m leaning towards. I get it today. I was sitting around with my friend did vendor St. Ken, shout out to the vendor, we talk on a pre



we talk pretty regularly and I appreciate his input. And I said to the vendor, would you think about the new layout of my newsletter that went out. And one of the suggestions the vendor made was maybe I should look at dropping the size of my logo up at the top, maybe it’s a little too big. So that’s something I’m looking at, but I gave them something to work with. I did the homework. I redid the layout of the newsletter ahead of time. I didn’t just jump in and say the vendor do it for me. Frankly, I have no tolerance for that and I know Some guys like avakin some of his groups are Carl Pac cash. Shout out to Carl, because you and Ivanka do some great job running some groups. And these guys get tired of people being lazy. And so do I, frankly. So my standard response is did you Google it first. So folks, if you’re reaching out for help, I have no problem helping you. But please do me a favor, do some research ahead of time, give us some parameters of that research and then ask for help. You’ll be better served and you’ll be better informed and you’ll be better educated. As I was Rob Cairns founder and CEO and Chief creator amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. If I can help you in any way, go on over website at stunning digital marketing.com. Email me VIP at stunning digital marketing comm Or even better, call me for 166247647 be glad to jump on a call and help you out. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, scroll down to the bottom of our main web page, sign up for our free newsletter. I generally send out a newsletter at least once a week every Monday and sometimes a second one during the week. This week will be one of those weeks. And if I can help you in any way, please ask. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’m at Rob Karen’s any other social media platform go to our website scroll down to the footer and check out those platforms. Follow me on those I’d be glad to help you out there. As always, this podcast is dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns Dad, I miss you and I love you very much. Keep your feet on the ground. Keep reaching for the stars and make your business succeed. Bye for now.

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