Episode 119: Talking E-Commerce

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Episode 119 Talking E-Commerce



Hey guys, Robert Cairns here, and the founder, CEO and Chief crater of mazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. I hope you’re all having a great week. You know, we’re in the COVID for nine months, and it’s taken its toll. And I think what we need to do is just take care of each other and one another. So do me a favor. And please be courtesy to your friends, your neighbors, your family, your business partners, and certainly your loved ones in your partners. One thing I wanted to talk about in today’s podcast was where we should go with an e commerce store, where I was just talking to my good friend, Mr. Todd Jones, and I’m going to put some thoughts on what you should do. So sit back, relax and enjoy this quick podcast.



So in today’s podcast, it’s Robert Cairns again, and I want to talk about what you should do about an e commerce store. Firstly, a lot of people are either doing things like Shopify or Etsy, or if you’re a WordPress developer, do I do WooCommerce? And a lot of it depends. And the reason I say that is, first of all, if you’re in the archery business, there might be some benefit to having an Etsy store for the, for the community behind Etsy, Etsy as a large, artsy type community, and that could be really beneficial to what you’re doing, or what you’re trying to sell. And there’s no question that as it turns out to be more on the artsy side. Now, Shopify or Woo, either way, I believe you have to hire a developer or somebody in the know, they help you with your store. And I think that is a big, big, big issue. People think that they go to Shopify, frankly, they don’t have to hire a developer. And I actually, so disagree on that one. I think to do it, right, you should hire somebody experience, especially if you’re selling products to make money. Personally, I prefer to go to WooCommerce. Why it’s robust to it interfaces with many payment processors, including square stripe, and even PayPal, PayPal is really big for will stores. Three, will commerce brings flexibility to the table. So one of the things with glue, frankly, is flexibility, you can build it out. And the beauty of using a self hosted solution is they’re not caught and trapped into what the solution needs. And what you must do. Now there can be some advantage as the folks over at Shopify, and I should tell you, those who don’t know Shopify is Canadian, they have really good shipping and drop shipping requirements so much. So they work with all the major shipping carriers. So that could save you some money if you’re shipping quite a bit or drop shipping. So that’s something to keep in mind, too. It gets it off a WordPress self hosted platform, if that’s an issue for you, and let you move it somewhere else. I mean, the shopper pipe platform is really good. And frankly, very robust. So to me, those are your two big options out there. Now, couple things when building your store, one, make sure you take really good images if you’re shipping or selling non digital products. And even if you’re selling digital products, have some good images, it makes a difference to if it were me I would build all your taxes, all your fees, all your shipping in. Why do you think amazon prime is so successful? The reality is Prime members don’t think about shipping. And I’m a Prime member. And I gotta tell you, that’s one of the things most I love about prime is not worrying about shipping. Three, you need to kind of look at it all and say, Okay, if I decide to build a woo store versus Shopify store, I’m now responsible for backups and now responsible for security updates, but I have more control for make sure you promote that store using organic traffic and paid ads. That actually matters more because you got to get traffic to the store to sell stuff. Five, make sure you set up some landing pages with some quick sales and then do upsells and cross sells they make a matter easier for you. So here’s my quick thoughts on Sunday on creating your e commerce store. If I can help you in a way please drop me a line a VIP at stunning digital marketing calm. You can tweet at me at Rob Cairns or you can find me on all other social Media Networks. If you want to join my free digital marketing newsletter stunning digital marketing comm slash free this week coming up our newsletter is all about things Google. As always, this podcast decade my late father, Bruce Cairns, and my wife, jJill Mclean-Cairns. thank you guys for being a big part of my life. Keep reaching for the stars and make that business succeed. I hope you’re all doing well. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.

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